The Best Guide to Know What Is Vue JS

An open source, progressive JavaScript (JS) framework called VueJS is used to create dynamic web interfaces. One of the well-known frameworks for streamlining web development is VueJS.

  • VueJS focuses on the view layer, which may be seamlessly integrated into large front-end development projects. 
  • Interactive web interfaces are simple to understand and quick to construct for any developer. 
  • Former Google employee Evan You is the creator of VueJS. 
  • VueJS's initial version was released in February 2014, and it is highly popular among developers.

This article will discuss VueJS and why it is popular among developers.

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What Is a JavaScript Framework?

A JavaScript frontend framework is a group of JS code libraries that help programmers perform common tasks and functionalities. To make the app easier to develop, it also provides reusable code components, a universal development environment, compilers, toolsets, code libraries, APIs, etc. 

  • Vue is the ideal introduction to a JavaScript framework if you're unfamiliar with it.
  • Modern applications are made possible by a JavaScript framework. 
  • Although they are frequently utilized on the web, modern JavaScript applications also serve many desktop and mobile applications.

What Is Vue JS?

A JavaScript framework called Vue is used to create user interfaces. It provides a declarative and component-based programming approach that enables you to quickly create user interfaces, regardless of how simple or difficult they can be.

  • It works on top of industry-standard HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • HTML apps can function thanks to Vue.js directives.
  • Built-in and user-defined directives are available in Vue.js.

Why VueJS is Useful?

  • Vue.js development services is the best choice if you want to use a flexible design that can separate its logic from its view. 
  • Frameworks that don't complicate the coding it is perfect.

What Is a Progressive Framework?

Progressive refers to the implementation of the framework as an additional HTML markup. In short, it is a data model connected to a template model. The browser responds to model updates by updating its HTML when the model is updated.

  • A framework that is progressive adjusts to the complexity of the project in its original form.
  • The changes and improvements are made regularly on Vue JS.
  • Vue JS makes it easier for us to construct single-page applications and dynamic user interfaces.

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Features of VueJS

Virtual DOM

  • A virtual representation of the DOM is called virtual DOM.
  • A JavaScript object that is identical to the real DOM is constructed using virtual DOM. 
  • Every time a modification to the DOM is required, a new JavaScript object is formed, and the modifications are made. Later, the final changes are updated in the actual DOM after comparing the two JavaScript objects.

Data Binding

  • In VueJS, data binding comes with a binding directive called v-bind.
  • The data binding functionality assists in manipulating or assigning values to HTML attributes, changing the style, and assigning classes.


  • Components are independent elements with their own data logic and view.
  • One of VueJS's key features, components, enables the creation of unique elements that can be reused throughout HTML.

Event Handling

  • To listen to the events in VueJS, the DOM elements have a property called v-on.

Transition / Animation

  • When HTML elements are added, changed, or removed from the DOM, VueJS offers a variety of techniques to apply the transition. 
  • For the transition effect, an element must be wrapped in the built-in transition component of VueJS. 
  • The interface can be more interactive, and third-party animation libraries are simple to add.
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Computing Properties

  • One of VueJS's key characteristics is its computing properties. 
  • Paying attention to the UI element changes and making appropriate calculations is beneficial. 
  • No further coding is required for this.


  • It provides HTML-based templates that connect the data from the Vue.js instance to the DOM. 
  • The templates are converted into simulated DOM Render functions. 
  • The template for render functions can be used by web developers, who can then swap out the template for the render function.


  • The built-in directives in VueJS can be used to carry out a variety of front-end tasks, including v-if, v-else, v-show, v-on, v-bind, and v-model.


  • Vue-router is used to navigate between pages.
  • Regardless of how the URL route was updated, Vue offers an interface to adjust what is displayed on the page.
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Next Steps

We hope that this tutorial has helped you better grasp how VueJS works. VueJS is very easy to learn, making Vue.JS an excellent option for small and medium-sized businesses and any development company that wants to swiftly construct high-performance web apps with readable code.

A full-stack development course would be useful if you want to become a front-end developer.

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