The Perfect Guide That Will Explain to You How to Remove Page Break in Excel

Page Breaks in Excel are useful while you try to present or take a print of your spreadsheets. They help partition the data and fit it onto the visible area of a screen or paper. However, page break in excel tends to eliminate a part of data while fitting it onto a sheet; they exist in all the spreadsheets by default, thankfully. There is a way to disable or remove page breaks in excel with a few simple steps.

This article on "How to Remove Page Breaks in Excel?" will help you in a step-by-step fashion to guide you perfectly to recognize and eliminate any kind of manually added and default page breaks in excel 

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What Are Page Breaks in Excel?

Page Breaks in Excel are predefined margins to the spreadsheets. These Margins crop out the spreadsheet to fit the data on the spreadsheet onto a visible area of a screen or a printed page. Page Breaks in Excel can be found in the print page setup menu in Excel.

So far, we have learned the definition of Page Break in Excel. Let us now advance into the process of removing page breaks in excel.

How to Remove Page Break in Excel?

Page break in excel can be removed by following a few simple steps as explained below.

Following is the sample dataset we will use to identify the page breaks in a spreadsheet.


Navigate to the view option, and select the "View Page Breaks" option as shown below.


Excel will now show you all available page breaks in excel. 


The solid blue line represents manually added page breaks.


The dotted blue line represents automatically added page breaks.


Now comes the process of eliminating the page breaks. Select the cell right below the page break as shown below.


Navigate to the page layout option on the toolbar. Select the page break option and click on the "Remove Page Break" option, as shown below.


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The selected Page break has been successfully removed from the spreadsheet, as shown below.


The same process can be applied to eliminate all the page breaks in excel.

With that, we have come to the end of this tutorial on how to remove the page breaks in excel.

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Next Steps

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