• Execution of a project from start to end is usually based on a set of methodologies. There are diverse methodologies in project management of which, some are complementary to each other yet having their own characteristic approach. This article looks into two such methodologies, PMBOK® Guide and PRINCE2 among the many. The Project Management Body of Knowledge, (PMBOK® Guide) is the de facto guide for Project Management knowledge while PRINCE2 is a methodology followed in the UK by all the governing bodies for executing its projects.  Considering the fact that these two giants have their own approaches, it is also important to see how the two together complement each other.
  1. Methodology + knowledge

PRINCE2 being a methodology has a process in place which forms its core strength making it easy to understand. PMBOK® Guide however provides an in-depth overview of the good practices applicable for projects. This includes a combination of skills, tools and techniques that can enhance the success of projects. A project practitioner can thus derive the best by combining the ‘what and how’ of project management.

  1. PRINCE2 provides the right direction in a PMBOK environment

Novice PMP® certified project practitioners are often left confused as to where they can actually begin, to run the project. Though knowledge gained through certification is enriching, it is still difficult to move forward without a set of guidelines. This is where the PRINCE2 structure comes in handy as it provides a framework to shape and direct the knowledge appropriately.

  1. Test the waters by grafting flexible PRINCE2 elements

PRINCE2 is an easy to understand methodology and therefore it flexibly associates itself with other processes.  It is important to get a grip of the entire PRINCE2 package to understand which elements could be applied on to a different project scenario. Elements such as product descriptions, change control, managing issues, quality and work packages are ideal and easy to start with. As these elements require no prior permission to be implemented, these usually get a thumbs-up sign to be considered.

  1. Proceed to the next level of PRINCE2 implementation

Look forward to implement other aspects of PRINCE2, if the first phase worked well. Since PRINCE2 methodology is an integrated approach, the additional features can be added like plug-ins to beef up the existing project model.

  1. Finally experience the working of PRINCE2 & PMBOK® Guide in real-time

The best way to experience the complementing features and feel the outcome of PRINCE2 is to implement it in real-time. This can be done by creating a prototype project management methodology around PRINCE2 and assign a team of PRINCE2 certified members to understand the effective usage of the procedure. This will require bringing in parts of the PMBOK® Guide to make the project complete. Knowledge from PMBOK® Guide will help in filling the missing parts where PRINCE2 cannot ground in. To conclude, by combining the PMBOK® Guide and PRINCE2 one gets to experience the best of both worlds in Project Management. Get to know more about Project Management  & PRINCE2 here.


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