Overview Of Comptia CloudPlus Tutorial

0.1 Overview of CompTIA Cloud+

Hello and welcome to module 0 of the CompTIA Cloud Plus course offered by Simplilearn. This module gives a brief introduction to CompTIA Cloud+ certification program. Let us start with the objectives for this module.

0.2 Topics Covered

In this module, we will get an overview of Cloud+ as well as CompTIA. We will then discuss the exam format, Simplilearn CompTIA Cloud + Course Outline,Let us begin with the first topic, Overview of Cloud+.

0.3 Overview of Cloud+

The CompTIA Cloud+ certification, is an internationally recognized validation of the knowledge required by an individual working in cloud environments. This program will certify an individual’s capability of understanding all the cloud related terminologies and the level of implementation. It will also certify that the individual understands the application of different strategies depending on the situation, the aspects of IT security in cloud, and the best practices to implement in the cloud. In the next slide we will list the pre-requisites of the course.

0.4 Course Pre Requisites

Let us look into the pre-requisite recommendations for Cloud + candidates. They are: Firstly, they must have sound knowledge in Network and Storage implementations. It is recommended that the candidates follow CompTIA Network+ or Storage+ certification pattern powered by Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA), though a formal certification is not required for Cloud+. The second recommendation is the candidate must have at least 24 to 36 months of work experience in IT networking, network storage, system administration, or data center administration. This will help the candidate in better understanding and visualizing the concepts. The third recommendation is the candidate must be familiar with any major hypervisors for server virtualization like VMware Hypervisor or Citrix (Read as sitricks) XEN Hypervisor. A candidate can familiarize themselves with any hypervisor depending on the company or market needs, though vendor-specific certifications in virtualization (Read as vir-choo-lie-za-shun) are not required. In the next slide, we will get an overview of CompTIA.

0.5 Overview of CompTIA

The Computing Technology Industry Association or CompTIA is a non-profit trade association that provides professional certifications for the Information Technology (IT) industry. CompTIA administers its certification exams through Pearson VUE testing centers. In addition to certification, CompTIA also provides corporate membership. In the next slide we will look into the exam format of CompTIA cloud plus.

0.6 Exam Format

CompTIA Cloud + certification has 7 domains in total that are to be mastered to gain Cloud+ credential. The first domain is cloud concepts and models. In this domain, a candidate will learn about cloud computing based on National Institute of Standards and Technologies (NIST) standards. This domain covers 12 percent of Cloud+ examination. The second domain is virtualization. Virtualization is a key for cloud computing. A participant will learn about virtualization terminologies, and its planning and implementations in detail. This domain covers 19percent of Cloud+ examination. The third domain is infrastructure. Infrastructure talks about various storage and networking essentials that are required for understanding cloud implementations. A participant will learn in detail about networking essentials like ports, protocols, etc.; and storage essential like RAID, SAN, NAS, etc. This domain covers 21percent of Cloud+ examination. The fourth domain is network management. Network management talks about monitoring techniques and allotment of physical resources for performing resource sharing in cloud. This domain covers 13percent of Cloud+ examination. The fifth domain is security. The principle of security in cloud computing is different from the security implemented in normal networks. All essentials of security will be covered in this domain. This covers 16percent of Cloud+ examination. The sixth domain is systems management. In this, we will understand policies and procedures implemented in cloud environment. It also discusses measuring performance and testing the cloud environment. This domain covers 11percent of Cloud+ examination. The seventh and last domain is business continuity (read as kon-tea-new-tea) in the cloud. It talks about the essential elements of business continuity (read as kon-tea-new-tea) like disaster recovery mechanisms and meeting all availability requirements. This domain covers 8percent of Cloud+ examination. In the next slide we will look into the course outline of Simplilearn CompTIA Cloud+.

0.7 Simplilearn CompTIA Cloud plus Course Outline

This course covers all the essentials of CompTIA Cloud+ Module 1 introduces cloud concepts and models right from the definition as per NIST followed by the NIST framework, and it also covers all the delivery models. Module 2 provides an in-depth coverage of virtualization. It covers various configurations, performances, and benefits related to virtualization in a production environment. Module 3 covers the infrastructure essentials like storage configuration and provisioning, hardware requirements and its configurations, and network essentials. Module 4 covers ways to manage and monitor network in network management. It also covers the preferred best practices for allocating physical and virtual resources. Module 5 covers security with respect to networking and storage in a cloud-enabled environment. Module 6 covers systems management. It covers risk management, change management, testing techniques, and performance monitoring techniques in a production environment. Module 7 discusses the tips and techniques that can be incorporated in business continuity (read as kon-tea-new-tea) in the cloud. It talks about disaster recovery and availability requirements. we will also provide 2 assessment papers that can be used for self-evaluation.With that we come to the end of this introductory module.

0.8 Thank You

In the next module, we will discuss the cloud concepts and models.

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