Need a leg up on the competition to find your first or next position this upcoming year? Be warned: the top professional skills desired these days are less science and tech-oriented, and more liberal arts-oriented. With AI and machine learning becoming a big part of work-life, along with social media and the likes taking over the personal, employers note a lack of interpersonal and humanity-based professional skills they find imperative in today’s job market. Hence, there has been a shift from highly technical skills to more flexible ones.

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Top Seven Professional Skills in Demand for 2024

  1. Visualizing Data

    Yes, you can get data or process data. That’s easy. But do you know how to read that data, or how to explain it to others so they can use it? If you can visualize the data, they’ll be able to, and that’s what employers want you to be able to do. You’ll be able to tell the CEO and the public what your findings mean — and that’s invaluable.
  2. Creativity and Soft Skills

    Soft skills, such as creativity, are also essential and in demand. Gone are the days when business and creativity didn’t mix. Now, everyone wants the free-thinking creative force on their team to be able to look at problems in new, unique ways to solve them with fresh perspectives. Employers also find this a great professional skill in demand because it helps them find people who can dream up fresh ideas for products and services.
  3. Emotional Intelligence

    Emotional Intelligence, or EQ, refers to how we relate emotionally to people. A high EQ shows you can relate to your own and your clients’ emotions and respond accordingly. This, again, shows you’re more capable of relating to people well, instead of being cold and robotic.
  4. Complex Problem-Solving

    Employers often find humanity students are better at solving problems. This relates to creativity, and also to how we process factors, such as conversion and argumentative dialogue, into our reactions. Playing video games and solving crossword puzzles can help improve your complex problem-solving skills, too.
  5. Cognitive Flexibility

    This one doesn’t refer to your gymnastic prowess, but rather your ability to tailor your conversational approach to the people you interact with. In other words, do you know how to speak and conduct yourself differently with the CEO than with the custodian? Do you customize your sales approach to each client? You must, as employers consider this an in-demand skill.
  6. People Management

    Gone are the days of computer management. Employers want to know you can deal with people, talk to them, motivate them, and encourage them to do their very best. Do you comprehend how to do these things? Great! You have a professional skill everyone wants this year and in the future. If you can create happy employees, you’ll be a happy employee to your superiors!
  7. Negotiation

    Like other people skills, emotional intelligence is something that robots lack. Negotiation is also at the heart of business deals, so it’s a vital professional skill that employers look for. Negotiation requires excellent communication and debating skills, so brush up on your interpersonal skills.

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The year 2024 and the time ahead will have a significant shift in the skills that hiring managers and employers seek. Interpersonal skills top the list, while visualization skills rank highly as well. These changes arise as our society becomes more dependent upon AI and robots; people will continue to seek out these professional skills since their computerized coworkers can’t do them. Ensure you have these skills in your arsenal as you embark upon your new career this year. At Simplilearn, our extensive course catalog includes programs that focus on a wide range of subjects. From tech-focused programs to those that help individuals brush up on their professional skills, we guarantee that there’s a suitable program for you that can help you meet your career goals.

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