The truth is email marketing is far from dead. That is why I had to approach this head-on because many say email just will not work for nurturing leads. In my opinion, those who say email marketing is dead are using it as an excuse for having a poor strategy. 

The reality is that people check their email more than they do their mailboxes. According to HubSpot, 73 percent of millennials prefer email communication to any other marketing material. 

Email has not only survived but has thrived as a chief communications channel amid the global pandemic.  More people are opening email than ever before, and open rates are 20% above pre-pandemic levels. Not only that, but conversion rates from email campaigns increased 15% of pre-pandemic years that averaged single-digit increases.

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Become One of The Highest Paid Digital Marketer

If you aren’t seeing increases in your email campaigns, here are three reasons that it may not be working:

Email Error #1 – Little to No Personalization

Cold emailing can look spammy. You want to generate trust with the recipient, so a personalized email will help you build credibility. By using first names and information that personalizes the content, you are more likely to get a positive response. Relevant content will perform much higher than general content. 

Personalization is about really knowing your audience. So, your email lists need to be segmented. After all, your message will be different for varying types of recipients. For example, I have seen lots of companies segment their lists by the type of job title. An email message could be different for a purchasing agent than for those on the manufacturing floor. 

The experience should be your top priority when it comes to email. Provide as much delight and value to your audience, and they will keep the subscription. Every email is an interaction, so you want that to be as engaging as possible. 

Become One of The Highest Paid Digital Marketer

With Purdue Digital Marketing PG ProgramExplore Course
Become One of The Highest Paid Digital Marketer

Email Error #2 – Segmentation

Avoid the “Batch and Blast” mentality, which assumes that your entire list has the same needs.  What are the distinguishing characteristics that you can use to segment your list? Location, past interactions, recent visits?  All of these things increase the personalization of your approach and the relevance to the recipient!

Email Error #3 – Bad Design

Interactive design is a necessity with email. Most people are checking inboxes on their phones, so the design must help with readability. A good design includes email conversion optimization best practices. For instance, there should be one call to action, which includes a color that is more likely to convert. 

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Email Error #4 – No Data-Driven Decisions

Ultimately, you are guiding a buyer’s journey. So, you must understand where email fits within that journey. By leveraging data from your content management system, you can see the types of content that are and are not engaging. 

Email should be engaging enough to the recipient that it eventually brings them to the next stage within the funnel. All emails (even automated ones) should have a goal in mind. Understanding when and what to send a recipient is imperative to creating a trusting and lasting relationship. 

Drip campaigns or automated journeys can help you to align content according to your buyer’s journey. These emails go out at different intervals, and the content is highly relevant because it is typically triggered by your audience’s actions. 

Expecting a great return after spam-blasting email is just not realistic. Your email is only one marketing channel, and it should fit within your defined buyer’s journey. The journey is your strategy, and the emails are your tactics. 

Remember, when creating email, it should ultimately help you with achieving a goal. Therefore, by incorporating personalization and sound design, you will use email in an effective and strategic way.

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