With AI becoming a mainstream topic of conversation in nearly every industry, many aspiring professionals with interest in data, analytics, technology, machine learning, and robotics are interested in jobs related to artificial intelligence. The job market is constantly changing, and that’s especially true when it comes to a field evolving as quickly as AI.

While jobs are changing for the better, the way we work in the modern workplace is also at a stage of transition. Instead of silos in the workplace, we now have a set of enhanced collaboration between teams across departments. This collaboration has meant that teams from development, operations, security, governance, data science, and data engineering are coming together to deliver the end solution of a product. 

This futuristic style of work has gained prevalence across organizations, with executives understanding the role played by AI experts in their ecosystem. Knowing the heightened interest of candidates in this field, we’ve aggregated a list of roles and job titles that are becoming prominent in the AI marketplace. The following job titles will become AI’s most intriguing and exceptional roles in the future.

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Machine Learning Engineer

A Machine Learning Engineer sits at the center of a data environment and oversees data mining and machine learning techniques to retrieve the best out of the organization’s data. 

They are usually required to perform the following tasks:

  • Build, design and apply machine learning algorithms and models 
  • Build new features for machine learning programs and optimize systems and tools for validating these strategies 
  • Use big data systems for large-scale data mining

Candidates are most often required to come from a software engineering background. They should have the necessary experience in the field and should be well-versed in machine learning and data mining systems.

Data Scientist

A Data Scientist oversees the flow of data in an organization while analyzing, visualizing, and modeling the data. Moreover, data scientists are also expected to build machine learning models for extracting the best results from data. 

They should preferably have the following skills:

  • Experience in data collection, analysis, aggregation, visualization, and monitoring 
  • Proficiency working with data models 
  • A computer science background 
  • Ability to fish for data by deploying data science solutions

Research Scientist 

While the exact nature of your job as a research scientist depends on many things, including your seniority, you would be expected to adhere to the following responsibilities: 

  • Create and manage experiments
  • Process data from results 
  • Develop new research proposals for the future 
  • Attend academic and research conferences to keep a pulse on the field 

A research scientist should have prior experience and academic qualifications in computer science and software engineering. The person should also have sufficient research and analytics skills and should be proficient in presentations and communication. 

Business Intelligence Developer 

A Business Intelligence Engineer is required to build cloud-based data platforms and maintain the aspect of collaboration between departments for optimal results. They act as a conduit for improving cloud-based services for every member’s access.

Their responsibilities include: 

  • Designing, building, modeling, and maintaining data for cloud-based data platforms.
  • Creating and maintaining the logical, physical, and conceptual layers of an enterprise data model. 
  • Establishing data security, performance models, and data quality 

How to Get There

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