A drop-down list in excel is a feature that allows users to choose from a list of options. It is a handy feature that allows users to enter the data faster and accurately. It's an excellent way to give the user the pre-defined list. 

Create A Drop-Down List

To create a drop-down list in Excel, follow these steps:

  • Select the cell which you want the drop-down list to appear in.
  • From the Data tab of the ribbon and select Data Validation.

step 1

  • Change what’s allowed from ‘Any Value’ to ‘List’

step 2

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  • In the ‘Source’ box that appears,
  • Type the list of items separated by a comma.

step 5

Your drop-down list is ready.

step 6

  • Select the source box, then use your mouse to select the cells containing values that you’d like to use for the drop-down list.

step 3

The drop-down list is now created.

step 4

Allow Other Entries

You can create a drop-down list that allows you to enter other entries apart from the options given. To do that, follow these steps:

  • Go to the data validation function arguments.
  • On the Error Alert tab, uncheck 'Show error alert after invalid data is entered'.

uncheck dropdown

  • Click OK

allow output

Add Items to the List

You can also add the additional elements to your drop-down list without opening the data validation argument window. To add the elements, follow these steps:

  • To add an item to a drop-down list, go to the items, and select an item.
  • Right-click and select Insert.

insert dropdown

  • Select "Shift cells down" and click OK.
  • Type a new item and click Enter. It adds the new item to the list.

insert output

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Input Message Tab

You can set the input message to explain what data it allows in a given cell. This tab is optional.

  • Check 'Show input message when the cell is selected'.
  • Enter a title.
  • Enter an Input message.

step 3

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A drop-down list in Excel is an excellent way to limit the options for user entry. It ensures it enters the right data into a cell. We discussed ways in which we can create a drop-down list.

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