How to use the Ahrefs tool (No, really – how?!)

How to use the Ahrefs tool (No, really – how?!)

Mohammad Farooq

Last updated September 12, 2017


Creating a good piece of content requires dedicated effort to rise above the clutter. If you’ve not been part of this creative process, you’d be surprised with the amount of effort that goes into getting a piece of content published. But the challenge doesn’t end with this – a great deal of effort also goes into amplifying the article’s reach.

I use a few digital marketing tools to make my life easier and to help my team constantly come up with great content. Of course, content doesn’t promote itself. In order to create, promote, and deliver great content to our target audience, one tool which has proved indispensable is Ahrefs.

Ahrefs started off as a Backlink Checker but has evolved into a comprehensive tool providing graphically pleasing trends and amazing filtering capabilities. It is tremendously helpful in providing an analysis of any website.

Ahrefs has been instrumental in helping us put out targeted content while bringing in new ideas by analyzing web trends.

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Ahrefs describes itself as “the largest index of live links”, and it’s estimated that its crawler processes 6 billion pages! No wonder, then, that it is the best when it comes to backlink analysis.

Here we review this useful tool with an Animated Infographic (gifographic) where we’ve tried to capture the what, the how, and why of using this tool. There are, of course, numerous ways in which this tool can be put to use, and the deeper you dive into the ocean of content with Ahrefs, the better the insights you’ll get.

If you’re undecided on whether to use this tool or not, then the answer is a clear, emphatic YES!

Also, if you have any new “hacks”, apart from the ones that I’ve added, add them in the comments below.

Ahrefs introduction
Ahrefs dashboard
How to use Ahrefs tool
When to use Ahrefs tool
Ahrefs features
Ahrefs hacks
Ahrefs pricing
Ahrefs testimonials
What you can expect from Ahrefs tool
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