Are you curious what the future holds for pay-per-click advertising in 2024?

Worry not, we rounded up all the trends, updates, and forecasts to help you plan for a successful year.

We may not have a crystal ball, but we think this is the next best thing to help you tackle PPC in 2024. 

What to Expect in 2024 from Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Advertisers Will Cut Back on or Shift to Digital Ads

No doubt about it, advertisers are already slashing their spend on digital advertising. This comes as tech giants like Alphabet and Meta in the U.S. saw decreased spending amid concerns around inflation and lower consumer purchases.

Alternately, some of the UK’s biggest companies plan to shift their ad spend from TV to digital this next year, “where targeting and performance can be measured at a more granular level.”

Thankfully, even with the uncertainty of global economies, there are trends and technologies we can rely on in 2024 to weather the sea change…

First-Party Data Grows in Importance

It’s no secret first-party data — the customer data you gather on your own — is becoming increasingly important to the success of paid advertising. In 2024, PPC advertisers need to put this data into practice because the more we share of our own information, the better our ad targeting and performance will be.

If you aren’t sure where to acquire first-party data, simply start with people who sign up for your webinars, emails, purchase from you, or even visit your store. Here are some other ideas for collecting valuable information from your potential and existing customers.

Automation Continues Its Dominance

Automated ads were big in 2022, and that trend will certainly expand for the year ahead. Technologies like Google’s Performance Max campaigns took off in 2022 with some successes and challenges – though mostly, advertisers have experienced decreased CPAs (costs per acquisition) and increased RoAS (return on ad spend) according to Search Engine Journal.

All in all, automation will be one of the most important PPC tools in 2024 to help mitigate the impact of inflation on advertising. Though for B2B companies, automated campaigns may be a bit premature, so sticking with broad match and Discovery campaigns can be a better option.

With automation becoming more prolific in the next year, it’s going to be important for advertisers to manage and intervene in these technologies when necessary. While you can certainly lean on the data to see what works, it’s still going to be optimal to leverage your unique differentiators and USPs in messaging to garner actual customer insights.

Agility Is Key for PPC in 2024

While advertisers will benefit from technologies like automation, AI, and machine learning this year, what will set the winners apart is their ability to remain agile in PPC strategies. Due to the uncertainty on a global scale, advertisers need to plan for abrupt economic changes so their advertising can respond appropriately.

For example, you may need to pivot the offerings from your organizations, the scope and scale of advertising, and the way you communicate to customers (think personalization). The only way to structure your organization to navigate unforeseen circumstances is to plan now.

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