It’s a great time to be a developer. As software packages grow in size, number, and complexity, the need for skilled scripters, coders, and programmers is on the rise.

Spearheading this movement is the mobile platform. With nearly 4.7 billion mobile users worldwide, the mobile web and services ecosystem is growing faster than ever before, resulting in a boom in software development roles geared toward the mobile platform.

So if you’ve been considering getting into app development – now’s the time to make your move! And with Android continuing to dominate the app market, credential-backed training in Android development will place you in a commanding position to take advantage of this upsurge.

Here are 6 reasons you should get an Android certification:

Every day, more than 1.5 million Android devices are activated around the globe. These devices include tablets, video game systems, drones, and, of course, smartphones. And the numbers are only growing–by 2020, it is estimated that there will be 6.1 billion smartphones in the world.

There will be smart lights, fans, and thermostats that would connect to each other. A large number of these new devices are going to link together through some version of Android’s open-source framework, and quite a few will have their own platforms on which developers can sell customized apps.

2. The Ecosystem is Super Easy to Use Once You Get the Hang of It

So what do you need to start coding apps for Android? Special equipment? A license? Nope; all that you need to get your app running on the Android is a functioning system and an active internet connection.

Sure, since the Android ecosystem has a multitude of stakeholders, apps have to be broadly compatible with various types of hardware. But this is where getting an Android development certification can really make a difference, because once you know your way around the different aspects of the OS and platform (kernel, API, DRM, etc.) you can download Android studio and be on your way.

3. Salaries for Mobile App Developers Are Skyrocketing!

Mobile app development is one of the most profitable things you can do if you have coding skills. Top developers make as much as $125,269 a year, and even complete beginners pull in at least $51,000 a year.

Legacy companies are looking to leverage the mobile app industry, and even enterprise software firms are turning to mobile app development to increase their profit margins. You could also go solo and make a great living as a freelance mobile developer. Freelancing is an especially good career option if you’re a certified full-stack developer.

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4. Android Development is Open Source

This is the single, most important reason developers flock to Android.
Open-source software offers incredible freedom to developers. As an Android developer, you can work on making apps, or work on updates and improvements to the Android OS itself. The Google Play store automatically filters all applications so that they are displayed only on the devices that can support them.
Certification training in Android will get you up to speed on every version of the OS (KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmallow…is anyone feeling hungry?), and give you the flexibility to get your apps working across all devices, on all versions of Android. The Android platform also has great cross-platform compatibility and gives programmers the chance to conduct developmental research in conjunction with other platforms.

5. You Can Have a Small Corner of a Large Market All to Yourself

Other mobile operating systems are fixed, closed systems with a much smaller user base. There are better product differentiation and segmentation abilities on Android. With Android, your apps reach a vast number of devices, and you can set your prices accordingly. A first-time smartphone user and a fifth-time smartphone user are likely to differ in the amounts of money they’d be willing to pay. A tablet user and smartphone user will want to use very different kinds of apps.

You don’t have to make the best stock market app for executives or the perfect educational game for children, and you could still find an interested and loyal set of users on Android. As more hardware devices start supporting Android, there is a larger user base for developers to tap into, and if there are more developers, the whole ecosystem becomes more vibrant.

6. There Are Many Ways to Monetize Your Product

With Android’s reach and expertise in monetizing the various apps that run on its platform, you can make money in any way that feels right for you. Other mobile operating systems have a higher barrier to entry because companies need to be reasonably sure that an app is going to add value to their user base before releasing it. To make money, your app will have to be priced much higher on such platforms or have a fairly massive user base to generate adequate ad revenue.

It can take a lot of time to get an app approved on iOS or the Windows OS, and for a developer, time is money. On Android, you can deploy a prototype of your app quickly and gauge user demand, demographics, and other important metrics. You can sell your app for a fixed price, run advertising, or use a combination of the two methods. You can publish identical apps with different price points in diverse geographical regions. Also, Android is experimenting with newer monetization efforts, to help developers make even more money.

Interested in an Android certification? Simplilearn offers a training course called 'Certified Android App Developer' that will give you all the training you need to excel in Android app development. With 30 hours of instructor-led training, 40 hours of app-based projects, and the opportunity to develop 6 of the latest trending apps within the course give your career the kick-start that it needs.

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