Whitepaper: How Machine Learning Can Make Any Business More Competitive

Last updated August 6, 2018


About the Whitepaper

About the Whitepaper

Machine learning is already transforming the world around us. As a key subset of artificial intelligence (AI), it enables computers to act and learn on their own without being specifically programmed, by utilizing data and experience rather than being explicitly programmed. Self-driving cars, Netflix recommendations, virtual personal assistants like Siri and Alexa are examples of AI’s best-known applications. That’s not all. Machine learning can be useful to organizations of any type and any size, for processes ranging from the routine to the revolutionary. 

This whitepaper explains:

  • The basics of machine learning.
  • Three key areas where businesses are putting machine learning to work.
  • How AI applications can be leveraged to survive and prevail in a competitive landscape that’s dominated by data.

Remain ahead of the competition in today’s digital work by acquiring a working knowledge of artificial intelligence and machine learning skills. 

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