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The Perfect Guide to Learning How to Highlight Duplicates in Excel

Highlight Duplicates in Excel is the most frequently asked question in the data analytics interviews. Highlighting Duplicate cells in excel can be done within a few simple clicks, no matter how voluminous the data is. This article on Highlight Duplicates in Excel will help you master the most useful procedure used in data analysis.

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How to Highlight Duplicates in Excel?

Duplicate entries in the dataset are a common problem in the data cleaning procedures. Sometimes you might have to eliminate duplicates, and in a few situations, you might have to highlight the duplicates depending on the requirement. This article will help learners how to highlight duplicates in excel in a few simple clicks, which requires us to follow the below steps.

  • Step 1: Select the entire data or all columns in which you want to highlight the duplicate values. A sample dataset is shown below.


  • Step 2: Navigate to the Home option in the toolbar. The option of Conditional Formatting will be visible. Select conditional formatting. You will see a dropdown menu. Select the highlight option. In the next dropdown menu, select the Highlight duplicate values option as shown below.


  • Step 3: Choose the color you want to highlight the duplicate cells with and select ok as shown below.


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  • Step 4: The final result is generated by Microsoft excel after highlighting the duplicate cells with the color chosen. The result is shown below.


With this, we have reached the end of this article on "How to Highlight Duplicates in Excel."

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How to remove blank rows in excel can be your next milestone in mastering excel for data analytics. Most of the time, the data collection stage might result in glitches or incomplete data rows. These incomplete rows tend to result in inaccuracy in the final report. Eliminating the blank rows within a few steps could prove highly beneficial.

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