How a presentation helps? Well, a lot. Apart from your presentation skills, the technical detailing provides an edge for you to make the most out of it. Instead of using third party editing tools, which takes a lot of your time and requires an extra bit of effort, these in-built features of PowerPoint will definitely be of help.

A few interesting tips are compiled here for you to ease through the process.

1. Animation Painter Made Easy

Animation Painter works more like Microsoft Office’s Format Painter. With a single click, you can copy the animation style of one object to another object with in a presentation.

Animation Painter

Steps to use the Animation Painter:

Step1:Click on the object containing animation effect

Step2:Select the animation Painter icon from the ribbon under Advanced Animation. We notice a change with the cursor, which now changes to an arrow icon with a paint brush

Step3:Click on the other object which is in need of the animation effect

Step4:Click the preview icon on the ribbon to observe new animation effects

2. Jazz up power point presentation with web video

Embedding Video inside PPT makes the presentation heavy. Also, the video file has to be carried with the PPT everywhere. Power Point 2010 offers solution to this problem by allowing users to Embed online videos. Below are the steps to embed video inside a PPT

Step1:Select the video available online that needs to be embedded in the slide.

Step2:The online video will have an “Embed Code” provided by the website. There are two types of embed codes: one is with HTML5 compatibility (also called New Embed Code) and another without HTML5 compatibility (also called Old Embed Code). Make sure that the ‘Old Embed Code’ is chosen.

You can use any embed code generator

Insert Video

Step3:Choose the slide in which the video needs to be embedded. On the ribbon, under the ‘Insert’ tab, choose the drop-down under ‘Video’ button and chose the option ‘Video from Web Site’.

Video menu

Step4:After entering code in the area, play around with the video (size, border, effects ...) and enjoy video.

3. Create a Background Free Image


Rather than marking the background as transparent, work to remove the background stuff from an image. Power point 2010 has come up with a feature in which you can decide which area of an image to be kept & which to be discarded.

Background menu

Step1:After inserting the image, click on remove background

Step2:Select the desired area of image which you wish to retain

Step3:To make it perfect, play around with the image using the options shown below

4. Hidden feature within an audio/video clip

PowerPoint 2010 allows you to indicate time points in your Media clip. By adding a bookmark, animations trigger or move to specific locations over those time points

Playback menu

Step1:Add a media (Audio/Video) clip to a slide

Step2:Select Playback tab under Video Tools or Audio tool in case you’re adding an audio clip

Step3:Click on Add Bookmark under Bookmark

5. How to Trim a Video

One of the exciting features of powerpoint 2010 is that you can remove the unwanted seconds/minutes from your video to create a complete video of your choice. The trim video features allow the user to trim a video as per needs.

Step1:Insert the video in your presentation slide

Step2:Go to Playback tab and select Video Tools

Step3:Visit the Editing group and choose the Trim Video tab

Step4:In the dialogue box, modify the video as per your need by dragging the arrow to the desired position for the video

Step5:The time calculation of the video will change automatically

6. Go Broadcasting

PowerPoint 2010 gives you the ability to share your presentation with people across the globe. The feature “Broadcast Slide Show” allows you to upload your presentation using its free broadcast service.

Broadcast presentation

All you need is a Windows Live ID to sign in and send a private URL to remote users via email or any other source. The remote viewers just need to click the link to watch your presentation on their browser.

Broadcast slideshow

7. Present your slideshow as a video

Slideshow as video

The release of PowerPoint 2010 gave you a way to showcase your presentation as a video to the audience without compromising the quality and synchronization. The feature enables you to create a video with audio and complex animations, too, by assuring accurate timing sync.

HD display

Play around with these Extra features appearing on the screen above to get you into the comfort zone.

Resolutions will vary depending on the size of your PowerPoint slides (Design → Page Setup → On Screen Show 4:3 or On Screen Show 16:9, etc.).

Record timings

8. Embed Fonts

By default, PowerPoint 2010 doesn’t embed fonts. It’s a big point of concern if presentation fonts are not installed in the system while running a presentation. There are various ways to overcome this but might lead to increase in your presentation size. This is where the “embed fonts” feature comes in handy.

Embed fonts

To embed fonts, click the File tab - > Choose Options under “Help” - > Select Save in the left pane- > Check the Embed Fonts in the File option


Using these tips will aid you in effectively creating your presentation and making it look even better. Of course, a lot of it depends on how well you utilize PowerPoint, but using tricks like these will definitely help.

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