Top 10 Online Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2017

Through the years, the popularity of digital marketing has grown. And businesses of all sizes have built their online presence to promote their services and products.

With 150,000 new jobs by 2020, the digital marketing industry is booming, thus making it important for professionals or aspiring professionals in this industry to keep up with the upcoming trends.

#1 Search algorithm will change

Yes, you read that right – they are going to! There is a huge amount of information that is being fed to the internet every single day. The search engine giants will begin to update their algorithm and decide which content is going to get the top priority and rank higher in the SERPs, and of course, which will not. 

Native advertising can be defined as “Online content that it is created for paid promotion of a brand on a media site which doesn’t use a traditional ad format such as a banner ad, but includes editorial content such as a blog post or infographic.” Native advertising is gaining popularity as it is considered to be better at building trust and engagement with prospective customers than traditional display ads. 2017 is going to be the year when businesses are going to put it into maximum use.

#3 Data usage will continue to be top priority

Since the big data boom, marketers have turned to big data and analytics to demonstrate better ROI and drive the business growth. During 2017, data utilization will remain a top priority for marketers. They will turn to data to maximize their media returns as well as engagement opportunities.

Andrew Savage, the director of marketing and products at Next Gen Health and Lifecycle Clubs states that the aim of marketers is to leverage and consolidate the known data in order to create a single customer view and then to effectively use that to engage customers through one-to-one touch points.

Learn how Facebook is using Big Data. 

#4 Social media will play a major role in conversion

The power of social media is often been talked about. In the year 2017, brands will most likely move away from focusing only on company-consumer conversation or attracting new prospects. They will be seen providing opportunities to improve the conversion rates. Social media will work as a new conversion channel and offer the tools necessary to convert prospects into buyers.

#5 Rise of “Immersive Experience” of Content Marketing

How often are we seen just staring into a laptop? There are times when we want to do more than just sit in front of our laptop with coffee looking at a screen.

And this is what is going to change in 2017. With the coming of augmented and virtual reality, users will look for a more immersive experience. Content marketing techniques like webinars and videos will be used more to provide a certain level of interaction.

#6 Live Video Streaming will rise to new levels  

The minute the live video streaming feature was released, it became a sensation. People wanted to experience and access a view into a world that they have never seen before. A lot more apps are now beginning to have a live streaming functionality of their own. This feature has been on an upward trend for the last couple of years and will continue in this year too.

#7 Augmented Reality will take on the world

Yes, we have seen what augmented reality can do. The recent app, Pokémon Go, took the world by storm by mixing up the virtual and the real world to form the augmented reality. The app earned $10 million per day in new revenue. A couple of months into the game, the enthusiasm has decreased, but the app did have two effects on the online marketing community:

1. It has shown that the world is ready for the augmented reality experience.

2. It has given marketers a taste of the earning potential in this area.

You can expect a lot of brands coming out with the AR ads, AR games, and attempts to capitalize on the ones that already exist.

#8 Niche markets will be targeted

By the day, more and more brands are joining the online marketing platform due to its high ROI. This mostly holds true for the content and social media spaces.

To reach out to their customers better, brands will resort to targeting specific niches which will appeal to a more narrow range of demographics. 2017 will see a lot more companies using more personal level campaigns and content.

#9 Expensive online advertising

As stated earlier, the digital space is getting overcrowded with a lot of brands trying to extract everything that digital marketing has to offer. The competition is fierce, so the demand for the top advertising spots is going to rise and so will the price for these spots. 

#10 Mobile Marketing

Mobile has a large impact on search marketing as Google strictly follows the mobile first mantra. Leading companies are looking at adaptive mobile design approaches which have the benefit of serving more relevant, contextual content and CTAs for users and reducing load times.

The ubiquitous presence of mobile devices and fading era of desktop traffic indicates that the smart money rests on mobile-focused internet marketing.

Well! there you have it – the top trends that are going to take the marketing world by storm in 2017. Get ready for the digital marketing revolution with certification training to boost your career as a digital marketer. 

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