7 Skills to Help You Get Noticed by Hiring Companies in 2018

7 Skills to Help You Get Noticed by Hiring Companies in 2018

Eshna Verma

Last updated October 12, 2018


Hiring the right talent is very important in today’s digital era. As the competition toughens in practically every field, how do you ensure that you stand out and get noticed by potential hiring companies?  According to D.P. Singh, Vice President and head of human resources for IBM India and South Asia, “Skill is the new currency and while evaluating potential employees, companies look for a combination of cognitive, social, and agile skills.”

Here’s a list of the top seven skills that recruiters look for while screening and interviewing potential job candidates:

1. Problem Solving and Data-backed Decision Making

Companies expect employees to own their roles and be able to anticipate and resolve any challenges in project execution. A McKinsey study indicates that the ROI has increased up to 7 percent after organizations have worked on minimizing the effect of bias in their decision-making process. Professionals must be able to examine and analyze the causes contributing to a problem, provide alternative interventions, and implement effective solutions. They should also be able to track critical performance metrics and assess the effectiveness of their corrective measures.

2. Integrity

Companies wish to invest in employees who are willing to take charge of their mistakes and acknowledge their strengths and weaknesses. Employers look for team players who believe in ethical business practices, adhere to standards and procedures, acknowledge the importance of confidentiality, and possess the capability to question inappropriate behavior. 

3. Networking and Communication Skills

Impeccable networking and communication skills help you get noticed by prospective employers. Communicating new innovative ideas in a clear and confident way can set you apart from your peers. 

A report by Millennial Branding, a research and consulting firm, indicates that 84 percent of the employers are of the opinion that effective communication skills are essential for their job candidates. Recruiters often ask open-ended questions to gain a  greater understanding of how effectively and efficiently you can express your thoughts and ideas to others at the workplace.

4. Creativity

Creativity is one of the most sought-after and highly valued skills in today’s job market, and rightly so. Companies prefer to hire professionals who are versatile and able to apply their skills in various circumstances and can solve unexpected and difficult problems with ease and confidence.

5. Willingness to Learn New Skills 

In the era of automation, it’s important to remember that professionals can be replaced by machines. Organizations need skilled employees who can work on the latest tools and automation technologies to add creative value to their organization. This means that your job isn’t secure unless you are up-to-date on the most recent skills. 

If you feel that your current skill sets are not relevant or will be outdated in the next few years, you must invest in technical education. For example, if you’re looking to build a career in a technical role, formal education in emerging areas like robotics or AI is a great next step. And, if you cannot invest that much time and money, short-term certification courses can help you acquire new and trending skills to stay relevant to your company’s business. 

“If you don’t reskill yourself, you are gone. What got you here will not take you forward,” Sourav Govil, head of HR for Wipro, told Financial Express

The India Skills Report estimated that 72 percent of employers will prefer to hire candidates below 35 years of age in the coming years. With emerging job roles that demand newer skill sets, gaining knowledge and experience in domains like cloud, big data, cybersecurity and artificial intelligence can help you build a strong and sought-after profile.

6. Agility at Work

Can you shift gears and adapt to different people and circumstances as and when they come? Companies today expect their employees to react quickly to dynamic business scenarios. According to Clinton Longenecker, Greg Papp, and Timothy Stansfield, authors of Quarterbacking Real and Rapid Organizational Improvement, it is imperative to make adjustments quickly when things are not working as planned. 

One of the most important traits about successful leaders of change is the simple fact that they tend to be very timely in making decisions, solving problems and weeding out roadblocks.

Lisa Haneberg, an organizational development, leadership, and management author describes agility at work as, “a systems-based capacity, not a singular trait. It takes more than will, or an open mind, to be flexible. Agile professionals bring together people, processes, and systems to manifest the organization's mission and strategies. Agility will allow team members to build into everyday practices an ability to nimbly respond to changing circumstances and take advantage of emerging opportunities.”

7. Efficiency 

Employers prefer candidates who work smart. According to Penny Loretto, an internships expert, professionals must learn the most efficient way to complete tasks and find ways to optimize time while completing daily assignments. She says, “It’s important to care about your job and complete all projects while maintaining a positive attitude. Doing more than is expected on the job is a good way to show management that you utilize good time management skills and don’t waste valuable company time attending to personal issues not related to the job.” 
While technical skills are essential for any job role, companies also look for strong interpersonal skills and leadership abilities in their potential employees. “We look for candidates with a solid foundation of soft skills and trust so that the rest can be built upon it,” says Emőke Starr, head of human resources at Prezi. 

In today’s business world, professionals should be able to communicate effectively with peers, customers, partners, and other stakeholders. Agility, collaborative skills, and creativity will set you ahead of your competition. Stay current in your domain, gain the latest skills and prepare to advance your career in 2018.

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Eshna writes on PMP, PRINCE2, ITIL, ITSM, & Ethical Hacking. She has done her Masters in Journalism and Mass Communication and is a Gold Medalist in the same. A voracious reader, she has penned several articles in leading national newspapers like TOI, HT, and The Telegraph. She loves travelling and photography.

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