Do you want to grow the readership for your email marketing campaigns? If so, you are not alone. Email is one of the best marketing channels for turning readers into potential customers. 

Yet, if you are noticing a significant slowdown in subscriber expansion, then you may be looking for new strategies to implement.

This may seem like one more task on your to-do list, but you will be happy to know there are plenty of ways you can expand your readership one step at a time. Today, we are sharing a few email marketing ideas to freshen up your approach to building a bigger, stronger community.

Let’s get started.

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Become One of The Highest Paid Digital Marketer

Email Marketing Idea #1: Email Popups

Email popups, also known as email capture popups or opt-in popup forms, are an excellent method for capturing more email subscribers from your website traffic. The popup can display to new visitors on any landing page you choose. 

While the popup should be simple and straightforward (no long form fills here), you can get creative with the messaging to entice visitors to become subscribers. Special offers, rewards, or just becoming part of an exclusive club can be incredibly effective at increasing email signups.

Check out this effortless but elegant popup, which leverages the fear of missing out (FOMO) to encourage website visitors to get “on the list”:



Email Marketing Idea #2: Blog Popups

Blog popups are another fresh email marketing idea to grow your readership. How it works is a small, unobtrusive popup window displays as someone is reading one of your blog posts.

The messaging is entirely up to you, but one of the more creative examples we have seen is one that invites current readers to subscribe and receive new blog posts in their inbox. This ensures new subscribers are highly engaged and interested in the content you are sending.

Blog popups can also serve as levers for guiding readers through top of funnel and middle of funnel marketing, both important stages for awareness and consideration.

Here is a brilliant example of a popup window on a blog post:



Email Marketing Idea #3: Email Sponsorships

You can think of email sponsorships as targeted advertising within email newsletters, without all of the privacy concerns associated with paid advertising. It’s an incredibly effective email marketing strategy because it ensures your ad aligns with the audience receiving the newsletters.

While you may not specifically ask for email subscribers in these advertisements, you could be advertising an online class, webinar, special sale, or other event that would ask people to give you their email address to access what you’re offering – and then you can grow your readership from there.

For example, if you have a food-related business, then you might consider engaging with a food-focused blogger to get advertising space in their newsletter circulation:


Become One of The Highest Paid Digital Marketer

With Purdue Digital Marketing PG ProgramExplore Course
Become One of The Highest Paid Digital Marketer

Email Marketing Idea #4: Giveaways and Contests

Many businesses are hesitant to run a contest or giveaway because of the initial cost. Yet, if you are trying to increase your email readership, then the investment is worth it. That’s because humans are naturally competitive, so they will be more likely to give you their email address to win the prize. In turn, you can increase your subscribers and the reach of your email marketing content.

Email Marketing Idea #5: Checkout Sign-up Boxes 

If you are involved in ecommerce, then adding an email marketing sign-up box to the checkout screen is a great idea to get new subscribers. Customers can simply check the box to be added to your subscriber list, which can then alert them to special deals or new product announcements — or whatever language you deem most exciting.

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Growing your email marketing readership is an important function for expanding the reach of your content and increasing the volume of potential customers. Give one (or more) of these email marketing ideas a try, and see which ones are most successful with your audience. You can also enroll in our Advanced Email Marketing Certification Training course that will help you master email marketing techniques and strategies. 

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