A Synopsis of the Exin Cloud Computing Certification

A Synopsis Of The Exin Cloud Computing Certification

R Bhargav

Last updated December 1, 2016


What Is The Certification About?

The EXIN Cloud Computing Certification is one of the most noteworthy certifications in the field of cloud computing. This certification is designed to enhance the fundamentals about cloud computing and it aids in effective deployment of services in a chosen workspace.

Essentially, cloud computing encompasses services related to IT that are delivered through the internet. It further allows formation of flexible support for businesses.

This is therefore, a unique certification that is extremely vendor-neutral and is designed in an extensive manner − covering a broad range of issues pertaining to cloud computing and solutions to handling these issues.

This certification enables career growth in IT professionals, in the field of information management.

The Accreditation Body

EXIN is an internationally known organization providing certifications to over 1 million professionals across 125 countries. It has its own network of accredited training providers, along with hundreds of freelance trainers, who are accredited by EXIN to conduct training. Their accredited partners span over a wide cross-section of international bodies, across countries.

Eligibility Requirements

There are no specific eligibility requirements for taking the EXIN Cloud Computing Foundation Certification exam. This certification is meant for anybody who is involved or interested in the IT-based Service Management systems.

The categories of professionals who can benefit from this certification, include: Project Managers, Managers, Cloud Engineers, Business Analysts, Cloud Consultants and Technical Architects and they may be in Commercial, IT, Finance sectors or Administrators, Service Managers in the IT sector or Staff of Service Providers

Process To Get Certified

EXIN has over 30 years of experience in certification, and is a globally trusted authority in the ICT (Information and Communications Technology) market. The exams are conducted in over 125 countries and in 20 languages, to facilitate access to aspirants.

As the initial step to gaining the certification, you can get into a self-study module or you could also attend full-time courses conducted by EXIN partners.

Specific full-time courses span over 2 days, with over 8-9 hours a day. In such cases, the EXIN Partner or the External Examiner accredited by EXIN, distributes hard copies of question papers at the end of the second day, and the candidates are expected to take the test.

Later, upon completion of the training, you can register for the examination and take the test from an accredited examination center (AEC).

Choosing The Right Training Partner

Though EXIN provides a wide range of training partners across countries, most times you would realize that choosing the right partner goes a long way in deciding on how effectively you can use the certification to enhance your knowledge base.

In this regard, Simplilearn emerges as one of the most trusted training partners, assuring you a constructive outcome in return to all the hard work and time that you put in to complete the certification course. The courseware provided for the EXIN Cloud Computing Certification Training, by Simplilearn, is EXIN approved and hence authentic for preparation to the foundation certification by EXIN on Cloud Computing.

Apart from being accessible across the world through online self-learning procedure, Simplilearn also provides classroom training. Their services include:

  • 9-hours of quality e-learning matter
  • 5 chapter-end quizzes designed to make the academic content quite dynamic
  • 8 lab exercises
  • 1 simulation exam designed by EXIN Cloud Computing
  • 2 real-life case studies
  • Cloud deployment in private and public sector as well as virtualization
  • E-Book with all the content that can be downloaded by the participant

Is Training Enough?

The training module that includes real-life case studies, lab exercises and simulation exams, to facilitate better understanding and execution of the acquired knowledge base, should be the preference for the choice of training. This kind of a training improves skills in cloud computing which translates itself to success in the examination as well as implementation of skills in your cloud computing profession.  

Another big positive is EXIN Cloud Computing certificate focuses primarily on the technical aspects and is an effective tool in addressing the shift in roles and responsibility within office as a result of deployment of Cloud.

Examination Structure

You can opt for either an online or offline examination structure for this certification. You can choose to take this exam in a preferred exam center, by simply using the EXIN Anywhere system. This test is essentially a proctored test, but students or professionals have the option to write it online in the 21-day period following the payment made for the exam.

If you are interested in taking the offline test, then, as previously stated, at the end of the 2-day intensive classroom-like learning, an EXIN approved examiner will conduct the test and certification aspirants need to write it down like traditional examination papers.

The questions are a combination of single and multiple choices and cover the broad expanse of the course matter. There are 40 questions, in total, which are mostly close-ended. The passing mark is 65%, or you need to get at least 26 answers right out of the total 40. The result is declared in a week’s time via email.

There are no practical assignments and the time allotted for this exam is 60 minutes. Aspirants must also remember electronic equipment or study aids are not permitted during this exam, and EXIN does not believe in an open book policy.

The certification has a lifelong validity, and you do not have to constantly apply for recertification after a limited frame of time.

What If You Fail To Pass In One Go?

Well, this could be a valid question for anyone aspiring for the EXIN Cloud Computing Certification. First and foremost, they design the training module in a way that almost everyone who takes the course is assured to pass. In case you fail to make your mark, you need to check with the website directly about the prospect of any potential money back and how soon you could apply for a retest in case you fail to get through in the first go.

Here’s a preparation guide to the EXIN Cloud Computing Foundation Certification.

Career Growth And Roles Post Certification

The growth opportunities and information about job options are ultimately the most relevant and primary objective while looking for any specific course material or certification. In this regard, it goes without saying that the EXIN Cloud Computation Certification is one of the best investments to further your career in cloud computing.

Some of the reasons why EXIN Cloud Computing Certification is the preferred choice for IT professionals in cloud computing and information management, are that:

  • Candidates gain information on the fundamentals and the processes involved in cloud computing, that helps them in successfully implementing acquired skills in their workplace
  • Candidates get a fair idea about the risks as well as the benefits involved in deployment
  • Candidates gain the expertise to formulate a real-life case and evaluate the service potential accordingly.

Most importantly it gives an opportunity for candidates to get EXIN Certified Integrator Secure Cloud Services. The Cloud Computing Foundation is one of the three key exams you need to pass, to get this service.
The job scope in this stream are also varied. Some of the notable positions in the Cloud Computing stream are: Cloud Architect, Cloud Security Specialist, Cloud Engineer, Cloud Developer, and Cloud Support Analysts.

The EXIN Cloud Computing Foundation Certification is hence, a sure thing to help you progress in your career in cloud computing, and helps you step-up the ladder with a senior designation and increase in pay and benefits.

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