The Ultimate Guide to ‘What Is SparkAR’ and Its Effects on Social Media

Augmented Reality has been growing as a technology for the past couple of years, thanks to steady innovations and consistent developments in its core mechanism. With their applications seeming endless, a very notable development has been AR technology virtual effects. Meta's proprietary platform has been getting a lot of traction, with the talk of the town being 'what is SparkAR?'. Today you will cover the workings of SparkAR studio with a small introduction to its capabilities and features.

Now, get started by learning what is SparkAR studio.

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What Is SparkAR Studio?


Spark AR is a Facebook studio tool that allows users to build their own virtual and augmented reality effects. Facebook has been consistently adding features to the platform since its introduction in 2017. The SparkAR Studio platform, which is compatible with both Mac and Windows, is similar to applications like Sketch or Photoshop but for Augmented Reality.

This free tool is especially useful for digital marketers that want to get folks talking about and connecting with their business. Through Facebook Business Manager, you can also allocate a budget to your effects and advertise them to a larger audience on Facebook, which is a wonderful way to expand your company's social media profile. Spark AR has the ability to set your company apart from the competition when used as part of a larger social media campaign.

Now that you have covered the ‘what is SparkAR’ bit, go through the things SparkAR studio can do from a consumer point of view.

What Can the SparkAR Studio Do?

With Spark AR, you can create your own mobile AR effects utilizing various tools ranging from patching to animation. Furthermore, you do not need to be a subject matter expert in utilizing it. It permits you to:

  • Create your own augmented reality effects, whether you have a technical background or none.
  • Bring in your own 3D models and audio.
  • Create effects with/without any coding.
  • Use a variety of functions and a user-friendly interface.

It's an excellent tool for professional artists as well as individual users, with a variety of functions and learning instructions. Spark AR, for example, allows you to upload your own 3D models to a project, modify their characteristics, and add interaction, logic, and animation. If you don't use your own 3D objects, Spark AR's AR library has a large selection of ready-made 3D artifacts.

What makes the SparkAR studio a game-changer in the tech industry, where you see countless services launched every day? Now, cover the significance of this platform on a global scale.

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Why Is SparkAR Studio Important?

Mixed-reality platforms like Spark AR show how augmented reality technology is becoming more common — more accessible, helpful, and enjoyable. Spark AR allows you to make anything from a beauty effect to immersive AR games, and it has a large audience thanks to social media. Meanwhile, the significance of social media marketing is self-evident. Instagram alone has 500 million daily active users and continues to rise in popularity, with marketers claiming four times the amount of interaction on Instagram as on Facebook.

Spark AR allows marketers to be more creative and engaging while also providing specific data such as total impressions, grabs, and shares, which give insight into how their community reacts to AR. It's a quick and uncomplicated method to make AR experiences, and it opens up the field by letting anybody with a curiosity about the technology use it. It gives businesses more weapons to use in their arsenal. It provides a platform for anyone fascinated with visual effects and 3D interactions to explore for themselves.

In the next section of this tutorial on what is SparkAR studio, you will go through the interface of SparkAR and cover its various features.

SparkAR Studio Interface

To download SparkAR studio, please visit the following link: Download Spark AR Studio and Start Creating Effects.

Once you download the file and install it, you must be greeted with a screen like this:


From here, select the "Blank Project" button, and you should see multiple frames. Now, cover them individually.

1. Viewport:


This is the Spark AR Studio interface's center component. You can view and manipulate the effect you're creating right here. Blue lines show in the Viewport when the Camera option is chosen in the panel on the left of the screen. These lines indicate where the camera is pointed and what items are visible. The manipulators are located at the top of the Viewport. Use these to modify the properties of your object swiftly:

Position: Determine where your object will appear in your scene

Scale: To make your item look larger or smaller

Rotation: To rotate your item

2. Simulator:


The simulator represents a device screen. Consider a smartphone or tablet. It lets you see how the effect will behave at various compression levels.

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3. Scene Panel:


Objects added to the scene window on the left of the screen will be included in your effect. To add an item, click +. In the panel, you may also right-click or double-click an empty spot. A list of all items featured in Spark AR Studio will appear. You can also choose to import a 3D object from your device. It's also where you'd add a component that makes your effect react to the person utilizing it or their surroundings. For example, if you want to design an effect that reacts to someone's face, you may use a face tracker.

4. Assets Panel:


In Spark AR Studio, here is where you may contribute your personal assets to a project or generate assets. To develop assets or add your own, click +. Empty space in the panel can also be accessed by right-clicking or double-clicking. Textures, materials, 3d objects, animations, and audio files can all be added here.

5. Inspector Panel:


You may use the Inspector to alter assets and objects in various ways. You must select the item or object in the Scene panel or Assets panel.

You may utilize the Inspector to make the following changes:

  • Adjust the menu next to 'Layer' to see the layer it's on.
  • By ticking the box next to ‘Visibile’, you may determine if it is visible in the scene.
  • Change the X, Y, and Z values under ‘transformations’ to change their location, scale, and rotation.
  • By selecting material from the dropdown menu, you may change the material.

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6. Patch Editor and Console


Without learning to code, use the Patch Editor to create effects with logic, animation, and interaction. To add JavaScript to your project, use the Console. Click ‘view’ in the menu bar and choose one of the following options to open or dismiss the Patch Editor or console:

  • Patch Editor (show/hide)
  • Console (show/hide)

At the bottom of the screen, the Patch Editor and Console will both appear.

7. Toolbar


The toolbar is located on the interface's left side. Using the icons, you can:

  • Configure your workspace to show or conceal the Patch Editor, for example.
  • Change the video that is now playing in the Viewport.
  • Restart or pause the video.
  • Forward the simulator video by one frame. Debug your effect frame by frame with this button.
  • Stop the video, or stopping and resuming it, restores the original state of your effect. When you stop the effect, whatever modifications you make will be implemented when you hit play.
  • Test your effect on a gadget.
  • Export your effect to the SparkAR hub.
  • Make a bug report.

That sums up the interface of the SparkAR studio. You can use the tools at your disposal to create custom effects using 3D models and textures while sharing them with your Facebook and Instagram accounts for testing purposes. This brings an end to our tutorial on 'what is SparkAR.'

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Augmented Reality has been solidifying its position as a viable technology to switch to. In this tutorial on ‘what is SparkAR’, you covered the platform's basic information, its benefits, and a thorough rundown of its interface. AI and machine learning have created significant changes in our lives over the past decade, and the pace of innovation is accelerating. Simplilearn offers a whole range of AI and Machine Learning courses that can provide you with the skills you need to become part of this exciting industry.

Do you have any questions regarding SparkAR? Please let us know in the comments below, and we will get back to you as soon as possible with answers.

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