5 Reasons why you should get TOGAF Certified

Top 5 Reasons You Should Get TOGAF Certified


Published on May 21, 2015

The Open Group Architecture Framework, or TOGAF, takes a high-level approach to the framework that an enterprise uses to plan, design, implement, and manage its Enterprise Architecture. Enterprise architecture is broken down into four distinct domains (data, technology, application, and business) and heavily relies on existing, standardized products and technologies. Many developers/technical leads take the TOGAF certification exam to move up to the architect positions. Also, many architects take the TOGAF certification exam to move up to senior architect positions.
Some EA roles that benefit from the certification include: Lead Enterprise Architect, Enterprise Architect, Solution Architect, Domain Architect, Project Architect, Business Architect, Applications Architect, Information Architect, Technical Architect, and Security Architect.

Here is a video that takes you through introduction to TOGAF 9.1 certification Training.

Benefits To Getting A TOGAF Certification

Most of the companies prefer to hire architects who have both certification and experience to meet the current industry standards. Listed here are some values that a TOGAF certification will add to your career in Enterprise Architecture.

Stagewise Approach

TOGAF certification allows professionals to take a staged approach to the exam in case of time or resource constraints that working professionals often encounter that might preclude completion of the entire exam at a go. The TOGAF Certification exam has two levels – the Foundation and Certified levels.

To meet the Foundation level requirements, you need to clear a multiple-choice test that demonstrates an understanding of the concepts, processes, and principles behind TOGAF. If you prefer, you can take both exams simultaneously (and this is the preferred method). The Certified level exam is based on scenarios, so you will need to have a deeper understanding than is required for the Foundation level exam.

Demands Popularity

Based on figures from October 2014, over 11,300 people had met the ‘foundation’ level of certification, while over 25,500 had obtained the ‘certified’ level. This was a significant increase from 2013, when only 7,850 had met the ‘foundation’ level and 17,159 the ‘certified’ level.

This explains one more factor: TOGAF certified professional are increasingly sought by recruiters and even professionals in enterprise architect roles find the certification highly beneficial as it improves productivity! More recruiters in 2014, stated TOGAF certification as a requirement (and not just a preference)

TOGAF is popular with many companies all over the world. More than 200 organizations have developed their method of implementing TOGAF, and not just within IT.

The country with the most number of TOGAF certified people is the UK, with roughly 16% TOGAF certified professionals. The US is second, with 13%, then the Netherlands at 10%, and Australia at 7%. The remaining certification holders are scattered across the globe.

Cost < Benefits

With many certification exams costing well over $1,000, the TOGAF certification is quite inexpensive by comparison. If you take only the Foundation exam, it could cost as little as $320. One of the reasons most people choose to take both exams simultaneously is that, together they can cost as low as $495.

You can also take a four-day course that can cost you about $3,000 (and includes the cost for both exams), or you can study on your own and only pay for the tests. The cost of an e-learning course is quite lesser and costs about $1,125 and includes the cost of the tests. Depending on your unique requirement and preferred learning style, you can prepare for the test in a short or a long timeframe as needed. You will have to look around to find the lowest prices for the exams, and keep in mind that prices do go up over time.

Ability To Speak A Common Language

Being TOGAF certified gives you the ability to take the common language with your enterprise architect team and get familiarized with the common terminologies. This ability will not only keep you in track with the team’s progress but also reflect your potential as a professional with certain degree of measurable knowledge.

Ranks Among The Top High-Paying Certifications For 2015

Based on a 2014 study, exams by the Open Group (providers of the TOGAF) are in increasing demand as companies start to pay more attention to their current, problematic architecture. To emphasize the shift in demand, the TOGAF saw a 25% increase in application in just six months.

Many surveys shortlisted TOGAF to be one among the top highest paying certifications for IT in 2015.

What Do I Need To Do Apart From Getting The Certification?

Being certified sure is a quick-shot way to boost your career. But there are other factors that you ought to remember while on your journey uphill, in your career:
  • Gain good number of years in professional experience:
Gaining skills is any day different from merely acquiring theoretical concepts. Professional experience helps you gain the skills and also provides you the environment to apply skills that are acquired theoretically.
  • Enrich knowledge through case-studying:
It is suggestive that professionals also go through Enterprise Architecture case studies that serve as valuable knowledge-base in understanding what has gone bad in projects conducted earlier or how it proved successful.
  • Enroll and participate in  architecture communities
Architecture communities are similar to online discussions groups, that are similar to Quora discussions, were people working in the same department or stream get together to discuss on concerning issues.
  • Find a coach/mentor
Like the adage goes – experience is the best teacher. Finding a coach or a mentor in the organization you work, will offer valuable lessons and insights into improving your performance in an EA team.

Organizational demands to TOGAF certification

Reports claim that Fortune 500 companies are using TOGAF to transform their businesses which implies on the increased requirements of certified TOGAF professionals. The following factors are some reasons as to why TOGAF is a highly demanded certification in organizations and how it benefits them.
  • TOGAF helps in identifying cost expenditure in an IT department. It helps figure out how the IT budget is spent, and how better can it be put to use within or outside the department.
  • TOGAF guarantees a better Return Over Investments, as it helps organizations gain a better understanding of their IT infrastructure and thereby also helps employees understand where coactions exists among teams.
  • By enhanced exposure to understanding the IT infrastructure of an organization, organizations can then streamline and improve usage, greatly reduce redundancies and thereby increase effectiveness.
As a TOGAF certified professional, you’ll then act as the ‘simplifier’, who simplifies complex technical processes. And with increased number of organizations adopting TOGAF into their framework, there is never going to be dearth of opportunities nor reduced scope to career growth for candidates!

About the Author

Priyadharshini is a knowledge analyst at Simplilearn, specializing in Project Management, IT, Six Sigma, and e-Learning. With a penchant for writing and a passion for professional education & development, she is adept at penning educative articles. She was previously associated with Oxford University Press and Pearson Education, India.


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