Do you have a plan for social media video in 2024? Are you wondering how brands will be including video in their social strategies or, more importantly, what users will be expecting from brands in the next year?

First, the good news: People still consume a ton of video content on social media:

  • 45% of people watch more than an hour of Facebook or YouTube videos a week
  • More than 500 million hours of videos are watched on YouTube each day.

That means there are plenty of opportunities for your social media videos to capture attention, generate leads, and help you land new customers.

Here’s how marketers plan to integrate video into their social media campaigns for 2024, which you may want to include in your marketing strategies.

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With billions of users on social media platforms, marketers can easily reach new audiences with attractive and engaging content–especially video ads, which offer the ability to target users by behaviors, demographics, and preferences.

According to a recent survey by Animoto, social media video ads were the number one way consumers discovered a brand they later purchased from.

If your brand is looking to raise brand awareness on social media, then consider advertising with video in 2024 as a way to reach more of your target audience and get them closer to conversion.

Here’s a great example of video advertising from Quickbooks:


Source: Facebook

Of course, brand awareness isn’t the only reason to use video ads. They are also useful as lead generation and sales improvement tools.

Here’s a recent carousel ad from Facebook, which features both video and images with links to each product:


Source: Facebook 

Establish a YouTube Presence

It seems like it would be remiss to leave YouTube out of this conversation. Still, more than just being a video platform, YouTube has replaced Facebook as the #1 platform affecting consumer behavior. It’s now the main social space for consumers to discover and research new products and is the primary purchase-driver on social media.

It probably doesn’t hurt that users expect to watch videos on YouTube, and they can subscribe to YouTube channels, which keeps them up-to-date on the latest content from brands or video content producers.  

Brands without a YouTube presence may want to use 2024 as their springboard to greater awareness, more sales, and even customer loyalty using creative video content.

If your brand already has a presence, perhaps it’s time to look at new ways to use video. Dyson uses YouTube as a way to introduce new products:


Source: YouTube

Tell Stories on Instagram

Instagram Stories are not brand new, but 41% of marketers say they have become increasingly more critical in the last 12 months.

Perhaps it’s because the majority of marketers are landing new customers from Instagram Stories.

new customers


Instagram Stories are also a snap to create. By merely shooting videos using a mobile device, you can quickly upload fresh content to inspire, motivate, and engage your audience.

Consider the Value of Chinese Apps



Did you realize that TikTok, an online video app and the Western counterpart of China’s Douyin, was the world’s most downloaded app in September 2019?

That’s a lot of people watching and creating video content, a signal that marketers have not missed. Brands have been watching the opportunities of publishing video content on the platform, as well as advertising and influencer campaigns, to help them reach target audiences.  

It’s important to note that TikTok’s users skew on the younger side: 66% of its worldwide users are younger than 30 years old. In the U.S., 60% of users are between the ages of 16 and 24.

Personalize Video Experiences

When it comes to informing their decision-making, consumers say they want to watch videos that reflect the products or services they’re interested in or already own.

Not only that, but 43% of consumers say they want videos to be interactive, allowing them to decide what information they wish to view. 



To get started on personalizing your social media videos, you’ll want to tap into individual customer data you already have. Or, if you want to advertise on social media using video, you can use the advanced targeting capabilities on each platform to reach specific segments.

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Last Words

Before you let your video content out in the wild, be sure to brush up on social media best practices with these handy tips.

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