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Kotlin is one of the most widely used open source programming languages for Android applications as a standard IDE (Integrated Development Environment).  It consists of data streams used to compute multiple values that can be run in an asynchronous and sequential manner where the emitted data must be of the same type. In kotlin tutorial, you'll learn how Kotlin works, threads and coroutines are used in Kotlin, what skills are covered, and how Kotlin users worldwide. 

Kotlin is object oriented programming language just like java used to develop the applications, and available in open source.

Kotlin offers a variety of features to perform fast application developments in popular platforms like google, netflix, uber, and various android and computer applications. 

This Kotlin tutorial will offer you to learn the basics of Kotlin language, various functions in kotlin, how they can be implemented in application, how java is interoperable with kotlin and many more exciting things.

Skills Covered

  • Kotlin Tutorial

Topics Covered

Skills Covered

You’ll learn the following skills in the Kotlin tutorial.

  1. JVM compiler
  2. Data Class
  3. Thread
  4. Coroutine
  5. Kotlin Functions
  6. Kotlin Multiplatforms

Topics Covered

  1. Here are the topics covered in Kotlin Tutorial.
  2. Guide to Kotlin Programming Language
  3. Kotlin Vs Flutter
  4. The Ultimate Guide on Kotlin Coroutines
  5. The Finest Way To Understand The Kotlin Functions
  6. Know About Kotlin Multiplatform

Kotlin Tutorial: Table of Contents

Lesson 1: What is Kotlin? Guide to Kotlin Programming Language

Ever since Google announced Kotlin as the first-best programming language for an android development application, there has been tremendous growth in koltin language users. Since 2017, Kotlin has been widely accepted due to its best and easy functionality features. People who have been already using Java, find it so user-friendly. No doubt, kotlin is providing a great framework for the world's leading online marketplace. If you already have an interest in java, then why not learn Kotlin also and excel in your career in software development. 

Lesson 2: Kotlin Vs Flutter: The Best Guide To Choose Between Them

Kotlin language is interoperable with Java Language and Jet Brains has developed kotlin in such a way that all the selected best features in programming language such as C#, Javascript, Java, Scaler. 

Flutter is an open source framework with a user interface toolkit developed by Google in 2017. Flutter is not a programming language like Kotlin but is used in development of various mobile applications, web or desktop applications, widgets, tools, etc.

Lesson 3: The Ultimate Guide on Kotlin Coroutines

Kotlin coroutines offer you to perform multiple tasks at same time without any interference. In other words, we all need smooth functioning on client and server sides. Kotlin coroutines will reduce your task due to operability in cross-platforms with asynchronous programming.

Lesson 4: The Finest Way To Understand The Kotlin Functions

Kotlin functions are more concise and help to reduce the duplicity of coding. Functions in Kotlin are defined by the main keyword ‘fun’ and can be invoked by simply calling them.

Kotlin parameters are used to pass the information through the function. You can pass the data as int (n1, n2, n3, etc.), however you need to specify them. 

Function can also return a value with the help of return keyword. You can use return function values after the function parenthesis. Unit return type function does not return the function values. 

In Kotlin language, functions can be written as parameters as well as they can return a value are known as higher Order Functions. These functions can be opted through string, arrays, and integers. You need to use colon operators while performing the function.

Lesson 5: All You Need To Know About Kotlin Multiplatform

Kotlin offers software development kits that enable you to write directly on multiple

platforms. It is often used for app development in cross platform. Also, the code

written for one time can be run on multiple platforms where developers can easily

solve the problems concerning specific platforms. This will also reduce the time for

code writing and maintenance for the same. Kotlin uses a single codebase via

multiplatforms such as Linux, Windows, and JavaScript. 


In the first Lesson of Kotlin Tutorial, you’ve learned the basic fundamentals of Kotlin language. In the second lesson, you’ve learned about the difference between kotlin and flutter. This will help you to give clear understanding about when to prefer kotlin and when to prefer Flutter. In the 3rd lesson of Kotlin Tutorial, you’ve learned about the necessity of kotlin coroutines, what is kotlin coroutine, and threads. In the Kotlin tutorial, you can say this is the thrust of the Koltin Language. In the 4th lesson of  Kotlin Tutorial, you’ve learned about various types of functions in the Kotlin language. Lambda function, and higher order function are the most essential functions of Kotlin. In the last lesson of Kotlin tutorial, you’ve learned about Multiplatform and how it works in Kotlin language. 

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