As documented by Trinadh Bammakanti.

Gone are the days when most workers would enter a specific line of work and retire from that same profession, often after staying with the same employer for several decades. Professionals like me, now switch jobs every three to five years on average and some even switch careers entirely from time to time. The world has always been changing, but the speed at which technology has advanced—altering how businesses compete and thrive—continues to accelerate exponentially. 

I am a senior software test engineer with Accenture in Hyderabad, India, and I understood quite early in my career that I would be left behind if I continued along the same path. I don't think you can stay relevant in these times without upskilling and staying up-to-date, so I started eyeing a future in the blossoming field of artificial intelligence (AI), I charted a new trajectory by mastering new skills with the help of Simplilearn.

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The Challenge: Minimum Growth Potential

We all start out somewhere in our career journey, but it’s rarely our dream job. By working hard, taking on new challenges, and possessing a growth mindset, we can set ourselves up for better opportunities in the future. After earning my bachelor’s degree in IT from Sri Indu College of Engineering & Technology, I started his career as a functional tester for Accenture. While I enjoyed the work, I realized after several years that it wouldn’t necessarily lead to bigger and better things.

I’ve always been a forward-thinking person and I knew that when I felt stagnated at my current job, I would eventually hit my ceiling. Functional testing is an important role, as it provides quality assurance for software development prior to release. However I realized it’s not a niche skill, therefore it wasn’t in demand and wouldn’t offer many senior-level opportunities. 

Your AI/ML Career is Just Around The Corner!

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Your AI/ML Career is Just Around The Corner!

This is when I started doing some research into emerging tech fields and quickly realized that data science and AI offered seemingly endless opportunities, with thousands of unfilled positions. By updating my data science skillset and charting a career path toward AI, I knew I could redirect my trajectory toward a more satisfying and lucrative career.

The Simplilearn Solution: Targeted Skills Development Online

I had a vision for my future but I needed to chart my path. After consulting with friends and colleagues, I decided to pursue additional training in data science and the Python programming language in particular. I knew that proficiency with Python would not only prepare me for my chosen field but also is versatile enough for other types of work. I could put it to use right away even before I transitioned into data science.

Next up: finding the right learning solution. While I originally wanted to find a classroom-based course, I ultimately decided that it might not be feasible with my job. A flexible learning solution, with self-paced courses as well as live, online classes, would allow me to do my coursework in the evening and on weekends. After extensive research, I found Simplilearn had the best content at a reasonable price.  

Simplilearn allowed me to be able to attend live, online classes at times that worked with my schedule, along with access to multiple, highly qualified instructors.

I completed Simplilearn’s Artificial Intelligence Engineer Master’s Program and it helped me become proficient in the programming language, as well as the disciplines of data analysis, machine learning, data visualization, web scraping, and natural language processing. I was also very satisfied with the course work from Simplilearn, especially the ability to attend classes at various times that worked best with my schedule, even watching recorded lessons if necessary.

The practice labs helped me apply what I learned to real-world scenarios and become career-ready once the course finished. Since I’m the on-the-go type of person, the Simplilearn mobile app was particularly useful for accessing recorded sessions without having to carry my laptop everywhere. 

The trainers were also top-notch and I was very impressed with the quick response from the support team when I had any questions about the platform. Overall, I was very satisfied with my choice.

The Results: A New Career Trajectory

With Simplilearn’s program, I was able to use what I had learned to take on new tasks within my company. I even received a promoted my now current role as a senior-level testing engineer,  although my longer-term focus is the field of data science with further specialization in the lucrative field of AI engineering.

The best part has been that I have now developed the confidence of knowing that I have more control over the direction of my career. My suggestion to anyone reading this would be, if you want to keep up, you really owe it to yourself to explore your upskilling options. 

Simplilearn has renewed my interest to learn more and grow in my career and I’m looking forward to taking more Simplilearn courses in the future.

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Where do you see yourself in five years? How about a decade from now? Whatever your future ambitions might be, it’s a fair bet that you’ll need to learn new skills and be able to apply them. Simplilearn’s unique Blended Learning approach combines self-paced instructional videos with live, online, instructor-led courses, and hands-on, industry-aligned projects. If you’re serious about your career, or an organization investing in your existing talent, learn how Simplilearn can be your partner in upskilling. Simplilearn's Artificial Intelligence Engineer Master’s Program, in collaboration with IBM, imparts training on the skills required to become a successful Artificial Intelligence Engineer.

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