Project Management Tutorial for Beginners: A Step-By-Step Guide
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Tutorial Highlights

➤ Project Management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to perform several tasks to meet project requirements, to make the final deliverables in a finite time and budget.

➤ Project Management is a globally recognized practice helping professionals complete projects more effectively and efficiently, and several organizations utilize project management, allowing them to focus on the priorities and overcome challenges increasing the probability of their success.

➤ Our Project Management tutorial will help you understand the various aspects of the PMP certification, how to clear the PMP exam, the prerequisites, and more. The Project Management tutorial will also help you understand various project management job roles, career benefits of becoming PMP certified, salary prospects, and help you learn various project management tools and techniques.

So start learning now and get one step closer to your dream project management career.

Skills Covered

  • Project Planning
  • Project Life Cycle
  • Project Management with Excel
  • Project Management Key Focus Areas
  • Trello
  • Agile Project Management

Topics Covered

The topics covered in the Project Management tutorial are:

Project management tutorial will enable you to utilize your knowledge and skills in achieving successful results when it comes to effectively adhering to the timelines of the projects and delivering quality work. This Project Management tutorial will take you through the multiple dimensions of team management and planning, and will help you learn how to implement the same to achieve your business goals. The lessons involve detailed descriptions and real-life examples that have worked for project managers worldwide.  

The Project management tutorial also includes an elaborated explanation of the working of various tools that speed up effective managing projects. In addition to these, our project management tutorial will also share important information and required guidance about the PMP exam and certification, sharing sample questions, and book recommendations. 

So, what are you waiting for? Start learning today and get closer to your dream of stepping into the career of project management.

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Why Learn Project Management?

A project includes multiple interdependent elements that come together to make the result a successful deliverable. The project manager is the catalyst that optimizes the efforts of a team and manages the costs involved. In other words, a project manager resides at the center of execution, communication, and delivering the project effectively.

Project Management is an integral part of any business. It is a globally recognized practice, and many companies make use of it. Almost all sectors require project management. As a project manager, you can work in IT, manufacturing, finance, healthcare, and other exciting industries. It is a dynamic, challenging, and highly specialized field that has great rewards. This Project Management tutorial will help you in:

  • Understanding project management and its role in the system
  • Comprehending the stakeholders
  • Managing internal and external communications around the project
  • Prioritizing various tasks
  • Determining the scope of work
  • Mapping the project life span
  • Planning and effectively executing a project
  • Optimizing cost, quality, time invested, and resources for the project

Applications of Project Management 

Project management involves managing a particular project, the corporate sector, or any other business. It is a vital role that includes the efficient execution and management of teams. There are several areas/fields where project management skills can be applied.

1. Team and Timeline Management

A team working on a project may consist of multiple task forces or functions, such as web developers, content developers, marketing teams, and technical teams. These task forces need to speak to one another and coordinate effectively to deliver the project on time. Project management skills come into play here - a project manager manages relationships with each of these teams, shares the progress report to the project owner, and shares information across functions.

2. Team Organisation

Project management is an essential skill for organizing the different sections, requirements, and short-term goals of the team working on a project. Project management helps understand the various team functions, communicating team progress, and expectations promptly. A project manager personally structures timelines, outlines deliverables, and holds vendors or teams accountable. While software can help achieve greater efficiency, a project manager's focused attention over diverse groups to streamline activities is essential for an excellent outcome.

3. Technology Integration

With more companies shifting to outsourcing project managers and using artificial intelligence for streamlining, structuring, and tracking project outcomes, demand for the human mind's interference is still very much intact. You can apply your project management skills to leverage existing technology to enhance, share data, and improve internal and external outcomes of the workstream. As a project manager, you will be required to understand the various digital platforms that are used in project management software and synthesize data inputs to make decisions for your team.

4. Leadership

Project management skills consist of leadership as an important sub-set skill. By applying their leadership qualities, a project manager can develop teamwork, perform conflict resolution, and adapt to sudden changes to make effective decisions.

5. Performance Tracking and Measurement

In the project manager role, it's important to understand the value of click-through rates, conversion rates, open rates, shares and likes, and more. These aspects of project management skills are then used to take the data one step further by interpreting data and reports and sharing what they mean. These findings are important for influencing the strategy which you develop for a project as it continues.

This Project Management tutorial offers step by step assistance for professionals to improve their understanding of the trending software, effective utilization, and core concepts of handling projects.

Who Should Learn Project Management? 

This Project Management tutorial will help you build the skills required to reach the designation in your respective company, or if you run a business, it will help you best handle the employees. Even the most straightforward projects are doomed to fall flat under improper surveillance and leadership. This Project Management tutorial is for those aspiring to be managers. You will achieve a considerably better understanding of the various aspects that are key to manage teams for successful project implementation. This will also open doors for aspirants to comprehend and implement proven project management techniques that ensure a higher success rate and efficiency. 


It is beneficial if you have a background in business and business management. It is suitable for people looking to break into the project management field. The most important things are your passion and interest in management. 

Project Management Tutorial: Table of Contents

Lesson 1: What is Project Management?

To get started, this lesson focuses on understanding the various subsets of project management, the terminology involved, and the opportunities/roles that require the same knowledge. As we dive into getting to know what project management is about, we first discuss the project's concept, followed by getting introduced to the idea of the project life cycle.

We then discuss the critical areas in this Project Management tutorial and the job roles that need specialized people in the roles of a project manager, senior project manager, project lead, and many more.  

Lesson 2: What is Project Planning?: Tools and Fundamentals

This lesson will guide you through the critical elements of this Project Management tutorial, such as defining objectives, explaining the scope, scheduling tasks, etc. to ensure efficient implementation of the project in the various phases of project planning. Understand the project planning fundamentals and the common problems faced during execution.

In addition to all this, the lesson will also help you recognize, and best utilize the many tools, including Gantt charts, CPM, PERT chart,etc., which are critical to keeping track of project requirements and deadlines.  

Lesson 3: Top 10 Project Management Tools for your Business

To get started, we will define project management tools and the use of each one during project implementation at length. To carry out the project plan, it is crucial to know what tools are best suited for your project. You need to evaluate the features and functionalities of each one. In this lesson, you will be given an in-depth understanding of the many tools that pay a crucial role in keeping the project's progress in check. The tools discussed in this lesson include Trello, Asana, Basecamp, Wrike, AceProject, and more. 

Lesson 4: What is Trello and How to Use it?

Trello is an application that helps teams collaborate online. It has been extensively utilized by many project management tools and has a proven record of optimizing the time required and enhancing the team's productivity. This lesson will familiarize you with the user-friendly tool that can help you manage the project execution faster and efficiently. Learn the working, advantages, and best ways to utilize it for your business.

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Lesson 5: Top 7 Tips for PMP Exam Preparation 

The Project Management Professional exam is one of the most sought-after project management certifications. Generally, project management professional exams call for extensive preparation that can be tedious and exhausting if you are working. Optimize your efforts and time to get the best results from your efforts. This lesson will share tips that will guide you through planning your studies and suggest essential books that are proven to be the most insightful for preparation.

Start Learning the Project Management Tutorial Now

Project management is an integral part of any business project. This course is a great introduction to project management. The first lesson, titled "What is Project Management?", gives an overview of the field. It covers the need for project management, key concepts of the subject, and the certifications available. Concepts such as project life cycle, project, project management are discussed. You will also be introduced to different areas of Project Management tutorial and job roles. 

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