Mr. Abdulwasih Abdur-Rahim Linkedin Profile We recently conducted ITIL® 2011 Foundation exam prep training workshop from Jan 25-27, 2012 in Riyadh. We are glad to announce that Mr. Abdulwasih Abdur-Rahim participated in the ITIL® 2011 Foundation Certification workshop and successfully cleared ITIL® exam, obtaining an ITIL® 2011 Foundation Certification.

Mr. Abdulwasih Abdur-Rahim is a Solution Architect for Ericsson in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He carries 15 years of experience as a Solution Architect, Solution Integrator, Solution Support Engineer, Database Application Developer and Systems Analyst. We had an opportunity to engage in an e-mail conversation with Mr. Abdulwasih Abdur-Rahim. Here’s the transcript of the e-mail interview with Mr. Abdulwasih Abdur-Rahim on his road to achieve ITIL® 2011 Foundation certification.

1)   When did you start preparing for ITIL® 2011 Foundation Certification?
I started serious preparation for ITIL® 2011 Foundation Certification about 15 days prior to the ITIL® Exam.

2)   What was your motivation for attaining ITIL® 2011 Foundation Certification?
I wanted to increase my IT knowledge as a Business Support System (revenue management) Solution Architect by attaining ITIL® Foundation Certificate.

3)   How many hours of preparation did you put in on a weekly basis?
I used to put about 10 hours for my ITIL® Exam preparation on a weekly basis.

4)   How did Simplilearn help you in achieving your certification goals?
Simplilearn Solutions provided a good training on ITIL® Exam prep which helped me throughout in achieving my certification goals.

5)   How many tests did you take from our mock tests?
I practiced two printed ITIL® 2011 Foundation mock test papers.

6)   What were your major focus areas for ITIL® 2011 Foundation Exam prep?
All the areas including Service strategy, Service design, Service transition, Service operation, Service improvement were my major focus areas for ITIL® 2011 Foundation Exam Prep.

7)   Did the practice questions for ITIL® 2011 Foundation Exam help you for the actual exam?
Yes, practice questions for ITIL® 2011 Foundation Exam partially along with my experience helped me for the actual exam.

8)   How do you plan to use your ITIL® certification coupled with your experience and knowledge?
I will use ITIL® certification to my advantage by leveraging the knowledge gained from the training and through experience to progress in the revenue management stream in the Telecommunications industry as a Business Support System Solution Architect.

9)   What advice do you have for our ITIL® 2011 Foundation certification aspirants?
Go for it! Know more about ITIL® 2011 Foundation Certification Training Courses in Saudi Arabia and across global locations. Visit ITIL® Foundation page for more information on ITIL® 2011 Foundation Certification workshops worldwide.