With evolving workplaces, the importance of online employee training is increasing for an organization's success irrespective of the business industry. An employee's learning experience is directly proportional to the quality of the training toolkit. By streamlining the employee training process, any organization can boost its workers' professional growth, which results in increased job satisfaction, retention, and productivity.  

What Are Online Employee Training Tools?

Employee training tools are also called workforce or staff training tools. These tools are software striving to provide varied kinds of training to employees. They educate them on developing soft skills or train new employees on different products. 

In these competitive times, one has to maximize their quality and output. Thus, using the best online training tools, up-to-date technology, and techniques should be a part of an effective digital learning strategy.

Types of Employee Training Tools 

Businesses employ four major types of employee training tools to manage the entire learning lifecycle of their workforce.

Learning Management Systems

LMS or learning management systems are the most widely used employee training tools designed to manage a learning process. It can be self-hosted or cloud-based. LMS supports online course customization, monitoring learners' progress and training administration. 

Digital Adoption Platforms

A DAP is a tool added to another application to facilitate the learning functionalities of a software product. The learners gain proficiency in the application as it accelerates software adoption and digital transformation. DAPs use self-help knowledge bases and videos to educate the enrolled audience. 

Internal Knowledge Base

These are online help centers for on-the-job employee training where candidates can seek answers to any business-related queries. It has an enormous collection of resources like FAQs, manuals, how-to guides, explainer videos, and troubleshooting tips. They favor independent learning and minimal reliance on others. 

Video Training Tools

These employee training tools allow companies to create and share training videos with learners. They can be standalone or integrated into an LMS. The engaging instructional videos maximize training results.

SkillUp As Employee Training Tool 

SkillUp by Simplilearn is a learning platform that serves as an employee training tool for learners seeking free online courses. Its self-learning courses are free of cost, where individuals can explore and learn in-demand skills. The course content is detail-oriented and comprehensive as it is specially curated by industry experts and top practitioners. 

Its self-paced learning and frequent knowledge checks, lesson-end quizzes, and completion certificates make it a highly sought-after tool. 

It offers training programs in the fields of data science, cybersecurity, digital marketing, project management & leadership, cloud computing, and much more. SkillUp is suitable for students, beginners, as well as experienced engineers, developers, managers, and executives. 

Simplilearn Courses - Best Option for Employee Training 

Whether you are onboarding new employees, providing on-the-job product training, or educating team leads on the important skills in the workplace, leveraging Simplilearn's employee training tools is a step towards success as it levels up your team's overall performance. Individuals can enroll and follow strategic skill-based learning with 600+ job-ready skills in the most in-demand domains. Simplilearn courses are the best option for employee training as we offer a wide range of courses in all in-demand specialization. 


What are the tools used in training?

Some of the most commonly used tools for training purposes are learning management systems, social media, learning experience platforms, content authoring tools, micro-learning platforms, project management and planning tools, communication tools, and video editing software. 

What are the five methods of training?

Five effective methods of training are as follows:

  • Instructor-led training
  • Simulation employee training
  • Hands-on training
  • Lectures
  • Role-playing

What are the necessary tools used to train new and current employees?

The essential tools employed in training new and current employees are micro-learning platforms, web-conferencing tools, webinar platforms, virtual classrooms, knowledge repositories like CMS and CS software packages, and communication and management tools. 

What is the best training method for employees?

E-Learning is one of the best training methods for employees as they enable them to learn in the comfort of their homes, per their learning styles and needs. They combine interactive games, activities, and quizzes with improved knowledge retention. Most importantly, e-learning gives employees the liberty to learn on the go using their smartphones. It's scalable and reduces monetary spending.

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