18 Best Training Resources To Learn Salesforce


Ryan Scalf

Last updated March 20, 2018


As the most powerful customer relationship management resource in sales and marketing, Salesforce is in demand helping subscribers increase contacts and sales revenue every day. Even the most experienced sales reps can sometimes find it challenging to attain optimal business targets. However, they can maximize their productivity by tapping into the vast resources of Salesforce, which can be mastered through well-structured training programs.

In fact, training programs for Salesforce have given rise to an industry of its own with trainers offering free and paid training programs designed to help subscribers.

Now that you recognize the merits of Salesforce, it only makes sense to perform appropriate due diligence to learn the strengths and weaknesses of each Salesforce training program. What Salesforce teams quickly learn is that the program is only as good as the training that goes into mastery of this amazing resource.

In-Person, Instructor-Led Classes

Instructor-led classes, conducted in person, are intensive and effective but can also be expensive. The biggest benefit of this type of instruction is that customization of the training programs can be achieved in paid, premium training services.

1. Salesforce University – Generally, Salesforce University offers a limited number of Salesforce training classes in predetermined cities during the course of the year. The duration of the courses typically range between half a day and five consecutive days. Costs can vary from $850 to $4,950.00.

2. Stony Point – Stony Point is another “for pay” Salesforce training provider that offers the flexibility of on-site Salesforce training programs, which have a duration of 3 to 5 days and cost up to $4,500.00. Stony Point training is intensive and is effective for dedicated students.

3. CertifiedSalesforce Consultants – For on-site training, another option is to retain the services of recognized and certified Salesforce consultants who will come to your location and conduct one or more workshops. Among these consultants are Ashish Agarai, Beth Saunders Consulting, and others.

Online Instruction Classes 

Online medium of instruction is gaining momentum due to various reasons. Online Salesforce training programs are inherently less expensive than in-person training consultants. Online training sessions can be scheduled at convenient times and can be accessed from any location where an Internet connection is available.

Leading online Salesforce training programs include:

1. Salesforce University – In addition to their In-person training programs, Salesforce University is a leader in online training. Course duration and cost vary from $299 to $4,950.

2. Stony Point – Stony Point supplements their aggressive In-person training with an equally aggressive online Salesforce learning program with cost ranging from $300.00 to $4,000.00. The duration of courses can be half day or can extend for five days.

Self-Paced, Online Salesforce Training Courses 

1. Simplilearn - Self-paced online Salesforce learning courses offer greater flexibility and convenience than In-person instruction. In fact, one of the industry stalwarts in online education— Simplilearn— offers several helpful and free online training courses in addition to very reasonably priced, paid online learning that costs between $299.00 and $1,299. These self-paced Salesforce training programs have drawn stellar reviews for their quality and user-experience. When it comes to Salesforce learning, Simplilearn has the finest products in the market.

2. Edureka – Edureka is a self-paced online instructional program that offers only two Salesforce training disciplines. Consumers can choose “batched” course presentations or opt to reschedule classes if necessary. Users must be prepared to allocate between 75 and 95 hours to complete the two courses which cost $389 and $479 respectively.

3. Udemy – Udemy offers several Salesforce training programs, the cost of which ranges from $39 to $300.00. Occasionally, the diligent shopper will come across significant discounts when courses have not been completely sold out. Price is the big attraction for Udemy subscribers.

4. Salesforce Trailhead – Salesforce Trailhead gets high marks for kick starting an initiative for learning Salesforce. The biggest advantage is that Salesforce Trailhead is free and self-paced. The guided learning paths are carefully constructed and scripted to follow real life job roles. If the user has a Salesforce account, he or she can complete numerous Trailhead challenges and earn points along the way. For those who do not have an individual Salesforce account, a free Developer Edition is available online. Through various Trailhead projects, users can gain real, hands-on experience with Salesforce.

Free Supplemental Salesforce Training Resources

Many users need additional resources to navigate better certain elements of Salesforce. To this end, there are a number of free, supplemental training resources designed to identify shortcuts and improve reporting techniques.

1. Cheat Sheets – More than a dozen cheat sheets are available to quickly identify shortcuts to features and reporting techniques. The advantage of Cheat Sheets is that every shortcut can be bookmarked and is accompanied by step-by-step instructions and screenshots that are handy navigational guides.

2. Salesforce Reporting Basics – By learning the Salesforce Reporting Basics, users can avoid time-consuming and laborious reporting processes. Time is money and Salesforce Reporting Basics is designed to reduce time.

3. Developer Workbooks – All details of the Salesforce1 platform are available through a series of tutorials that are combined in 13 individual workbooks.

4. Tip Sheets and User Guides – The PDF Tips Sheets and the PDF User Guide provide easy access solutions for all aspects of Salesforce. Be prepared for plenty of reference materials and plenty of reading. Many User Guides exceed 5,000 pages but everything you need to know is there.

5. Salesforce YouTube – If you prefer visual learning to reading, there are numerous Salesforce YouTube channels that may be the answer. Many Salesforce subscribers find Salesforce YouTube videos to be the go-to resource for new products and features.

6. Twitter List of Salesforce Experts – Follow the Salesforce experts on Twitter and stay current with all the new features and best practices. This free resource keeps subscribers in tune with the new Salesforce features and more. This is one of the most productive resources for learning and staying current with the latest Salesforce trends.

7. Zero to Hero Blog Series – If you are a new Salesforce administrator, here is a blog series that will take you from step one (Zero) to an Admin Hero. Don’t hesitate to tap this resource. The more you return to these blog posts for reference, the more advanced you will become.

8. Beginner’s Guide to Salesforce Certification – Everything you need to know to become Salesforce Certified is in this guide along with tips on how to study for the certification testing.

9. Salesforce Specific Search Tool – This handy tool allows you to filter your search results to provide Salesforce related content. Tabs include Docs, Boards, Blogs, Code, Apps,and Videos. This is the easiest way to get the precise Salesforce content you need.

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Ryan Scalf is a professional Salesforce Consultant specializing in the Sales Cloud and user adoption. Ryan holds the 4 following Certifications: certified Admin, Developer, App Builder and Advanced Admin and has trained 2000+ individuals on Salesforce Administration and Development.


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