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Cyber Security Tutorial: A Step-by-Step Guide


What is Cybersecurity?

Lesson - 1

Cyber Security for Beginners

Lesson - 2

How to Become a Cybersecurity Engineer?

Lesson - 3

What is Ethical Hacking?

Lesson - 4

What is Penetration Testing?: A Step-by-Step Guide

Lesson - 5

What Is SQL Injection: How to Prevent SQL Injection

Lesson - 6

How to Become an Ethical Hacker?

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What Is a Firewall and Why Is It Vital?

Lesson - 8

The Complete Know-How on the

Lesson - 9

A Definitive Guide to Learn the SHA 256 Algorithm

Lesson - 10

What Is a Ransomware Attack and How Can You Prevent It?

Lesson - 11

A Look at the Top 5 Programming Languages for Hacking

Lesson - 12

The Most Informative Guide on What Is an IP Address?

Lesson - 13

The Best Ethical Hacking + Cybersecurity Books

Lesson - 14

10 Types of Cyber Attacks You Should Be Aware in 2022

Lesson - 15

The Top Computer Hacks of All Time

Lesson - 16

Top 6 Cyber Security Jobs in 2022

Lesson - 17

The Best Guide to The Top Cybersecurity Interview Questions

Lesson - 18

What Is a Brute Force Attack and How to Protect Our Data Against It?

Lesson - 19

The Top 8 Cybersecurity Skills You Must Have

Lesson - 20

Your Guide to Choose the Best Operating System Between Parrot OS vs. Kali Linux

Lesson - 21

All You Need to Know About Parrot Security OS

Lesson - 22

The Best and Easiest Way to Understand What Is a VPN

Lesson - 23

What Is NMap? A Comprehensive Tutorial for Network Mapping

Lesson - 24

What Is Google Dorking? Your Way to Becoming the Best Google Hacker

Lesson - 25

Your Best Guide to a Successful Cyber Security Career Path

Lesson - 26

The Value of Python in Ethical Hacking and a Password Cracking Tutorial

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The Best Guide to Understand What Is TCP/IP Model?

Lesson - 28

What Are Keyloggers and Its Effect on Our Devices?

Lesson - 29

Best Guide to Understand the Importance of What Is Subnetting

Lesson - 30

Your Guide to What Is 5G and How It Works

Lesson - 31

How to Crack Passwords and Strengthen Your Credentials Against Brute-Force

Lesson - 32

A Look at ‘What Is Metasploitable’, a Hacker’s Playground Based on Ubuntu Virtual Machines

Lesson - 33

One-Stop Guide to Understanding What Is Distance Vector Routing?

Lesson - 34

Best Walkthrough for Understanding the Networking Commands

Lesson - 35

Best Guide to Understanding the Operation of Stop-and-Wait Protocol

Lesson - 36

The Best Guide to Understanding the Working and Importance of Go-Back-N ARQ Protocol

Lesson - 37

What Are Digital Signatures: A Thorough Guide Into Cryptographic Authentication

Lesson - 38

The Best Spotify Data Analysis Project You Need to Know

Lesson - 39

A One-Stop Solution Guide to Understand Data Structure and Algorithm Complexity

Lesson - 40

Your One-Stop Guide ‘On How Does the Internet Work?’

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An Introduction to Circuit Switching and Packet Switching

Lesson - 42

One-Stop Guide to Understanding What Is Network Topology?

Lesson - 43

A Deep Dive Into Cross-Site Scripting and Its Significance

Lesson - 44

The Best Walkthrough on What Is DHCP and Its Working

Lesson - 45

A Complete Look at What a Proxy Is, Along With the Working of the Proxy Server

Lesson - 46

A Detailed Guide to Understanding What Identity and Access Management Is

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The Best Guide to Understanding the Working and Effects of Sliding Window Protocol

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The Best Guide That You’ll Ever Need to Understand Typescript and Express

Lesson - 49

Express REST API

Lesson - 50

All You Need to Know About Express JS Middleware

Lesson - 51

An Absolute Guide to Know Everything on Expressions in C

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A Definitive Guide on How to Create a Strong Password

Lesson - 53

Ubuntu vs. Debian: A Look at Beginner Friendly Linux Distribution

Lesson - 54

Your One-Stop Guide to Learn Command Prompt Hacks

Lesson - 55

Best Walkthrough to Understand the Difference Between IPv4 and IPv6

Lesson - 56

What Is Kali NetHunter? A Deep Dive Into the Hackbox for Android

Lesson - 57

A Perfect Guide That Explains the Differences Between a Hub and a Switch

Lesson - 58

The Best Guide to Help You Understand What Is Network Security

Lesson - 59

What Is CIDR? And Its Importance in the Networking Domain

Lesson - 60
A Look at ‘What Is Metasploitable’, a Hacker’s Playground Based on Ubuntu Virtual Machines

The Metasploit framework has been a staple in the ethical hacking industry for almost a decade now. Regularly updated with new exploits and auxiliary patches, it doesn't look like there is any rival to Metasploit with similar features or polish. But if you don't have a vulnerable system within your reach, how are you supposed to learn the exploits in Metasploit? 

This is where Metasploitable comes in. This tutorial on 'what is metasploitable' covers its definition, applications, and installation method.

So, hurry up and get started by learning ‘what is metasploitable’ bit from a beginner's perspective.

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What Is Metasploitable?


Metasploitable is a virtualized Linux-based operating system that comes pre-loaded with a variety of vulnerabilities often found in operating systems that can be exploited. Rapid7 Community also founded and maintained the Metasploitable Project (Metasploit-FrameWork Community). Metasploitable was created to test the Metasploit Framework. In simple terms, Metasploitable is a Linux-based operating system designed specifically for practicing penetration testing, network security, and Metasploit-Framework skills, among other things.

Everyone on the network can take advantage of any weakness in the Virtual Machine. This means that although your host manages the VM, an attacker can access your resources. Additionally, if your computer is linked to your host-only adapter, the intruder may escape the VM and target your device operating on your system. If this occurs, you could also set up a host-only adaptor.

You now have an answer to the question 'what is metasploitable.' Now, you will cover the next part of the lesson, which is how Metasploitable works.

How Does Metasploitable Work?

Metasploitable's main goal is to provide an insecure operating system that new networking students, penetrators, hackers, and network researchers may utilize to practice their skills in a secure environment. Anyone may easily set up their own private, secure lab using Metasploitable to test their skills or learn something new in a secure environment. As you all know, "practice makes perfect," which is why every pen tester wants to put their skills to the test in order to improve their accuracy. In that case, this OS serves as the primary target/victim OS.

Metasploit and Metasploitable go hand in hand with each other. Since metasploitable is ubuntu-based, the kernel-matched exploits found on Metasploit can be used on metasploitable as a test run. Apart from that, you can use other scripts and tools to really take metasploitable apart and, in the process, increase your analytical skills, which need to be very precise if you are a budding penetration tester.

In the next topic of this lesson on 'what is metasploitable,' you will cover the benefits of using metasploitable for penetration testing practice.

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Benefits of Metasploitable

  1. Easy: Being a virtual machine, metasploitable is very easy to set up. You will just need a VM manager like Virtualbox and VMware, along with the disk files from the official rapid7 website.

  2. Legal: Attacking third-party devices when learning ethical hacking without permission is punishable by law. Metasploitable makes it easy to practice your scripts and exploits by allowing you to run a localized, vulnerable machine.

  3. Customizable: Metasploitable is a modular and customizable operating system, allowing the penetration tester only to use the features they need. It is very light on memory and doesn't have extensive hardware requirements.

Moving on, you will understand how to install metasploitable using virtual machine managing software.

How to Install Metasploitable?

You should start by downloading the ZIP file for metasploitable. You can find the link here: Metasploitable download | SourceForge.net

Extract the ZIP file to find the disk files, as shown in the figure below.


Make sure you have VMWare installed, a virtual machine managing software. You can find the link to download and install VMware here: Download VMware Workstation Player

Once VMware is installed, open the extracted contents of the ZIP file and double-click on the 'Metasploitable.VMX' file. It will open VMWare with the metasploitable VM already set up, thanks to the '.VMX' file.


You can start the virtual machine and follow up from another operating system like Kali Linux or Parrot Security, which has Metasploit installed for testing purposes.

That brings an end to this lesson on 'what is metasploitable.'

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In this tutorial on what is metasploitable, you covered the definition, working, benefits, and installation of the metasploitable module in ethical hacking. However, many other tools are used when penetration testing, most of which require much more practice and dedication.

Simplilearn's Certified Ethical Hacking Course v11 can help you get started in the ethical hacking sector and, as a result, the cybersecurity domain. Intricate subjects like vulnerability assessment and privilege escalation are taught conveniently, starting with theoretical approaches like information security and fundamental terminology. With the industry needing more and more skilled employees every day, security and computer forensics have a bright future ahead of them, and getting in early is strongly encouraged.

If you have any concerns regarding this tutorial on 'what is metasploitable,' please let us know in the comments below, and we will help you out with solutions.

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