What is PRINCE2 Certification? - Scope and Significance in India

PRINCE2® (Projects IN Controlled Environments) is a project management methodology that follows a process-based approach for providing scalable and tailored solutions for all types of projects. The standard has been developed by the Government of the United Kingdom and is used internationally in all IT environments. PRINCE2 allows making the best use of the proven practices encompassing various industrial backgrounds. As such, it defines the decision-making points and documentation templates for the whole project. The PRINCE2 certification consists of two exams, Foundation,   and Practitioner that enable project team members to better judge and interact with project requirements.

The PRINCE2 certification has been continuously developed to suit changing international standards. The course material therein can contribute significantly to the individual’s recognition as an expert project management professional. More professionals are looking to benefit from the certification in more than one way. It is the most valued accreditation used extensively within the UK and several multinational corporations.

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History of PRINCE2 Certification

The PRINCE2 standard has been derived from the traditional project management method called PROMPTII, developed in 1989 by Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency (CCTA), UK. However PROMPTII was soon required to be applied outside the realms of pure IT infrastructures. In 1996, CCTA came up with PRINCE2 as a more generic method of project management. Gradually, the success of PRINCE2 made it popular across industries and today it is a de-facto standard in many government departments and industries across the globe.

The original PRINCE2 roadmaps have been subsequently revised but the general principles remain the same. Overall, the methodology helps better management, organization and control of IT projects and is process driven as opposed to adaptive methods like Scrum.

What is PRINCE2 Certification?

The PRINCE2 guidelines are specifically based on seven specific principles, seven themes and seven processes.

Seven principles:

  1. Continued business justification
  2. Learning from experience
  3. Management by stages
  4. Defining roles and responsibilities
  5. Focusing on products
  6. Management by exception
  7. Customization

Seven themes:

  1. Business care
  2. Quality
  3. Organization
  4. Change
  5. Risk
  6. Plan
  7. Progress

Seven processes:

  1. Starting Projects (SP)
  2. Initiating Project (IP)
  3. Directing Projects (DP)
  4. Controlling the Stage (CS)
  5. Managing State Boundaries (SB)
  6. Product Delivery (PD)
  7. Closing Projects (CP)

The examinations of Prince2 certification is run by the APM Group, UK and is assisted by the Accreditation of Training Organization (ATO),  consultant organizations (ACO), trainers and other consultants recommended by the OGC. It is recommended for every organization and individual looking for a more controlled approach towards project management practices. The PRINCE2 methodologies are quite flexible and adaptive to any size and nature of project environments. It offers a guaranteed management foundation for all staff members.

PRINCE2 Certification Eligibility and Course

All individuals looking to sit for a PRINCE2 exam must fulfill the basic computer course plus an ensuring exam.
The Foundation course teaches you about the basic terms and principles that are used frequently in PRINCE2 based projects. This certification will help professionals contribute IT skills required in PRINCE2 supported projects. The Foundation Level course is meant for those in the fields of marketing, technical support or administration.

The higher Practitioner Certification trains professionals in operating applications designed for PRINCE2 supported projects.

Self study candidates can also purchase a PRINCE2 exam from the APM Group website and sit at the designated Public Exam Center. The Foundation Exam can however be answered from home wherein the candidate is observed via a live webcam.

Advantages of PRINCE2 Certification

PRINCE2 Certification does enhance a candidate’s skills and expertise in complex project management environments. It leads to higher salaries and better employment opportunities while working in responsible projects. PRINCE2 Certifications are customizable and can help project managers and team members define the best layout for organizations.

  • More than just adding onto the resume, there are several other reasons that project managers and team members should get PRINCE2 certified
  • PRINCE2 focuses on all business justification and defines check gates such that members get a perfect overview of how far they have been into the projects and what are the specific objectives of it
  • The course materials help define well-defined structures for the entire project team, clarifies the basic roles and responsibilities of each member and this includes all the suppliers on board
  • A product based approach; it focuses on delivering quality with products. All the subsequent processes help entertain an end result and deliver with excellence
  • Helps define flexible work environments that can be applied to all levels of the project
  • Emphasizes the categorization of projects into controllable and agreeable stages including management and technical

Global Job Prospects

A PRINCE2 certification keeps all doors open. The internationally recognized methodologies can get you a job in any part of the world and in high positions of project management. A PRINCE2 accreditation rates you as an all round professional in project management fields. The certification is totally portable and acknowledged in the international job market.


Even freelance operators including mini companies can certify their skills and reputation with a PRINCE2 certification. This is clear evidence that the professional is adapted to a consistent and proven methodology and can understand that concepts of highly delicate project management environments. Recruiters this way feel controlled and reassured.

Moving from Academic to Real World

PRINCE2 could be the doors to success for those familiar with a professionally oriented academic environment. It shows employers that you are serious about your career and are ready to be adopted into a real time business environment.

Boost in Salary

One of the most sought after advantage, a PRINCE2 certification can boost your salary to high extents. PRINCE 2 certified professionals earn an average salary of over $80,000 per annum in the U.S. Similar rates apply for professionals in other parts of the world especially around U.K. and Europe.


A PRINCE2 certification allows you greater control over resources and enhances the professional’s ability to manage projects and businesses more effectively. Recruiters too prefer certified professionals to join their project board and take the organization towards a controlled environment.

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