Everything You Need to Know About Express JS NPM

NPM( Node Package Manager) is Node.js's built-in package manager by default, and Express js is the framework of Node js, which is fully built-in Javascript. It was created by Isaac Z. Schlueter was first made available on January 12, 2010. 

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What Is NPM? 

Let's take async as an example. NPM is incredibly easy to use; all you need to do is type npm install async to install the desired module in the current directory under /node modules/. You may use need() on them as if they were built-ins once installed in your node modules folder.

  • The biggest software registry in the world is npm.
  • There are more than 800,000 code packages in the registry.
  • To share software, open-source developers utilize npm.
  • Npm is often used by businesses to control private growth.

All of Node.js's packages and modules are managed through NPM, which also includes the npm command-line client. Along with the installation of Node.js, it is added to the system. NPM is used to install the necessary modules and packages in a Node project.

What Is a Package?

  • In Node.js, a package includes every file required for a module.
  • You can add modules in JavaScript libraries to your project.

Functions of Node Package Manager(NPM)

  • Online node.js packages/module repositories can be searched on nodejs.org
  • Use a command-line tool to manage Node.js package dependencies, version control, and installation.


To install node package manager(NPM), we have to install node js. 


  • Step 2: After installation, the node js will be installed in your system. To check if the node js is installed in your system we will write a command in the terminal “ node -v ”.


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  • Step 3: Now we will verify the npm version to do that we have to run a command write “npm -- version” 


  • Step 4: Now we will see how we can install node modules using npm there is a very simple syntax for that “npm install <Module Name>”
  • Step 5: To install Express js the famous web framework module of node js we will simply write a command “npm install express”


  • Step 6: Now, you can use the express module in your code by just requiring it.
    “ var express = require (“express”); ”
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