All You Need to Learn About Match Function in Excel and Its Real-Time Implementation

Match Function in Excel is a fantastic and time-saving tool utilized in day-to-day data storage and retrieval procedures. Match Function helps execute index matching in excel and identify the index value of textual data within a fraction of a second in real-time. 

What Is Match Function in Excel?

The term "Match" is self-explanatory. The Match function in Excel is dedicatedly designed to search for a given term, part, or text in a range of cells. If the target text is found, then the function returns the index value of the target text. Else a relevant message is displayed on the screen. 

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These were the fundamentals of Match Function in Excel. In the next section, you will implement Index Match Function practically. 

How to Implement Match Function in Excel?

Index Match Function in Excel can be implemented via simple steps, as explained below.

Step - 1

Open the excel spreadsheet where your data is present. Decide your target element or text. The original data, as per our example, looks as shown below.


Step - 2

Select a new cell as your lookup cell. Here, you will write down your target element. Select the cell next to it and include the MATCH function.

Provide the details or parameters needed by the MATCH function to carry out the index matching operation.

The parameters are:

  • Lookup Cell Address
  • The designated area or cells to search
  • Match (Near Match- 1 / Exact Match - 0)

Press enter and the function will return you the index values of the exact matches found and a relevant message for unmatched values in parallel.

The image below will depict the concept in a better way.


The results will be displayed as shown in the image below.


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Step - 2 (Modification)

The text you are looking for might be a little complex, and you may type the wrong spelling. A wiser option would be using the Lists in data validation in excel to convert the column of elements as a list and select the item from the drop-down list as shown below.


For more information, please check out the Data Validation in Excel article by Simplilearn.

With this, you are close to the conclusion of this tutorial on Match Function in Excel.

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Wrapping Up

Data Validation in Excel can be your next step in mastering data analytics with Excel. Data Validation in Excel will enable you to set up rules and regulations to store, manipulate, and retrieve valid data.

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Should you have any questions on this tutorial on "Match Function in Excel, '' feel free to reach out to us and share them with us in the comments below. Our team of experts will assist you at the earliest. 

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