As documented by Haribabuji Harikrishnan.

I’m a professional with 16 years of technical and managerial experience. I completed my Bachelor of Technology in Electrical and Electronics Engineering at Madras University, Chennai, and received my MBA through distance education in International Business from Pondicherry University. I started my career as escalation lead at CSS Corporation in Chennai, and then moved to HCL Technologies as a product engineer. I then joined NCR, where I worked for 12 years. I currently work in ERP implementation at HCL Technologies’ Chennai manufacturing plant.

PMP Certification Essential for Senior-Level Roles

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PMP Certification Essential for Senior-Level Roles

Once I moved to project management, I knew that a PMP® certification would help me improve my work delivery. Initially, I took an offline classroom course at an institute in Chennai, but I was unable to pass the PMP certification on my first attempt. I remember that day very well and how disappointed I was. Fortunately, my brother steered me to Simplilearn’s PMP Certification Training course. After reading reviews about the quality and flexibility of Simplilearn’s program, I enrolled.

My Simplilearn Upskilling Experience and the Results

I found the course to be very well organized. I rate the instructors highly. I also appreciated Simplilearn’s support team members, who were available 24/7. Since I was traveling three-to-five hours on the train daily, I was able to make full use of Simplilearn’s mobile app. It helped me finish my course on time. After six months, I took the exam again and cleared PMP certification.  

After completing the course, I was assigned specialized project management responsibilities and promoted from assistant manager to project manager. My new skills and responsibilities also earned me a 40 percent salary hike. With the increase, I was better able to manage my finances. I could easily afford my sister’s wedding and my son’s college fees. Soon after that, I could also clear all my loans.

Learn New PM Skills & Earn Upto 14 LPA or More

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Learn New PM Skills & Earn Upto 14 LPA or More

Charging Ahead With More Career-Changing Certifications

I further added to my education and skills portfolio by completing Simplilearn’s Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL®) course [now updated]. I am now more confident in my work after achieving both PMP & ITIL certifications. I am better able to approach my projects in a structured manner. I am now also a Project Management Institute (PMI®) board member for the Chennai chapter. Simplilearn has been the best education partner for my career growth!

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