Advertising is a fast-pacing creative industry. It offers several lucrative career options to people with the right skills. Creativity is a  major contributing factor to a career in Advertising, followed by technical, analytical and management skills. Advertising professionals have to develop these skills to move ahead in their career. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, overall employment of advertising, promotions, and marketing managers is projected to grow 10% from 2020 to 2030. Let’s explore different careers in Advertising and what they have in common. 

Skills Needed for Career in Advertising

The proper marketing and advertising skills combined with a digital marketing certificate can help you with all the required skills for a career in Advertising. 

  • Creative Thinking - Marketing is all about ideas and their picture-perfect execution. A creative bent of mind is the topmost skill that marketers can boast of. It allows you to brainstorm ideas, design intriguing banners, and write engaging copy. 

  • Effective Communication - It is vital to communicate effectively in the field of marketing. Whether you are pitching an idea to your team or trying to convince a client about the next campaign, knowing how to communicate effectively can take you places. 
  • Project Management - Advertising campaigns are often complex projects requiring the collaboration of copywriters, designers, researchers, technicians, etc. The project managers must possess a combination of leadership skills with business acumen to see through the completion of a successful marketing project.
  • Research Skills - The ability to gather insights from multiple sources is a must-have skill for marketers. A proper research methodology will help you understand the market, competitors, customers, and allies. It will, in turn, help you devise an effective advertising strategy. 
  • Social Media Management - Facebook drove over $25 billion in advertising revenue in the first quarter of 2021. Statistics like these confirm that social media is the frontrunner in advertising in a digital world. Hence, cultivating an effective social media presence is one of the top digital marketing skills.

Top 10 Careers in Advertising 

Below is a comprehensive list of high-paying careers in advertising and expected salary:



E-Commerce Marketing Director


User Experience (UX) Director


Creative Director


Marketing Manager


Advertising Manager


Brand/Product Manager


Public Relations Manager


Art Director


Marketing Executive


Market Research Analyst


1. E-Commerce Marketing Director

A marketing director oversees and manages all the marketing initiatives of an organization. These individuals must understand the nuances of online shopping and stay abreast with the latest marketing technologies. If you want to move up the digital marketing ladder, join Simplilearn's Postgraduate Digital Marketing Program. The course is in collaboration with Purdue University and co-created with Facebook.

2. User Experience (UX) Director

A user experience director designs the overall customer experience for a product or service. A keen understanding of your target audience is a must for this role. Fast-track your career growth with Simplilearn's UI/UX Design Expert Masters Program. You'll learn how to deliver a design-centric approach toward user interface and user experience.

3. Creative Director

Creative director oversees all aspects of creative development work, from conceptualization to completion. They implement design standards that strengthen the organization's branding strategy. Simplilearn's Postgraduate Program in Design Thinking & Innovation in association with UMass Amherst and EY will help you master design thinking as a strategic tool.

4. Marketing Manager

As a marketing manager, you'll lead a team of marketers, advertisers, and designers who work together to build brand awareness and drive sales. It is not an entry-level position, requiring several years of extensive experience. Learn how to effectively leverage digital channels with Simplilearn’s Digital Marketing 101 course.

5. Advertising Manager

Advertising requires creativity, budget management, and adherence to deadlines. Although a challenging role, if you think you have these skills, then this could be advantageous. Simplilearn's Digital Strategy for Brand Marketing course provides a comprehensive overview of brand management and marketing principles & concepts. 

6. Brand/Product Manager

They are thorough marketing professionals dedicated to a brand or product. They create effective marketing strategies that merge with the organization's business objectives. Get professionally certified in product management with Simplilearn's Professional Certification in Product Management in collaboration with SP Jain School of Global Management.

7. Public Relations Manager

The public relations manager manages a team of PR professionals that create content that is inclined with the company's PR goals. They are responsible for representing the organization in the public’s eye. They are responsible for planning and directing the creation of material that will maintain or enhance the public image of their employer or client. 

8. Art Director

An art director is in charge of taking concepts from marketeers and determining the visual style and artwork for the brand or product. This career option has high growth potential and depends mainly on creativity. Our Postgraduate Program in Design Thinking & Innovation can boost your design career in just 4 months!

9. Marketing Executive

A marketing executive is involved in all kinds of marketing operations happening in the organization. Right from conducting research for a campaign, to planning and then executing it; these professionals are a part of all core-marketing activities. 

10. Market Research Analyst

Anyone who likes to work with datasets can create wonders with this career choice. A market research analyst collects and analyzes data from markets and consumer behavior through surveys. They use past data to forecast the potential future of brands. Our Business Analyst Certification Course is recognized globally and is designed to train you on all aspects of business analysis.


1. What is Marketing?

As per the American Marketing Association (AMA), marketing is an activity, a set of processes and institutions for delivering, communicating, creating, and exchanging offerings that value clients, customers, partners, and society at large.

2. How to get a Marketing And Advertising job?

The first step would be to get an undergraduate degree in marketing or related fields. Once the degree is complete, you can take up an internship to gain working experience in the area. You'll also need to develop a marketing portfolio to showcase your successful digital marketing projects. Creative thinking with strong analytic and leadership skills are all crucial components of landing a high-paying marketing job. Our Job Guarantee Digital Marketing program can help you develop the right skills  with a placement guarantee. 

3. What are the different jobs and careers in Marketing?

Here is a list of marketing functions one might pursue in a marketing career:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Product Marketing
  • Brand Marketing
  • Event Marketing
  • Marketing Analysis
  • SEO/SEM Specialist
Become a millennial Digital Marketer in just 6 months. Enroll now for our PGP in Digital Marketing course in collaboration with Purdue University!


Which one of these careers in Advertising was your favorite? Let us know in the comment section below. Simplilearn offers a wide range of courses to support your career in Advertising. Sign-up for a course based on the skill you want to develop.

Our Digital Marketing Courses Duration And Fees

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