As the industry transitions from conventional business techniques to new digital versions, digital marketing enters the equation to play a significant role. A short while ago, businesses mainly relied on conventional marketing techniques to promote their brands. As the global application of the world wide web increased, traditional marketing began to display its shortcomings. The industry transcended national boundaries and went global. Since digital marketing has evolved into a simple approach to entering the worldwide market, the demand for digital marketing experts has been rising. 

This skyrocketing demand in the digital marketing industry has led to the establishment of digital marketing courses and programs. These courses can be attended online or offline and have a wide variety, from brief, basic programs to much more thorough, advanced ones. By enrolling in a digital marketing course, you can grasp the abilities and information required to create and execute successful digital marketing campaigns. It’s time you uplevel your knowledge and outshine in the employment market.  Developing your lucrative marketing career is no more just a dream now.

Digital Marketing Course Details 

The following table consists of the basic information regarding a digital marketing course: 


Digital Marketing

Eligibility and Requirement

Minimum Requirement: Graduation


3 - 6 months 

Fee Offered

₹30,000 - ₹1,00,000

Course Type

Certification course

Starting salary offered

₹25,000 - ₹30,000

Advance Courses

SEO Specialization, Content Writing, Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing

Job Opportunities

Influencer Marketing, Content writer, Social Media Marketing, SEO Expert, Marketing Expert in Startups, MNCs and other private organizations, etc.

What is a Digital Marketing Course?

The digital marketing course covers the strategies and technologies required to effectively grow a business through digital marketing. The goal of digital marketing is to create a digital campaign that will advertise a company on the web and social media platforms. A digital marketing course allows students to efficiently promote and advertise their products and services online through various digital channels and strategies. 

Digital marketing courses have become one of the educational institutions' most popular course categories these days. Students are taught about the numerous specializations and purposes of such courses. However, selecting the finest from them is a challenge for each individual. 

Eligibility for a Digital Marketing Course

The eligibility criteria for a digital marketing course are as follows:

  • Individuals with a marketing, advertising, and content creation degree can easily sign up for a digital marketing course.
  • For a basic digital marketing certification course, a person must have graduated from high school (10+2) with 50% total marks in any stream, science, commerce, and arts.
  • If an individual wants to get a diploma in digital marketing, they need to have an aggregate of 50% marks in their class 12th. 
  • If an individual wants to pursue a postgraduate diploma in digital marketing, you need to have 50% marks of a good grade point average in graduation from any discipline. 
  • To get a BBA degree in digital marketing, a person needs to get 50% total marks in 12th standard in any stream (science, commerce, or arts) from a recognized board. 
  • If a person wants to get an MSc or MBA in digital marketing, they need to have 50% marks overall in their graduation from any discipline from a recognized college or university.

Digital Marketing Course Duration 

Digital marketing course duration: It may vary depending on the level of the course. The basic course starts with a 3 months long program. The advanced courses can be for 6 months duration. Some courses are designed for individuals who want to become digital marketing specialists. The digital marketing course duration for such courses is 8-12 months. 

Digital Marketing Course Fees

Digital marketing course fees: It is according to the level and skills provided by the course. 

The digital marketing course fees for a basic course range from ₹15,000 to ₹20,000. 

The advanced courses have a higher fee range because they are longer and provide more skills and tools than the basic courses. The digital marketing course fees for these courses range from ₹30,000 to ₹80,000. 

Certain courses have a longer duration and higher fees, and their course structure is also designed to make you an expert in the field.

Digital Marketing Syllabus, Modules, Outline, Curriculum

Digital marketing programs can include a variety of topics, from the fundamentals to more advanced tactics and techniques. The following subjects are generally covered in a digital marketing course syllabus:

  • Basics of digital marketing: This covers a summary of the many digital platforms, the technologies and techniques utilized in online marketing, and the overall picture of digital marketing.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO): It refers to making a website more visible and user-friendly for search engines.
  • Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing: This section covers the development and administration of PPC campaigns, such as the selection of keywords, development of ads, setting bids, and strategy optimization.
  • Social media marketing: This section uses sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to represent a brand, interact with consumers, and boost website traffic.
  • Email marketing: This section includes list development, categorization, and automation, in addition to how to design and send efficient email advertising campaigns.
  • Content marketing: this part is related to the creation and distribution of high-quality content, like blog articles, films, and infographics, to entice and start engaging customers.
  • Web analytics: This section describes how to monitor and assess website traffic and digital marketing statistics using packages like Google Analytics.
  • Digital strategy: This addresses developing a thorough digital marketing plan aligned with company goals and objectives.

The digital marketing course duration determines the level and complexity of the module. The modules are commonly made in the following way:



Search Engine Marketing

Google AdWords

Paid VS Organic Search

Google Ads and Extensions

Google Ad Ranking Algorithm 

Relevance and quality score

Keyword Management and Planning for Good AdWords

Search and Display Network

Campaign Management 

Google Partnership

Content Marketing

Types of Content

Social Media Calendar Management

Content Marketing Strategy

Content Syndication 

Trend Virality

Content Relevancy and Shareability 

Content Bucketing

SEO and Blogging

Learning about Search Engine

Keyword Research 

SEO Friendly Content Writing

Framing Meta Tags and Description

Search Engine Ranking Factors

Types of Backlinks for Off-page Optimization

Structioning and Setting Up Blogs

E-commerce Management 

Understanding e-commerce

Product Keyword Research 

Inventory Management

Competitive Analysis

Supply Chain Management

Packaging and Shipping

Setting up Payment Gateway

Barriers in e-commerce

Advantages of e-commerce

Types of e-commerce Portals

Selling on Online Platforms

Social Media Marketing

Learning about Social Media Platforms 

Understanding Facebook & Instagram Advertising

Instagram PPC and CPM Advertising

Planning Ad Budgets

Identifying Target Audiences

Marketing tactics for Social Media

Generating Campaigns 

Case Studies

Online Reputation Management 

Understanding Online Reputation Management

Needs for Online Reputation Management

Impact of negative conversations brand

Steps for effective ORM

Tools for Online Reputation Management

Understanding objectives of a brand

Crisis management

Case Studies

Web Analytics

Use of analytics in Digital marketing

Understanding Google Analytics

Website tracking

Tracking Visitor source

Key dimensions & metrics

Conversion funnel

E-commerce reporting

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube Analytics

Decoding Audience, Behavior & Acquisition report

Email Marketing

Types of emails

Uses and Advantages of Email Marketing

Subscribers list & Database Building

Segmentation of Email list

Successful Cold Emailing

Email Marketing Tools & Software

Understanding the Email Marketing

Creating Email Marketing Plan

Designing Emails

Avoiding Spam Filters

Email Campaign Analytics

Digital Marketing Courses 

With the growing expansion of the digital marketing industry, many educational sites and institutions have started creating online courses for digital marketing. This digital marketing course duration is short, and they are certified by well-known universities and market experts. The live classes are given by industry experts. The course is well-structured to cover all the skills and topics required by an individual to excel in this domain. The digital marketing course fees are nominal so that every person can easily afford them. The following are some of the best courses for which one can sign up to:

1. Post Graduate Program in Digital Marketing

A program designed by the faculty at Purdue University in collaboration with Meta Blueprint. The program contains a masterclass by Purdue University. It also includes industry projects from 5 different domains and more than 14 course-end projects. The course is aligned with Hootsuite and SE ranking certification. It also comprises Harvard Business Publishing case studies regarding huge brands such as Yahoo, Accor, Tripadvisor, etc. 

Duration of the program: 6 months 

Fees of the program: ₹1,17,700 (inclusive taxes)

2. Professional Certificate In Brand Strategy

A certification course designed and delivered by the wonderful faculty of SP Jain Institute of Management and Research. The course includes live sessions delivered by the faculty experts at SPJIMR. The curriculum includes more than 50 hours of interactive sessions with experts to enhance your learning. It also includes industry-level case studies regarding organizations such as Dettol, Saffola, Dove, Shoppers Stop, etc. Once a student has completed the program, he or she shall receive a certificate of completion signed for SPJIMR. 

Duration of the course: 4 months

Fees of the course: ₹1,25,000 (inclusive taxes)

3. Digital Marketing Specialist

It is a well-designed program that consists of sub-courses. This program is designed for professionals who want to gain expertise in digital marketing. The program includes around more than 45 projects on industry-aligned capstone projects in 5 domains. The students will be introduced to almost 30 different tools which can be utilized in the industry. The program prepares you completely for a great career in this field.

Digital marketing course duration: 12-month access

Digital marketing course fees: ₹64,200 (inclusive taxes)

Digital Marketing Salaries Around the World 

The increasing demand for digital marketing professionals is increasing day by day. Large organizations, start-ups, or even small private organizations are hiring people to increase their online presence. 

The average salary for a marketing executive starts at $40k per annum as you gain experience and become a digital marketing specialist. The salary increases and ranges upto $55k per annum. The salary of a digital marketing manager ranges from $70k - $97k per annum. The average salary for freelance digital marketing professionals is around $50-$250 per hour. 

Learn Digital Marketing With Simplilearn 

In the current digital era, digital marketing is a crucial component of any business plan. Digital marketing is a potent tool for companies of all sizes because of its capacity to reach a worldwide audience, accurate targeting, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility. Organizations can efficiently sell their goods or services, increase brand recognition, and interact with clients in a more specialized and focused way by putting some of the most well-liked digital marketing strategies into practice. A digital marketing course can be a fantastic investment for someone wishing to increase their digital marketing abilities and expertise. 

Post Graduate Digital Marketing Program from Simplilearn can help people gain the knowledge they need to flourish in the modern digital environment and a thorough awareness of the digital marketing ecosystem. Enroll today and kickstart your fruitful journey!

Our Digital Marketing Courses Duration And Fees

Digital Marketing Courses typically range from a few weeks to several months, with fees varying based on program and institution.

Program NameDurationFees
Post Graduate Program in Digital Marketing

Cohort Starts: 18 Jul, 2024

8 Months$ 3,000
Digital Marketing Specialist

Cohort Starts: 7 Aug, 2024

8 Months$ 1,649