At Simplilearn, we design courses that help professionals stay current with industry changes and trends. Now, we’ve designed a training program that covers all industries since everyone is impacted as digital technologies affect every aspect of business. Here's our latest course, Introduction to Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is the process of changing the culture of an organization, and adopting strategies that use digital technologies in all stages of business to be more competitive and accelerate sales. It is imperative that organizations go through this digital transformation to remain viable in the 21st century. 

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Simplilearn's Introduction to Digital Transformation

Introduction to Digital Transformation is an eLearning course that outlines the need for digital transformation and provides a blueprint for implementing it. It is the first and the foundational course of our Digital Transformation Academy.

This course is relevant to all industries and was created for a wide range of audiences including C-level executives, mid-level managers, sales teams and anyone who is responsible for driving digital strategies and technologies for their organization. 

Introduction to Digital Transformation covers the following topics: 

  • A comprehensive introduction to the what/why/how of digital transformation
  • How to understand the difference between “Being Digital” vs. “Adopting Technology”
  • The impact of digital transformation on industries and individuals
  • Micro-trends and use cases with examples
  • A blueprint of the Digital Transformation Framework - People, Process, and Technology

Strugging in the Age of Disruption? Simplilearn's Digital Academy is tailored for your organization to keep pace with the ever evolving digital landscape.

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