There has been a change in the rules of the business world. Gone are the days when promotions were based on seniority, and jobs promised life-long job security.

Nowadays it’s not enough to just pledge long-term loyalty to an employer; it’s too easy to become irrelevant if all you’re doing is biding time. Employers want employees who make the effort to stay relevant and up-to-date with the needs of their industries.

While the workplace has become more competitive, it’s also become much more flexible. Job-hopping is received with more openness. Up-skilling is the practice that sets professionals apart. Employers can reward those that actually put in the effort to learn more.

Reasons to skill-up

Up-skilling is one of the most significant ways to make sure you remain employable: With the latest advancements in technology, and the easy access to the Internet, competition for a job position may come from any part of the world. So how are you going to stand out? People are becoming aware of the fact that job roles are on a constant change. If they don’t have relevant skills to keep up, they may find themselves without a job.

Thus, making it important to constantly up-skill.

Up-skilling will help you grow in your role: Upgrading your skills makes you more valuable to your company. This holds true for those who feel underutilized in their organization. With a more relevant skill-set job security will improve and companies will value you.

Up-skilling will gain you more promotions: Upgrading your skills opens the doors to promotions. Effective members of staff and forward thinking project managers are always the first to be looked at when there is a senior role to fill.

The best way to up-skill – A professional certification.

Attaining a certification requires a robust and sound understanding of the specialized skills and knowledge necessary to perform with a higher degree of competence in a particular field. Additionally, the annual requirements necessary to maintain the credential will make sure that your skills are up-to-date. 

That value of a certification mainly lies in the validation it can offer and the recognition a candidate will receive from peers and employers who will see this as a proof of accomplishment and competence. Likewise, the level of education that is required to attain this certification will enhance the work you do today.

What are the benefits of pursuing a professional certification?

A validation of your skills and knowledge – Accredited organizations are usually the ones who provide this validation. They have a standard that they follow through which everyone gets tested. Scoring well and getting the stamp of approval by the organization is tantamount to beating all your peers in the industry. A certification is a professional milestone that carries credibility and weight among peers, clients, and organizational leaders.

Positioning yourself a cut above the rest – With a certification, you stand apart from the non-certified professionals. During a hiring process, it puts you on a level higher than the rest and gives you the ability to command higher pay. It serves as proof of your qualifications and shows commitment to quality performance. For those currently not looking for a job, a certification helps you to stand apart from your peers and competitors as well as a sign of advancement.

Provides a way to stay relevant – Due to annual training and certification requirements, certification holders have no choice but to stay up-to-date, learn the latest skills, and build a network.

Building a network – To sit for a certification exam, every candidate must register on the exam provider’s site. This opens the door to a huge community of certified professionals and industry experts in the same industry, which in turn helps you with job opportunities and knowledge transfer.

Up-skilling requires the desire to learn and to grow. Developing new skills through up-skilling always means taking on new responsibilities. You are assured of greater rewards and better job satisfaction. Committing to just a few hours of training can really boost your chances of getting a new job, or doing better in your current one. With the decision to pursue a certification, you’ll be giving yourself the best shot at the best career you can have.

So, what are you waiting for?

Get out there and get certified today!

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