The Best Guide on the Internet to Know About the Top 5 C# Projects

When you have a specific goal in mind, learning how to program becomes much easier. While books can teach you the syntax for writing basic C# code, you won't retain that knowledge unless you put it to use on a real-world C# project. It's possible that you won't fully grasp the project's scope at first, and you may make mistakes. A mistake is a good thing as it helps you focus on what went wrong and how to fix it. 

This tutorial on C# Projects is focused on guiding you through a wide spectrum of the latest and real-time C# Projects that can get you hired. In this tutorial, you will cover the following top 5 C# Projects.

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1. Twitter Bot


Twitter bots come in a variety of forms. All of them begin by establishing a connection to the Twitter API. After that, you're free to design your Twitter bot however you see fit.

You can go many ways like: 

  • Send out a tweet regarding the hourly price surges in Bitcoin.
  • Every tweet that includes a specific hashtag should be retweeted.
  • Observe a major newspaper's articles and tweet when they change. 
  • Timer bot that reacts to every time interval sent with a reply when the time period is over sort of like a reminder for events.
  • API to API chat about various issues.

2. ATM Software


The goal of this basic project is to construct a Windows program that acts as a virtual ATM. The application should include the following features, at the very least, to be like an ATM:

  • Input verification, such as for an ATM card (a debit/credit card number).
  • Requesting a PIN from the user to confirm their identity.
  • In case of negative verification, canceling the user's account. 
  • In case of positive verification, providing several options such as cash availability and the previous five transactions, or cash withdrawal. 
  • Allowing a single withdrawal of $1,000 with a daily withdrawal cap of ten transactions.

For an example project, you can click here.

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3. Online Voting Application


Voting is critical in democratic countries. Democracies rarely use online voting even though the internet has been around for years. A secure and accurate online voting solution may be possible if you're willing to put in the effort. You might learn a lot about online voting by working on this project.

You can go many ways:

  • A safe method of uploading ID documents is needed for online voter registration.
  • Before a voter can cast a ballot, all the above documents must be examined and validated.
  • Once this is done, each voter has to be emailed a unique link that will take them to a page where they can cast their ballot on Election Day.

For an example project, you can click here.

4. Film Library


You’re all familiar with IMDB and rotten tomatoes, so why not create your own personal film library database? A desktop application that maintains information about movies you own, love, or desire to see will be released soon. Perform the following functions:

  • Store information about a new film.
  • Retrieve information about a film that is in the collection.
  • Search and editing of entries should be made possible.

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5. E-commerce Web Application


Learning about e-commerce by designing your own e-commerce application will help you land a C# e-commerce development job in the future. The complexity of an e-commerce site necessitates a more complex project, but you can begin with basic inventory management and display system and gradually add more functionality.

An e-commerce web application should be able to do things like:

  • It is necessary to keep track of specifics about the product.
  • It needs to keep track of how many things are coming in.
  • It must liquidate inventory when products are sold.
  • It should be able to process payments.
  • It must keep track of consumer and order information.
  • You can also create a token system like vouchers.

For an example project, you can click here.

You can work on many C# Projects besides these. You can take a game programming route or some simple projects like a scientific calculator.

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Next Steps

The next thing you may consider diving into is the "Scientific Calculator project using C#." The purpose of a scientific calculator is to help you solve calculations in the fields of science, engineering, and math. When compared to a regular calculator, which only allows you to conduct addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, this one has a much larger number of operations.

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