Best AR Apps in 2022

AR Apps have become an essential part of our daily lives in forms of communication, Entertainment, shopping, travel, etc. Developing and managing apps with better features, updates like the use of Reality technologies like AR and VR, recognition techniques ,etc. for security, and improving user experience plays a major role in current trends. App development is quite common nowadays. Kids from middle school or higher secondary develop apps with a vision to venture into their own kingdom for sustainable growth in the current IT market. 

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What Is AR?


  • AR stands for Augmented Reality, where the technology is equipped to add digital content in a physical world with no change in its overall aspects.
  • AR technology is a combination of a processor, Sensors, and a display unit to blend digital information on a physical one Acting as a core value/unit of the technology.
  • In other words, AR eliminates the need for an Actual Product or a physical resource.

Why Do We Need AR?


  • AR is common and easy to access as the main objective is to cover digital information on the physical one
  • It helps to produce remote operations, enhancing better productivity and eliminating actual workspace
  • AR enhances better decision making by providing suggestions and recommendations on search phrase
  • It transforms data and analytics into images or animations, which makes it easy to understand and interact
  • AR is easy to access as it can easily be accessed via a smartphone eliminating the need for a specific product

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What Are AR Apps?

AR Zone or AR Apps are the software that provides users with AR features, such as AR Emoji, Filters, AR Doodles, etc., allowing users to choose between a wide range of features and objects to capture fun photos or videos.


Best AR Apps in 2022

1. Google Lens


Google Lens by google is an image recognition technology designed to bring relevant search results. It supports both Android and iOS platforms and is easy to access as it is an embedded feature on Google Chrome. Visual Analysis based on a neural network helps to provide accurate results in a better way.

2. IKEA Place


IKEA Place helps to virtually place objects in real-world scenes, which helps to scale 3D models without any real-world changes. It supports Android, ios, and ARCore Compatible devices, making it easy to use and access. IKEA place is built using one of the leading SDK Apple AR Kit as it’s free and does not promote ads.

3. Microsoft Math Solver


Microsoft Math Solver is an entry-level educational app that solves math and science problems in just one click. It's available on Android, ios, and Web platforms, making it easy to use and access. It uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to recognize problems and deliver accurate solutions without additional costs like membership or Payments as it's free and does not promote ads.

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4. Wanna Kicks: AR Sneakers Try On


Wanna Kicks is an AR-based sneaker try-on App that helps discover fresh and classic sneakers in real-time with the latest and wide range of hot and trendy sneakers. It supports Android, ios, and Web platforms, making it easy to access and use. It uses advanced "3D geometry algorithms and neural networks to identify the position and other aspects". It's free and does not promote ads making it available easy.

5. Blippar


Blippar serves as an alternative to google Lenses as Blippar is an AR-based image recognition technology that provides accurate search results. It supports both Android and iOS devices. It uses computer vision and AI to recognize the world around you, and to enjoy the exclusive benefit of the App, a membership is required.

6. Wikitude


Wikitude is the majorly used AR platform to develop AR mobile apps and prototypes. 

It allows developers to implement geolocation features, along with image tracking and object recognition.


  • Wikitude uses SLAM (instant tracking, Object and scene recognition) with geolocation- and image recognition.
  • Multi-platform apps can be developed with the use of Wikitude 
  • Towards storage, Wikitude supports cloud storage.
  • Wikitude needs membership access to access premium features.

7. Apple AR Kit


Apple AR kit allows developers to design and develop applications with its unique features of facial tracking, stable and fast motion tracking, etc.


  • Apple AR kit is Free towards beta version for its developers for developing apps for ios platforms
  • It provides in-app security features to disable sensitive information from sharing.

8. Augmentir


Augmentir is the world's first AI-Powered Connected Worker platform. Playing a vital role in manufacturing and service companies to improve safety, quality, and productivity.


  • Augmentir supports Security features using data hosting service providers to secure data.
  • It uses AI for better user experience, and Multi-Platform apps can be developed using augmentir

9. ARCore


ARCore follows three key technologies for 'embedding' virtual content into real environments, namely motion tracking, environmental recognition, lighting recognition, etc.


  • ARCore by Google LLC is free to access as most of us use Android OS,
  • It supports security features with the help of encryption to keep data private and offers security features like Safe Browsing, Security checks, 2 Step Verification, etc.
  • ARCore uses AI to suggest products and services.
  • Multi-platform apps can be developed via ARCOre as apps developed for android can be accessed on other platforms too, which support Cloud storage facilities.

10. Vuforia


Vuforia serves as a powerful AR platform aimed at developing AR applications with the objective of Business solutions with AR experience.


  • Vuforia supports built-in security features along with
    • 1. Content encryption
    • 2. Secure authentication
    • 3. Multi-layered application security management etc.
  • This platform supports other features like AI, multi-Platform access, and Storage facilities.
  • Vuforia is chargeable to access add-ons or premium facilities
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This tutorial provides a clear picture on the importance of AR apps and AR-based app development in modern days, along with the need for AR apps and their features. Reality technologies enhance the user experience to the next level by embedding digital content on the physical part, which makes the technology quite interesting and exciting to work on with where the future ahead is.

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