The world is digital. Especially since the covid-19 pandemic, organisations are increasingly dependent on digital platforms for their marketing. Digital marketing industry is booming with great opportunities globally. India also saw an increase in digital marketing professionals in the last 2 years. If you are considering making a career in this field, then checkout the digital marketing salaries in India offered to freshers and experts. 

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Role of a Digital Marketer 

  • A digital marketing expert handles various functions like SEM, PPC, SEO, Content Marketing, and Email Promotions. These are the core skills required for this job role. 
  • They plan, organize and execute digital marketing campaigns, manage the budget for paid marketing campaigns, and optimize the SEO to target audiences with high search volume and optimum conversion ratio.

Digital Marketing Salaries in India 

As per the data from Naukri, PayScale, and Glassdoor, the average digital marketing salary in India is INR 8,09,777 for the candidates with an experience range of 4-8 years. 

The average range of digital marketing salary in India is between INR 4 LPA to INR 18 LPA. The salary is affected by factors like industry, qualification, certification, and city of residence. The salaries for digital marketing experts also depend upon the role and experience of the individual. The salaries for the top roles in digital marketing in India are explained briefly as follows - 

1. Pay Per Click Analyst

The PCC/SEM Analyst is responsible for managing and optimizing the paid ad campaigns on Google Ads and other Ad Networks. As this job includes budget management, there is a huge demand for experts in PCC/SEM. Here is the salary for PPC Specialist in India as per PayScale

  • Fresher (0-1 years of work experience)- INR 2.5 LPA 
  • Mid- Senior ( 2-5 years of work experience)  - INR 6 LPA 
  • Senior (5+ years of work experience) - INR 10 LPA or more

2. SEO Analyst

SEO is one of the most important jobs in digital marketing. The SEO specialist must have good experience in using the tools like SEMrush, Google Analytics, Search Console, etc. 

The role of the SEO analyst is to have a good understanding of the ranking algorithm of the search engine. The analyst must identify the appropriate keywords for the business or the product of the client and utilize them in such a way that it improves the ranking of the business or the product on search engines.

As per PayScale, the average salary for an SEO analyst is as follows

  • Intern - INR 15,000 per month
  • Fresher (0-2 years of experience) - INR 2.2 LPA
  • Senior (5-9 Years of Experience) – INR 4.6 LPA
  • Expert Manager (9+ Years of Experience) – INR 8 LPA 
  • SEO professionals who are proven to give extraordinary growth for business have salaries as high as INR 15 LPA.

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3. Social Media Marketing

The world is on Social media. Hence, it is a great source of finding potential consumers. Social Media Marketers take care of this segment. The role of a SMM analyst is to directly interact with the users or customers, and design, create and execute social media campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. SMM analysts have the knowledge of tools like Hootsuite, Buffer, Buzzsumo, etc. They have a sound knowledge of tools like Hootsuite, Buffer, Buzzsumo, etc.  

As per Glassdoor the salary for SMM is as follows

  • Freshers (0-3 years) - INR 1.5 LPA to INR 3.5 LPA
  • Mid Senior (3-5 years of experience) - INR 5.6 LPA
  • Senior (5+ years of experience) – INR 10 LPA

4. Content Marketing

Every company creates relevant content to attract potential consumers of their products. Later, the produced content is marketed via newsletters, push notifications, etc. Professionals who take care of this process are known as Content Marketers. The role of the content marketing analyst is to create, promote and improve the client’s product or company’s information. They improve the brand awareness of the client and ensure customer engagement with the brand. They have a good knowledge of SEO, strategy and content writing. 

As per PayScale, the average job for a content marketing analyst is as follows

  • Fresher (0-3 years of experience)-  INR 2 LPA to INR 4 LPA. 
  • Mid-Senior (3-8 years of experience)- INR 6.5 LPA
  • Senior (8+ years of experience) – INR 10 LPA to INR 20 LPA

5. Marketing Automation Specialist

A Marketing Automation Specialist is responsible for managing the automation platform and increasing the capabilities of the platform. They develop market strategies to improve the promotional campaign of the company. Alongside, they coordinate with project managers, developers, and designers.

As per PayScale, the average salary of a Marketing Automation Specialist is as follows

  • Freshers (0-2 years of experience) - INR 4 LPA. 
  • Mid Senior (2-3 years of experience) - INR 6 LPA. 
  • Senior specialist (8+ years of experience)- INR 20 LPA.

6. Search Engine Marketing Specialist

The role of the search engine marketing specialist is to handle all the paid ads across all search engines and display networks. A candidate with great analytical skills is required for this job. They have knowledge of coding, website designing, and an understanding of search engine algorithms.

As per PayScale, the average salary of a Search Engine Marketing Specialist is as follows

  • Freshers (0-1 year of experience) - INR 2.8 LPA. 
  • Mid Senior (1- 4 years of experience) - INR 3.6 LPA.  
  • Senior ( 5-9 years of experience) - INR 9.75 LPA.

7. Paid Media Specialist

A Paid Media Specialist is responsible for increasing the traffic to the client’s website through online advertising on platforms like   Facebook,  Instagram, Google, Twitter, etc. The paid media specialist must have both creative and analytical skills. 

Identifying the proper platform to reach the targeted audience and optimizing the targeted audience is one of the main responsibilities of the paid media specialist.

As PayScale, the average salary for Paid Media Specialist is as follows

Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing

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  • Freshers (0-2 years of experience) - INR 3 LPA. 
  • Senior (2-3 years of experience) - INR 5-6 LPA. 

Salaries in Digital Marketing as per the Experience in India

The digital marketing salaries in India as per the candidate’s experience are tabulated below.

Years of Experience



INR 10,000 to INR 15,000 Per month


INR 1.5 LPA to INR 4 LPA








INR 10 LPA to INR 30 LPA

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