Project management profession is now-a-days the most challenging task for an individual. Every individual who wants to do something innovative will choose this profession. It is now becoming a trend to accept this profession as per the market demand. Now, if you are a fresher and just completed your study and want to explore your career in project management – you can grab the opportunities as this could be more challenging and lucrative. As a fresher, you could start your career in any field. This is because a project management is required in every industry sector. You need to know project management job availabilities in different industry sectors. Mind you, there are ample amount of project management jobs available in top sectors such as IT (Information Technology), ITES (Information Technology Enabled Services), Banking, Construction and many more. It is up to an individual to pick any of it of his/her choice and go with it.
Someone asked me, where is more demand of project management. I said, everywhere! And, you know in real now-a-days, in each industry, there is a requirement of project management. Let me clarify one thing to you – you really could not categorize the project management industry-wise. It is not possible as you need to know and understand the basic concepts of project management and it is required in each project to deliver the optimum results. No one could say that without a proper project management they could manage a project. Let us now examine some of the major industry sectors where project management is very much in use.

IT (Information Technology)

It is a trend now – each parents now seeing a dream that his ward will start a career in IT. Is it the case with you as well? In IT, there are surplus amount of project management concepts required to run a project mainly the software development. An individual could explore his/her career starting as a developer and later could excel up to project management by learning the best methodologies and basic concepts of project management. S/he could go for some certification like PMP to learn the basic concepts of project management. So for, IT is a suitable platform to begin your career as there are many opportunities to increase your learning curves.


Yes, it is a big platform again to start your career – whether you are in call center or outbound and inbound processes or you are in knowledge processes such as publishing industry, project management plays a critical role everywhere. Whether it is matter of team handling, estimation or client interaction, project management have to be in use by an individual. So, this could also be your ideal platform to begin and make a good career.

Banking and Insurance

Jobs are also available in banking and insurance industry. Whenever there is new policy in insurance and banking, there needs a project management in practice. Hence, there are so many jobs are open in this sector as well. Most of the private banks such as HDFC and ICICI are very keen to take a service of project manager who is expertise in project initiation, planning and having depth knowledge of understanding the constraints of the project.


Healthcare industries are also recruiting project managers hugely now-a-days. Whenever there is a demand for project management, they are seeking the same service form a hub of project managers. It is a big industry who is taking care of so many projects of health related and premium related who are creating several jobs almost daily. Certified project managers are highly demanding in this type of industry.

Manufacturing and Construction

Whenever there is work like road construction, bridge construction, building construction and work like some product manufacturing, there is a huge demand of project management. As you know these are time-bound work and highly changeable in nature, so there is a need for a person who is well versed in monitoring schedule, cost and scope as per the requirement and it is the work of a project manager. So, in construction and manufacturing, there is a huge chance of getting a project manager job and a better chance of excelling.

Training and Consultancy

As project managers deal with customer, project team and several other stakeholders and also take care of schedule compression, cost performance baselines and several issues – they could be a good consultant as well. Even if you are a good project manager having experience, you could start your own consultancy firm where you could help individuals or organizations to get their project-related problems solved. Even you could be a good trainer in project management as well as in management training, PMP Training and any type of project training. You could start this job individually or you could start in a group as well.


It is very truly said about a project manager – “Project managers are future CEO of the organization”. This is because they know the best practices and methodologies on project schedule, cost, scope balance, how to cope and balance other project constraints, how to compete in the market, how to pick projects among group of projects, how to manage the stakeholders, how to do procurement activities – so its all are the features of a project management. That’s why they could reach to the top most position soon in any type of organization. So, if you have the will do anything and if you are thinking your career in project management; there are numerous industries available to take your services. So, move ahead!  

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