How to Use Typescript With Nodejs: The Ultimate Guide

Typescript and Node.js have grown in popularity among programmers over the years. TypeScript is a typed superset of JavaScript. TypeScript will aid in the development process, ensuring that you are free of bugs and small errors, whereas Node.Js is an open-source server-side execution platform for JavaScript code. This tutorial will help you understand how to use TypeScript with Node.js.

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What Is TypeScript?


  • TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript and is an object-oriented and tightly typed programming language. TypeScript code is transformed to JavaScript, which may be used in any environment that supports JavaScript, including browsers, Node.js, and your own applications.
  • At Microsoft, Anders Hejlsberg created typeScript. TypeScript was created in response to the limitations of JavaScript for constructing large-scale applications within Microsoft and among its external customers. There was a demand for specialized tooling to make developing JavaScript components easier because of the complexity of working with complex JavaScript code.
  • TypeScript is a variant of JavaScript with a few more features. TypeScript extends JavaScript with extra syntax to provide a more robust interface with your editor. TypeScript is a scripting language that understands JavaScript and relies on type inference to deliver advanced functionality without the need for additional code.

What Is Node.js?


  • Node. js (Node) is an open-source server-side execution platform for JavaScript code. 
  • Node is often used in real-time applications like news feeds, chats, and web push notifications because it allows for a persistent connection from the browser to the server.
  • Node.js is a JavaScript runtime based on the V8 JavaScript engine from Chrome. Node.js is an asynchronous event-driven JavaScript runtime for building scalable network applications.
  • Although Node.js is excellent for developing server-side apps, it lacks several current features such as type checking. It can also be difficult to manage a Node.js codebase.
  • Typescript supports these current coding methods, such as static typing and type checking. It's designed to create complex and high-level applications. That's why having Typescript as the primary language for supporting Node.js capabilities would be ideal.
  • This lets you develop server-side apps with rigorous type checking, avoiding runtime type errors and other Typescript benefits while maximizing Node.js' capabilities.

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Features of Node.js

  • The Node.js library is extremely fast in code execution because it is built on Google Chrome's V8 JavaScript Engine.
  • Node.js is an asynchronous, event-driven programming language. The Node.js library's APIs are all asynchronous or non-blocking. It means that a Node.js-based server never waits for data from an API.
  • Node.js features an event looping approach with a single-threaded model. The event mechanism allows the server to reply in a non-blocking manner that increases its scalability.
  • Because NodeJS is cross-platform, it may be used on many systems, including Windows, Unix, Linux, macOS X, and mobile devices.
  • Node.js is a rapid data processing framework that concurrently processes and uploads a file, which saves time. As a result, NodeJs boosts data and video streaming speeds overall. Data is never buffered in a Node.js application.

Examples of TypeScript With Node.js 

In the Node.js environment, TypeScript is well-known, with numerous organizations, open-source projects, tools, and frameworks using it. The following are some significant open-source node.js projects that use TypeScript:

  • NestJS - It is a comprehensive and feature-rich framework that makes building scalable, well-architected systems simple and enjoyable.
  • TypeORM - Great ORM influenced by well-known utilities from other languages, such as Hibernate, Doctrine, and Entity Framework.
  • Prisma - A declarative data model, automated migrations, and fully type-safe database queries feature this next-generation ORM.
  • RxJS - It’s a commonly used reactive programming library.
  • AdonisJS - With Node.js, building a full-featured web framework is possible.

Setting Up Development Environment

  • Go to node.js official website and install node.js. After installing, enter the command “node -v” to check if the node is installed properly.


  • Run npm init to produce the package.json file for Node.js. This will prompt you to ask a series of questions about your project. This instructs you on how to set up a typical Node.js project.
  • Typescript dependencies are required to set up Typescript with Node.js. Run the following command to install the Typescript compiler package:

npm install -g typescript  (2)


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  • The Typescript compiler will be installed worldwide with the command above. This implies that each project you create on your computer can use Typescript dependencies without reinstalling the Typescript package.
  • To see if the compiler is installed, type tsc —version. (3)



  • Open Visual Studio Code and Run a simple program to check

Function welcome(message) {

Return “Welcome, “ + message;


Let user = ‘Simplilearn’;


Output: Welcome to Simplilearn


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Next Steps

Hope that this TypeScript with Node.js tutorial has provided you with a foundational grasp of TypeScript and NodeJS. Course certification will be advantageous if you learn these technologies and possibly work as a developer or programmer.

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If you have any specific queries for us, please let us know. Please share any recommendations or questions about using TypeScript with NodeJS in the comments section. Our experts will respond as quickly as possible!

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