If you are concerned about improving and transforming your employees' digital marketing skills, a well-planned and current digital marketing corporate training program can put your worries to rest.

Marketing functions are evolving and turning increasingly complex, as businesses and processes embrace digital transformation at a rapid speed. Traditional marketing methods are fast giving way to digital marketing tactics, and the success of a company is increasingly dependent on its digital marketing abilities. Amid such changes, it is critical for businesses to create and maintain a skilled and effective digital marketing team – to get across the brand messages to the right people, through the right digital channels, at the right time. 

However, persistent skill gaps in this field pose challenges for companies to set efficient digital marketing teams that can meet current business needs. This shortage of right talent in the market is leading many business leaders to invest in industry-savvy and comprehensive digital marketing corporate training programs to upskill employees and enabling them to leverage the latest marketing technologies.

Reasons Your Company Should Invest in Digital Marketing Corporate Training

Constant upskilling and promoting a thriving, energetic learning environment in an organization acts to its advantages. This ensures that your marketing team has the relevant digital skills to navigate through the transitioning marketing technologies and take charge of all digital platforms with ease.

  • 50 % of companies opine that strong learning cultures can have higher employee engagement & retention rates 
  • 60% of companies feel employee recognition is extremely valuable
  • 57% of learning and development programs are funded entirely by organizations 
  • 43% of Indian corporates continue to use classroom mode for learning and Development

However, it will be a daunting task for a company to upskill its current marketing team – from the entry-level associate to senior executives – in web analytics, customer behavior analysis, automation or digital mindsets, without a proper digital marketing corporate training plan in place. This is where online learning platforms that help corporate design tailored learning programs come into the picture.

Why Online Training is Ideal for a Corporate Training Program?

Online training is best suited for workforces with busy jobs and lives. E-Learning platforms offer 24/7 access to content from any location, at any time. Your employees can upskill on the move, while at home and when it suits their convenience. Most reputed online learning platforms offer customizable corporate training modules that are designed, keeping your specific business needs in mind. They also provide a blended learning environment that combines classroom learning and live virtual classroom training with mentorship. 

At Simplilearn, as one of the leading e-learning platforms in emerging technologies, we realize the importance of a well-designed corporate training program that is aligned to your unique business needs. As your training partner and online education experts, we can help design the best training program for your team and company in digital marketing. 

Let us walk together to discover the various steps you should consider when planning a corporate training plan for your digital marketing team.

1. Recognize the Core Strengths and Weakness of Your Overall Digital Initiatives

It is important to honestly assess where you stand as far as your digital initiatives are concerned and their impact on your bottom line. Before launching any training program, try to identify the broad changes you wish to bring about in your organization's overall digital endeavors so that you can accomplish and align your digital marketing training objectives with them. 

2. Assess Skill Gaps 

Before you initiate your digital marketing training program, focus on what you need to teach and whom. Your digital marketing team's training needs may broadly fall into the following three categories:

  • Skilled current employees have and those you need to teach to new recruits (this particularly pertains to onboarding and new hires’ training)
  • Skills that your workforce must gain to improve its existing operations
  • Skills that your employees need to support a new product or market

Understanding training needs and skill gaps in depth will enable you to design an overarching digital marketing training program that aligns with overall business objectives.

3. Identify the Desired Learning Outcomes

Once you know about the changes you want to bring about in your digital marketing team and know about the training you need to make available to your employees, you can safely determine:

  • What kind of training is the most effective way to accomplish your goals?
  • What type of training may best support this?
  • How will the training fit within the context of overall learning and performance development?
  • Who needs to participate?

4. Determine the Training Your Marketing Team Will Need

Though this will largely be determined by the needs of your business and the areas in which your marketing team needs upskilling in, it is crucial to choose the right set of digital marketing training programs. 

This is because the purview of digital marketing is vast and includes several domains like SEO optimization, digital analytics, social media, pay-per-click, conversion optimization, content, mobile, and email marketing. It is therefore critical to have your corporate training program implementation-consultants assess:

  • the digital abilities of your team to ensure how much they align with industry needs 
  • and identify areas/domains where your team lack skills

Once this is done, you can then work towards designing a training program that upskills your employees in the relevant and key areas.

At Simplilearn, we upskill digital marketing professionals with deep-dive sessions of practical problem-solving and idea creation, focusing on filling skill gaps in key functioning areas. We build and develop digital literacy across marketing teams with industry-validated assessments and rigorous courses. Our specialist courses are targeted at key learning areas. For example, the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Training Course will transform your team into SEO specialists to drive sustained growth in your website's most critical marketing channel.

Plan for Advanced Training Programs for Experts/Seniors

If your marketing team comprises millennials and digital experts, we have our Digital Marketing Certification Course. It offers a 360-degree and in-depth knowledge of the above-mentioned eight most critical digital marketing domains and includes real-world projects and virtual iterations for gaining domain experience.

Your team will be exposed to 40+ digital marketing tools, extensive project experience, and Mimic Pro simulations so that they are hands-on with the current trends, making them industry-ready. 

5. Tailor and Validate Your Training Program

The value of this step cannot be over-emphasized. Digital marketing corporate training programs cannot have a ''one-size-fits-all'' approach. Each company has its own unique marketing and business needs. Effective digital marketing training requires customization and tweaking to fit the objectives, goals, and values of a particular organization.

Let Simplilearn's Corporate Training Program tailor a learning path for your digital marketing team that meets your organization's unique digital transformation challenges. 

We are an award-winning outfit offering credible, certified, and industry-validated courses. Drawing from a range of our industry-aligned digital courses, we can efficiently tailor-make a learning program for your employees in the particular areas that they need upskilling. 

We also offer the following "Simplilearn Advantages": 

  • The flexibility of blended learning
  • Access to hands-on training through labs and latest tools to help the team learn how to interpret data, target customers, and automate processes
  • Current curriculum from industry experts - Simplilearn has joined hands with global tech leaders to design and update course at timely intervals
  • Courses customized to the company's internal training path and team needs
  • Measurable Outcome – Simplilearn'sSimplilearn's training programs have the highest completion rates
  • Validated Skills with globally recognized certificate courses that demonstrate the skills of your employees to a high level of expertise. 
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6. Carry Out a Post-Training Assessment

It is equally necessary to assess your team's digital marketing knowledge post-training and to corroborate your investment. Also, examine the impact of digital marketing training on your business to gauge the success of the training program. 

As successful businesses, you realize that upskilling in need of the hour. With technologies emerging at a rapid speed, employees – who are assets to companies – need to stay skilled and updated with the innovations in the digital economy. Employee training can prove advantageous to companies when it comes to adopting new technologies, processes, and models. 

Simplilearn Corporate Training Program, SEO Certificate Training, and Digital Marketing Specialist Training courses can empower marketers to derive insights and make measurable and data-driven decisions to enable them to stay ahead of the competition and improve profit margins. 

Our Digital Marketing Courses Duration And Fees

Digital Marketing Courses typically range from a few weeks to several months, with fees varying based on program and institution.

Program NameDurationFees
Post Graduate Program in Digital Marketing

Cohort Starts: 18 Jul, 2024

8 Months$ 3,000
Digital Marketing Specialist

Cohort Starts: 7 Aug, 2024

8 Months$ 1,649

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