Once you finish your four-year degree, the last thing you might want to do is to pursue more education. In truth, though, it could be a very worthwhile pursuit in today’s competitive market. Whether you have been in your career a while and are looking for a change or just starting after your post-secondary degree, a post-graduate program is an avenue you should consider for a variety of reasons.

Five Reasons To Pursue Post Graduate Program

1. Get Noticed, Get Hired

It’s no wonder that when you apply for a job, it often feels like your resume is going into a dust-covered corner of the internet. With employers only spending 7.4 seconds reading a resume, you have to make an impression – and make it fast! Having additional study on your resume in the form of a post-graduate program looks promising to employers because it tells them you’re dedicated and willing to put the time and effort into something aside from the standard four-year degree. Students who are breaking out into a new career look dedicated and stand out from other graduates when they have an additional qualification alongside their four-year degree.

Despite what you may think, employers do notice education, and it matters to them. The education not only reflects on you but also, reflects on your employer. Companies who invest in education like to see a similar investment by their employees and prospects. Additionally, with many people falsifying their education on a resume, employers tend to check out your degrees with an educational background check if there is something in question. Often, validation of your credentials makes you a stronger candidate. For those looking to change careers, it demonstrates to a potential employer that you have knowledge of the field and have invested in yourself to make the switch.

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2. Skills Beyond the Curriculum

Pursuing a post-graduate degree also demonstrates more than the skills you’re learning as part of the curriculum. A post-graduate degree can also signify that you have soft skills as well.

Unlike when you’re enrolled in college, you are going to have a wider variety of connections in a post-graduate program. Students enrolled in an advanced degree program don’t often fit into a clear age bracket, and they come from a variety of backgrounds. This exposes you to a wide range of new experiences. With most postgraduate programs requiring group work, you will improve your team building and critical thinking skills in an environment different from one in which you have learned before. This shows that you are capable of adapting to changing circumstances, another valuable soft skill.

More so than in a four-year degree program, a post-graduate degree requires additional self-discipline, including project management, research, and commitment. Each of these aspects translates into soft skills that you will take with you into your career. If you’re new to the workforce, you’ll have a more advanced concept of what is expected in a work environment and how to handle it.   For those currently in the workforce, enrollment in a post-graduate program can help them hone their skills and increase their marketability.

3. The Salary Hike

For most of us, we work to live. Who couldn’t use a little bit more money in their pockets? Pursuing a post-graduate degree can pay off in a big way when it comes to salary. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicted that there about be a 15.6-percent increase in post-secondary degrees by 2022, citing the need to adapt to developing technologies.

With the hottest field currently being Data Science, those who pursue a post-graduate program will likely get an offer at the higher end of the salary scale and can expect to earn more than their counterparts without it. Data Science candidates who have built their portfolio and can demonstrate their skills can expect to earn a decent salary. If you’re interested in Data Science, check out the Professional Certificate Program in Data Science in partnership with Purdue University.

4. Flexibility

You may be wondering what the difference is between a post-graduate program and a master’s program. Both options are advanced degrees, but they each have different sets of requirements. Additionally, the time commitment to complete a post-graduate program is usually much less than a master’s program. A post-graduate degree can be completed in a year, while even accelerated master’s programs can last roughly two years.

5. Affordability

Paying for education is expensive in most places. While there are some master’s programs that cover expenses for accepted students, often, students pay for these programs with loans or right out of pocket. Some programs can cost roughly $30,000 per year. Conversely, post-graduate programs only require a set number of courses and are priced either as one program or per credit hour, resulting in about a third of the cost of a traditional master’s degree. When it comes to securing your future, understanding the cost of a program should factor into that. After pursuing a post-graduate program, you can expect a 25-percent increase in salary with a certificate — which in most fields, means you can earn back your investment within the first year of the program.

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Top Reasons to Pursue Simplilearn's Post Graduate Degree

1. Focused Learning Objectives

Data Scientist is one of the hottest professions today,  IBM predicts the demand for Data Scientists will rise by 28 percent by 2020. Simplilearn's Data Science Certification helps you to master the most in-demand skills that include hypothesis testing to decision trees, and regression models to recommendation engines, and more.

Keeping in mind the soaring demand of these cutting edge skills, the Post Graduate Program in Data Science covers is curated to provide extensive Data Science training, combining online instructor-led classes and self-paced learning co-developed with IBM. The program concludes with a capstone project designed to reinforce the learning by building a real industry product encompassing all the key aspects learned throughout the program.

Focused Learning Objectives

2. Industry Capstone Projects to Help you Showcase your Expertise

The Post Graduate Program in Data Science includes 15+ real-life, industry-based projects on different domains to help you master concepts of Data Science and Big Data. You will go through dedicated mentor classes in order to create a high-quality industry project, solving a real-world problem leveraging the skills and technologies learned throughout the program. The capstone project will cover all the key aspects of data extraction, to visualization, to model building and tuning. You also get the option of choosing the domain/industry dataset you to want to work on from the options available.

After successful submission of the project, you will be awarded a capstone certificate that can be showcased to potential employers as a testament to your learning.

3. Simplilearn's JobAssist Program to Keep You Ahead of the Game

Simplilearn's JobAssist program is an India-specific offering in Partnership with IIMJobs.com to help you land your dream job. This program offers extended support to the certified learners who are looking for a job switch or starting with their first job. Upon successful completion of the post graduate program, you will be eligible to apply for this program, and your details will be shared with IIMJobs. As a part of this program, IIMJobs will offer the following exclusive programs:

  • IIMJobs Pro-Membership for 6 Months
  • Resume Building Assistance
  • Career Mentoring
  • Interview Preparation
  • Career Fairs

4. Online Bootcamp and Certificates from Purdue University and Simplilearn

This Professional Certificate Program in Data Science is in partnership with Purdue University, one of the world's leading research and teaching institutions, offering higher education at the highest proven value. Upon completion of this post graduate program, you will: 

  • Receive a joint Purdue-Simplilearn certification
  • And also become entitled to membership in the Purdue University Alumni Association


Whatever your motivation to obtain more education, it’s a solid investment in your future and your career. Whether you’re changing fields or just starting, a post-graduate degree is a very clear pathway to obtain the skills you need — at an accelerated rate and an affordable price tag. Choosing the best path for you may not be an easy decision between a certificate or a master’s, but the most essential thing to consider when looking at a program is the curriculum. A well-tailored curriculum is worth the money you invest in yourself. Take the leap and try a post-graduate program today. Click here to explore Simplilearn’s available certifications and post-graduate programs, including this exciting opportunity in Data Science in partnership with Purdue University.

Data Science & Business Analytics Courses Duration and Fees

Data Science & Business Analytics programs typically range from a few weeks to several months, with fees varying based on program and institution.

Program NameDurationFees
Applied AI & Data Science

Cohort Starts: 4 Mar, 2024

3 Months$ 2,624
Caltech Post Graduate Program in Data Science

Cohort Starts: 12 Mar, 2024

11 Months$ 4,500
Post Graduate Program in Data Science

Cohort Starts: 25 Mar, 2024

11 Months$ 4,199
Post Graduate Program in Data Analytics

Cohort Starts: 25 Mar, 2024

8 Months$ 3,749
Data Analytics Bootcamp

Cohort Starts: 25 Mar, 2024

6 Months$ 8,500
Data Scientist11 Months$ 2,000
Data Analyst11 Months$ 2,000

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