BTech has surely become the most popular choice to enter the IT arena. What awaits you after the program is an array of high-paying and exciting opportunities around the world. From Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity to Digital Marketing and Cloud Computing, you can choose from a high range of short-term as well as full-time courses after B tech. If your key plan is to explore various specializations, then there are several specialized after Btech courses too. And if you like to pursue your field of choice, then you can opt for a master’s program right away! We bring you the top in-demand courses after BTech to target the top high-paying jobs across the globe!

Your AI/ML Career is Just Around The Corner!

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Your AI/ML Career is Just Around The Corner!

Top Short-term Courses After Btech

These are short-term certification and diploma programs after B tech in specializations like Data Science & Machine Learning, Software Development, IT service and Architecture etc. These programs are specially tailored for those who are not available for a one-year or two-year degree after B tech and want to specialize in a specific field. Moreover, if you are someone who got a job right after B tech but is still interested in specializing while working, then these short-term courses are perfect for you.

Let’s take a look at the top 20 short-term courses after B tech:

1. Data Science and Analytics

2. AI and Machine Learning Course

3. Web Designing Courses

4. Software Testing

5. Six Sigma Certification

6. Advanced Training in Systems Engineering

7. Circuit Analysis

8. Interior Designing and Landscape Design

9. Cloud Computing

10. Cyber Security

11. ISO Lead Auditor Courses

12. Nanotechnology certifications

13. Embedded Technology

14. Big Data

15. Business & Leadership

16. Software Development

17. Project Management

18. Digital Marketing

19. DevOps (Developers and Operations)

20. IT Service & Architecture

Data Science and Analytics

Data Science is currently the most popular career in the world and entails some of the best jobs, specializations and opportunities for science geeks to discover! If you are curious about this specialization after B tech, then there are numerous Data Science and Business Analytics courses after B tech right here at Simplilearn that you can pursue as short-term certifications. These include Data Science with Python, Data Science with R Programming, and Tableau Certification Training, amongst others. The best part about pursuing these courses at Simplilearn is that you will get to immerse in a blended learning approach that combines programming languages like Python and R with industry-based projects and mentoring sessions from industry maestros too!

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The Ultimate Ticket to Top Data Science Job Roles

AI and Machine Learning

Almost all our 21st-century devices have an AI feature that streamlines the whole user experience for us! By entering the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, you can secure a stable futuristic career for yourself alongside finding jobs in top tech hubs like Tesla, Microsoft, Apple and whatnot! Simplilearn offers two AI courses after B tech, i.e. AI and Machine Learning course and Deep Learning with Keras and TensorFlow

The Machine Learning course by Simplilearn is one of the top industry-recommended courses after BTech as it offers you a detailed insight into the world of AI and machine learning. You can master your expertise with hands-on exercises, mentoring sessions, industry projects and 58 whopping hours of applied learning. 

Simplilearn has also curated a unique course for IT professionals after B tech which is Deep Learning with Keras and TensorFlow. This live interactive program offers you the understanding of Keras and TensorFlow framework, image classification, Autoencoders, conventional & deep neural networks, ADAM Adagrad, artificial neural networks and so much more!

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Join the Ranks of AI Innovators

Cyber Security

Nowadays, every business has its overflowing data present online. Thus, the need for cybersecurity applications and networks is quite apparent to secure businesses, websites and government agencies from data breaches, thefts, hacks etc. Every IT organization needs a team of cybersecurity professionals that are certified by the industry. This is why Simplilearn offers the top Cyber Security certifications after B tech for you to take benefit from. These after B tech courses are designed with the esteemed EC council as the main partner thus ensuring that the students have the right content and curriculum! Here are the top cyber security courses after B tech at Simplilearn:

The key USP of these programs is that they are mentored by accredited instructors from the industry, include simulation exams to help you prepare better and provide 8X high-leveled interaction in their live classes!

Become an Expert in the Cyber Security Field

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Become an Expert in the Cyber Security Field

Business and Leadership

Often the case with young B tech professionals is that they need the right business leadership skills to soar as managers better in their job! This is why a Business & Leadership course after B tech can help you get the right knowledge of the business world and give you a boost in your leadership career! Simplilearn offers 3 main Business & Leadership training certification courses after B tech, i.e.

These programs in Business & Leadership combine business analysis with management mastery by equipping you with the skills of planning, strategizing, advanced documentation as well as curating the perfect business solutions. Students learn through numerous case studies, simulation tests as well as interactive mentoring sessions from industry experts.

Digital Marketing

This is a unique specialization to opt amongst courses after Btech. Digital Marketing combines technical proficiency with creative competencies! It includes SEO, content creation, PPC, social media marketing, paid ads, and so much more. Simplilearn offers three key certifications in Digital Marketing, i.e.

These advanced Digital Marketing specialized certifications equip you with the skills of google marketing tools, web analytics, social media marketing, and content marketing amongst others. The curriculum includes live projects, industry demos as well as latest tools integrated training.

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Become One of The Highest Paid Digital Marketer

Top Full-time Courses After BTech

If you are aiming to pursue a master’s program or diploma after BTech, you can find a lot of full-time courses as well. These master’s courses after B tech offer various specializations like Business Administration, Robotics Engineering, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Architecture and so much more! Here are the top full-time masters and diploma programs after B tech:

    1. Master of Business Administration (MBA) 
    2. MTech
    3. Master of Science (MSc. or MS)
    4. Master of Engineering (ME)
    5. PGDM (PG Diploma in Management)
    6. MSc in Finance
    7. Data Science Certification
    8. Data Analytics Certification
    9. PG Program in Business Analytics
    10. PG Program in Project Management
    11. PG Program in Full Stack Development


1. What are the best courses that can be done after BTech?

There are different short-term and full-time masters and diplomas you can do after BTech. For short-term courses, you can explore specialized courses in data science, machine learning, software development, cyber security, IT and architecture, etc. For master's programs, the best courses after B tech are MBA, MTech, MSc, Masters in Finance, PGDM and specialized PG programs.

2. What are the courses after B.Tech CS?

The top courses after BTech CS are MTech in Robotics Engineering, MSc/MTech in Artificial Intelligence, MTech in Data Science, etc.

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BTech surely opens the door to million opportunities from technical specializations to business analytics and leadership roles! What you pick after your bachelor’s program matters the most, thus the right course after B tech can make or break your career scope! Simplilearn offers handpicked and industry-specialized certification courses after BTech tailored for your future career needs so that you can secure a promising future in IT!

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