Now is the right time to upskill yourself and make a career in Business Analysis. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), Business Analytics will show a constant growth in the coming years, with around 93,000 jobs in the U.S. alone. Simplilearn and Carlson School of Management have come together to provide a holistic learning path for working professionals willing to upskill in this field. Let's understand how PGP Business Analytics by Carlson School of Management and Simplilearn can change your career. 

Why Join PGP Business Analytics By Carlson School of Management and Simplilearn? 

You will be taught the data and analytical skills to interpret and solve business problems. Regardless of your current job role and responsibilities, this PGP Business Analytics by Carlson School of Management and Simplilearn will equip you with the requisite knowledge to make a career in business analytics. 

  1. Academic Excellence - University of Minnesota experts will conduct the masterclasses for PGP Business Analytics by Carlson School of Management and Simplilearn. They will be guiding students throughout the course. 
  2. Networking Opportunity - All your fellow students will have similar work experience but come from different industries. A class full of aspiring learners provides excellent networking opportunities. Along with this, you will also get a membership to the University of Alumni Association, which is again a perfect opportunity to connect with global experts. 
  3. IBM's Industry Training - The PGP Business Analytics program by Simplilearn includes extensive training by IBM experts. They will be conducting masterclasses and prove IBM certification as well. 
  4. Extensive Hands-on Training - Learning and upskilling is the primary motive for this program. You are expected to do 12+ hands-on projects aligned to various industry verticals. 

Value Added Features 

  • Simplilearn's JobAssist helps you get noticed by top hiring companies
  • Program certificate from Carlson School of Management and Simplilearn
  • University of Minnesota Alumni Association membership
  • Live online Masterclasses from distinguished UMN instructors
  • Industry-recognized IBM certificates for IBM courses
  • Masterclasses, Ask Me Anything sessions & hackathons conducted by IBM experts
  • 12+ hands-on projects aligned to various industry verticals
  • 14+ practical tools and frameworks to bring a positive impact to your work
  • Industry-relevant, case-based learning
  • Seamless access to integrated labs

PGP Business Analytics Certificate 

As the course brings together experts from the University of Minnesota and IBM, you will be provided certificates from both organizations. 

University of Minnesota and Simplilearn Certificate


IBM and Simplilearn Certificate


Course Curriculum 

PGP Business Analytics by Carlson School of Business and Simplilearn is a high-engagement course. Excel, SQL, R, Python, data visualization tools, and hands-on projects are covered in this course. You gain on-the-job experience by working on industry-relevant projects.

Learning Path 

  1. Orientation
  2. Introduction to Data Analytics
  3. Business Analytics with Excel
  4. SQL
  5. R Programming for Data Science
  6. Data Analytics with R
  7. Data Visualization using Tableau
  8. Business Analytics Capstone


  1. Data Analysis with Python 
  2. Mathematical Optimizations with Business Problems 
  3. Data Visualization using Business BI 
  4. Academic Masterclass by UNM 
  5. Industry Masterclass by IBM 

Projects Covered 

Here are some sample projects that are a part of PGP Business Analytics course - 

Project Name

Project Expectations

Forecast Demand for a Giant Retail Corporation

Predict sales and demand for a multinational retail corporation’s stores across the U.S. while factoring in multiple economic conditions.

Conduct a Comparative Country Study for Insurance

Compare several parameters of a data set across multiple countries for a growing insurance company using Tableau.

Manipulate and Report Data for Zomato using Power BI

Help the Zomato team find obscure irregularities in their company data and examine them so that they can assess business performance accurately.

Skills Covered in PGP Business Analytics by Carlson School of Management and Simplilearn 

  • Business Analytics
  • Descriptive Statistics
  • Prescriptive Statistics
  • Predictive Statistics
  • Data Analytics
  • Data Visualization

Class Profile 

Based on our previous batches, we have curated a bifurcation of what your batch might look like - 



Information Technology










Companies Involved 

  1. BCG
  2. Deloitte
  3. Barclays
  4. JP Morgan Chase
  5. Mercedez
  6. Shell
  7. Oracle
  8. Microsoft
  9. LinkedIn
  10. Nasdaq
  11. Nestle

Eligibility Criteria 

To sign-up for the PGP Business Analytics by Carlson School of Management and Simplilearn, you need to meet the following requirements - 

  1. A bachelor’s degree with atleast 50% marks 
  2. 2+ years of work experience in any field. This is not a mandatory requirement. 
  3. You must have an interest in real-world business problems. 
Kick-start your career growth story with PGP in Business Analysis. Get a chance to master Excel, Tableau, and Python tools. Start learning now!

How to Apply? 

You apply for this course online. Submit your application and your work portfolio. We will evaluate your profile and send out a confirmation. After that, you will have to pay the course fees. Your classes will start within 1 - 2 weeks. 

PGP Business Analytics by Carlson School of Management and Simplilearn is an excellent opportunity for you to boost your career. Sign-up for the course today! 

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