The dilemma most marketers face today is figuring out which form of content is worth investing time and money in. What is the ideal kind of content that would pitch-in good ROI and quality leads for your business? 

Your content marketing strategy might already include multimedia content in terms of blogs, videos, or social media teasers, but does it include online quizzes, yet? Online quizzes are a great way to create new leads in an incredibly shareable format—without spending a huge chunk of the budget.

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Why Implement Quizzes?

While surfing the internet, you most likely have come across an online quiz (at least once!).  Not only are online quizzes appealing and engaging, but they have also become quite popular because people love to know more about themselves, their personalities, and where they stand in a crowded marketplace.

These quizzes can be a valuable addition to a broader business marketing strategy to promote brand visibility and awareness. More than 80 percent of marketers believe interactive content like quizzes is more attention-grabbing as compared to static content. Online quizzes also ensure two-way communication with readers, and integrating these in your marketing strategy can help you achieve an edge over your peers.

How to Use Online Quizzes Effectively?

Like any other content you create for your website—blogs, social media posts, or videos—online quizzes also need to start with meticulous research. If given the right direction, quizzes have the potential of going viral, which leads to a quick influx of loyal customers for your business. Here are the five ways to effectively use online quizzes.

1. Choose Appropriate Quiz Title

The quiz title is your first impression, and more than 80 percent of readers decide whether or not something is worth checking out based on its title.

Due to our curious nature, we often speculate about what kind of persona we have or which celebrity we relate to the most. That’s why the “Which kind of (product/person) are you?” or “How well do you know (a field/product)?” quizzes are so effective.

Online Quiz

2. Pick the Right Quiz Format

  • The Personality Quiz – This type of quiz classifies the participants into personality on their answers. You can use a personality quiz to place your readers in categories with personalized product recommendations.
  • The Knowledge Test – This is another type of quiz that is available all over the internet. The knowledge test questions the reader's knowledge on a specific subject. You could ask your audience how much they know about a leading service, your products, or any other trending topics.

3. Craft Relevant Content 

  • Online quizzes influence your customers and represent your brand personality. Make sure that you use the same voice that you would use while talking to your customers in person. 
  • It’s essential to base your quiz on an evergreen or long-term topic. This way, your quiz will always stay relevant and never die out. 

right career

  • To make the quiz more engaging, add images in the question and the results.  Make sure that images are relevant to the content.
  • The average human attention span has fallen from 12 to 8 seconds today. Therefore you must keep the questions and the options short. It will prevent users from bouncing off the page.

4. Create Shareable Results

If your readers like the results of your quiz, they just spent their valuable time on, they are more likely to share them with their friends and connections. This extends your brand to a broader audience, creating more awareness. And once you’re in the limelight, you can try to convert potential customers into loyal ones. 

  • Write Honest (but Polite). Results - While you don’t want to upset your readers with negative results, you should be as honest as you can to maintain credibility.
  • Embed a Call-to-Action Button - Don’t leave your participants hanging in the void.  Include a call-to-action that links them to a website, or a list of personalized links to product recommendations.
  • Give Rewards - Offer a reward in return for taking your quiz, like discount vouchers, bonus points, or any prize.

5. Generate Leads with Quizzes

While people who take your quiz have fun finding out what their personality type is, or how much they know about a particular subject, your goal is to keep them engaged. The ones who are willing to share personal information, like an email address, are potential customers, after all. After they have taken the quiz, you can start creating and refining lead generation lists to follow up via email, more quizzes, newsletters, and so on. If all goes well, you can turn them into customers, or even de facto brand evangelists on social media.

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Win Your Marketing Game

Online quizzes can work wonders for your content marketing strategy. These quizzes are fun, easy to create, and your readers will be more willing to give you their information. To level up your marketing game in today’s competitive world, you can check out Simplilearn’s Digital Marketing Specialist Program. And until then take advantage of quizzes to bring qualified leads closer to your brand and win your marketing game!

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