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Tutorial Highlights

  • If we talk in simpler terms, Cyber security is that part which helps business and organization form electronic threats. Electronic threats can be defensive devices, hackers, and machines. 
  • The Cyber security of today, works on defending computers, networks, databases, and smartphones from the threat. No one notices the hard work of these cyber security professionals. They protect you from unauthorized exploitation of your systems. 
  • In our Cyber security tutorial, every kind of cyber security certificate is awarded along with why it is critical and which one is for you, everything is included. 
  • The training includes Ethical hacking, penetration testing, injection, SQL, and risk and security management training. Along with these, you’ll be prepared even for cybersecurity- interviews.

Skills Covered

  • SQL Injection
  • Penetration Testing
  • Programming Skills
  • Security and Risk Management
  • Cryptography Skills
  • Programming Skills
  • Linux Skills
  • Ethical Hacking

Topics Covered

Topics Covered

  1. What is Cybersecurity?
  2. Cyber Security for Beginners
  3. How to Become a Cybersecurity Engineer?
  4. Ethical Hacking
  5. Penetration Testing
  6. SQL Injection
  7. Ethical Hacker
  8. Firewall and Its Vital
  9. Complete Know-how
  10. SHA 256 Algorithm
  11. Ransomware Attack
  12. Programming Languages for Hacking
  13. What is IP Address
  14. Books on Ethical hacking and cybersecurity 
  15. Types of Cyber Attack 
  16. Computer Hacks 
  17. Cyber Security Jobs
  18. Interview questions 
  19. Brute Force Attack 
  20. Must Cyber Security Skills
  21. Best Operating System 
  22. Parrot Security OS
  23. What is VPN?
  24. What is NMap?
  25. Google Dorking
  26. Guide to Cyber Security success
  27. Value of Python in Ethical Hacking
  28. What is TCP/IP Model?
  29. Keyloggers 
  30. Importance of Subnetting
  31. What is 5G?
  32. Strengthen your connection against Brute-Force
  33. What is Metasploitable?
  34. Distance vector Routing 
  35. Walkthrough of Networking Commands
  36. Operations of Stop-and-wait Protocol 
  37. Importance of Go-Back-N-ARQ Protocol
  38. Digital Signatures and Crypto Authentication
  39. Spotify Data Analysis
  40. Data Structure and Algorithm Complexity 
  41. Working of Internet 
  42. Circuit switching and Packet switching 
  43. Network Topology
  44. Cross-Site Scripting 
  45. What is DHCP?
  46. Proxy and Working of its server
  47. Identity And Access Management
  48. Sliding Window Protocol
  49. Typescript and Express
  50. REST API
  51. Express JS Middleware
  52. Everything on Expressions in C
  53. How to create Strong Password
  54. Friendly Linux Distribution 
  55. Command Prompt Hacks
  56. Difference between IPv4 and IPv6
  57. Kail NetHunter and Hackbox For Android
  58. Difference between a hub and a switch
  59. Network Security 
  60. CIDR 
  61. Application Security

Learn How to Secure, Test & Manage IT Systems

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Learn How to Secure, Test & Manage IT Systems

Cyber Security Tutorial: Table of Contents

LESSON 1. What is Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is a way to protect your devices and services connected to the internet from threats. The threats are from Spammers, cybercriminals, and hackers. Cybersecurity is protection  against phishing schemes, data breaches, Identity theft, and ransomware attacks.

LESSON 2. Cyber Security For Beginners

In the era of digitalisation, where data is everything. It is a must to know that privacy is very much vulnerable. We often hear about a lot of cybercrimes these days, which has affected millions of people. Cybersecurity is not just for organizations and business. It is very much important for personal gadgets like Mobile phones, tablets, and personal computers.

LESSON 3. How to become a Cybersecurity Engineer?

A cybersecurity Engineer is the one who manages and creates the hardware, security and software to protect the network. Mainly the Cybersecurity engineer merges electrical engineering and computer science in cyberspace. 

LESSON 4. What is Ethical Hacking?

We all are aware of the term Hacking, the authorized practice of hacking is Ethical Hacking. It is done to detect vulnerabilities in the organization's infrastructure, system security, identify Data breachers and network threats. Ethical hackers basically findṣ the weak aspects in the network which can be attacked by the hackers.

LESSON 5. What is Penetration Testing? A Step-by-step Guide

Penetration testing or pen-test is a small segment of ethical hacking. Penetration testing concerns only the information system, whereas ethical hacking concerns a wider area to protect. Ethical hacking has many aspects when compared with penetration testing.

LESSON 6. What is SQL Injection; How to prevent SQL injection?

Along with the technology being advanced, the hacking techniques have evolved too. One such technique is SQL injection. This technique allows the attacker to drive the sensitive data from the database. 

LESSON 7. How to Become an Ethical Hacker?

If you are one of those who love challenges in the world of computers, then this is the right career path for you. You’ll be paid for breaking into the security walls of the computer systems.

Learn How to Secure, Test & Manage IT Systems

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Learn How to Secure, Test & Manage IT Systems

LESSON 8.  What is Firewall and why is it Vital?

Fencing your house safeguards your home and keeps intruders under control; likewise, firewalls are utilized to get PC protection. Firewalls are network security frameworks that restrict unapproved entrance to an organization.

LESSON 9. Message-Digest Algorithm 5: Overview and How Does it Work?

Hashing utilizes a hash capability to change over standard information into an unrecognizable configuration. These hash capabilities are a bunch of numerical computations that change the first data into their hashed values, known as the hash overview or summary overall.

LESSON 10.  A definitive guide to learn the SHA 256 Algorithm

SHA-256 represents Secure Hash Calculation 256-cycle and it's utilized for cryptographic security. Cryptographic hash calculations produce irreversible and one of a kind hashes. The bigger the quantity of potential hashes, the more modest the opportunity that two qualities will make a similar hash.

LESSON 11. What is Ransomware Attack and How can you prevent it? 

ransomware assault is malware that encodes individual data and reports while requesting a payment add up to decode them. This payoff installment is for the most part done utilizing cryptographic money to guarantee namelessness yet can likewise utilize different courses.

LESSON 12. A Look at the Top 5 Programming Languages for Hacking

An ideal illustration of similarity would be the moral programmers who shield your organizations. Out of the numerous abilities a programmer needs to dominate, writing computer programs is one such expertise that beats the rundown. In this instructional exercise, you will go through the main 5 best programming dialects for hacking.

LESSON 13. The most Informative guide on What is an IP Address?

An IP address, or Web Convention address, is a progression of numbers that distinguishes any gadget in an organization. PCs use IP locations to speak with one another both over the web as well as on different organizations.

LESSON 14. The Best Ethical Hacking + Cybersecurity Books

We know people who perform moral hacking as moral programmers. Moral programmers perform such hacking just with earlier authorization from the concerned specialists. Different hacking procedures and instruments are utilized to do moral hacking.

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LESSON 15.  10 Types of Cyber Attack you should be aware in 2024

Digital assaults have a few adverse consequences. At the point when an assault is completed, it can prompt information breaks, bringing about information misfortune or information control. Associations bring about monetary misfortunes, client trust gets hampered, and there is reputational harm.

LESSON 16. The top Computer Hacks of all the time

In this day and age of the web, life has become more OK with simply a tick. Nonetheless, the web is likewise a plague for your information's protection and security. Be it for associations or people, cyberattacks are risky, and they leave an enduring effect

LESSON 17. Top 6 Cyber Security Jobs in 2024

At the point when an association witnesses a cyberattack, they lose information, cash, and trust of their clients. To forestall these perilous cyberattacks, online protection is carried out. Network protection is the act of safeguarding organizations and PC frameworks from unapproved computerized admittance.

LESSON 18. The best guide to top cybersecurity Interview questions 

In the present computerized world, it is profoundly critical to safeguard our information. People to associations find it trying to defend pivotal advanced information. To defeat these difficulties, we execute network protection. Presently, there is a gigantic interest for network safety experts.

LESSON 19. What is Brute Force Attack and how to protect our data against it?

The principal contention for utilizing beast force hacking over different techniques is the zero-information approach. It implies the programmer doesn't have to have any earlier information on the framework being hacked. A casualty can have the most dependable secret phrase despite everything being trapped in the line of fire.

LESSON 20. The top 8 Cyber Security Skills you Must Have

a popularity for network safety specialists who can shield computerized information. A decent network protection proficient should have a rich and various range of abilities. In this instructional exercise, we will investigate the main eight network protection abilities (extended from five, because of famous new advances!) that will assist you with getting into the field of network safety.

LESSON 21. Your guide to choose the Best Operating System between Parrot OS vs. Kali

Moral hacking has turned into a vital speculation point for associations around the world, inferable from the quantity of information breaks developing dramatically. With entrance testing as a fundamental expertise to dominate, working frameworks like Parrot Security operating system and Kali Linux have turned into an imperative gear-tooth in each moral programmer's stockpile.

Learn How to Secure, Test & Manage IT Systems

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Learn How to Secure, Test & Manage IT Systems

LESSON 22. All you need to know about Parrot Security OS

Parrot Security operating system is a Linux (explicitly Debian) based working framework intended for moral programmers and entrance analyzers and was at first sent off in 2013. The Parrot operating system might be seen as a totally compact research center for an extensive variety of network safety tasks going from pen testing to figuring out and computerizing legal sciences.

LESSON 23. The best and easiest way to understand What is VPN?

when you are at the air terminal and make an essential bank installment by interfacing your PC to the P

public Wi-Fi. Everything works out positively, and you complete your exchange. Following several days, you discover that your financial balance was exposed to a digital assault, and a weighty sum was cleared off of your record.

LESSON 24. What is NMap? A comprehensive tutorial for Network mapping

Nmap, the abbreviation for Organization Mapper, is an open-source security reviewing and network checking programming program developed by Gordon Lyon. It is created so that it can rapidly dissect gigantic organizations as well as single hosts

LESSON 25. What is Google Dorking? Your way to becoming  the best google hacker

Google Dorking or Google hacking alludes to utilizing Google search strategies to hack into weak locales or quest for data that isn't accessible out in the open query items.

LESSON 26. Your best Guide to successful Cyber Security career path 

With the world turning virtual, cyberattacks are routinely flooding news titles. Coronavirus sped up the ongoing computerized change, and the year 2020 saw a few information breaks. Since innovation has at present become more interwoven with your day to day existence, the requirement for talented network safety experts is expanding.

LESSON 27. The  Value of Python in Ethical Hacking and Password cracking tutorial

Python is a content accommodating undeniable level programming language created by Guido van Rossum in the late 1980s. Python programming language (most recent Python 3) is used in web improvement, AI applications, and state of the art programming advances

LESSON 28. Best guide to understand What is TCP/IP Model?

The TCP/IP model alludes to the Transmission Control Convention/Web Convention Model. This model is a piece of the organization space planned explicitly for regulating proficient and mistake free transmission of information.

Learn How to Secure, Test & Manage IT Systems

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Learn How to Secure, Test & Manage IT Systems

LESSON 29. What are Keyloggers and its effect on our devices?

Keylogger is a hacking project or device intended to record keystrokes composed of information and record them in a log document. The equivalent keylogger program is likewise intended to subtly send these log documents to the programmer, where he/she can involve the recorded information for criminal operations or sell your confidential information on unlawful destinations.

LESSON 30. Best guide to understand the Importance of what is Subnetting

The requirement for applying the idea of subnetting is to give a substitute method for forestalling the wastage of IP addresses. Then partitioning an IP address into different more modest units that can function as a different organization unit known as subnet, in the host network is known as the subnetting system. Subnetting permits the organization to keep away from continuous traffic issues that happen in the channel, bringing about smooth transmission of data in the organization.

LESSON 31. Your guide to What is 5G and how it works?

5G can work as much as multiple times quicker than 4G, arriving at a pinnacle speed of 20 GB each second. 5G can change business by utilizing mechanical technology and man-made intelligence. Any data that you send or get in an organization is brought through the air with the assistance of radio frequencies. 5G works in basically the same manner; notwithstanding, it utilizes higher radio frequencies to convey more data quicker

LESSON 32. How to Crack Passwords and Strengthen your credentials against Brute-Force?

Secret word breaking is the most common way of recognizing an obscure secret phrase to a PC or organization asset utilizing a program code. It can likewise help a dangerous entertainer in acquiring unlawful admittance to assets. Pernicious entertainers can participate in different crimes with the data obtained through secret phrase breaking.

LESSON 33. A look at “What is Metasploitable” , a Hacker's playground based on Ubuntu virtual machines?

Metasploitable is a virtualized Linux-based working framework that comes pre-stacked with different weaknesses frequently found in working frameworks that can be taken advantage of. Rapid7 People group likewise established and kept up with the Metasploitable Venture

LESSON 34. One stop guide to understand what is Distance vector Routing?

The distance vector steering convention is applied to relegate the best and the briefest course for the information. In this organization convention, the distance alludes to the distance (vector) between adjoining hubs, and the directing alludes to the laid out course.

LESSON 35. Best Walkthrough for understanding the Networking Commands

Each framework is associated with various organizations and frameworks through inner or outer organization channels. These organization settings frequently run into issues and influence the framework's working. Such organization issues can be settled utilizing 'organizing orders.'

Learn How to Secure, Test & Manage IT Systems

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Learn How to Secure, Test & Manage IT Systems

LESSON 36. Best Guide to Understand the Operations of Stop-and-wait Protocol

The Pause-and-stand by convention is an information trade strategy intended to be dynamic in the information connect layer of the OSI model and is utilized in the information trade between network gadgets in silent channels.

LESSON 37. The best guide to understand the working and  Importance of Go-Back-N-ARQ Protocol

The organization convention controls the information and data trade between the organization gadgets by applying returning and retransmitting the information or affirmation in the event that the organization faces an organization interference or sign misfortune from either the shipper or collector end.

LESSON 38.  What are Digital Signatures: A through Guide into Crypto Authentication

Advanced "fingerprints" and computerized marks both have comparative capabilities. The computerized signature that shows up as a coded message securely associates an underwriter to a report in an exchange that is recorded.

LESSON 39.The best Spotify Data Analysis Project you need to know

Separated data from the datasets helps go with significant choices, distribute research papers, anticipate climate and some more. This Spotify Information Examination Undertaking video will help you to perform exploratory information investigation utilizing Python on music-related datasets.

LESSON 40. A one-stop solution guide to understand Data Structure and Algorithm Complexity

Intricacy estimates how the assets (in this model, time) vacillate as the issue fills in size. A calculation might run rapidly and show no time distinction, however when the information size rises, the program might take more time to execute, become lazy, and perform inadequately; here is where intricacy is evaluated.

LESSON 41. Your one-stop guide “on how does the Internet  work?”

The web as far as we might be concerned is known as the association of interconnected PCs and organization gadgets, either over little or enormous distances. The working of the web isn't generally so basic as far as we might be concerned, as it interfaces with different organization models and gadgets to give you a protected and dependable association for information trade.

LESSON 42. An introduction to  Circuit switching and Packet switching 

While laying out an enormous organization channel over an area for information transmission, you really want legitimate organization strategies to plan the organization equipment. To take care of this issue, you should utilize exchanging procedures. In this instructional exercise on 'Circuit Exchanging and Parcel Exchanging', you will grasp the two unique sorts of exchanging models and see the distinctions between the two methods.

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Learn How to Secure, Test & Manage IT Systems

LESSON 43. One stop guide to understanding what is Network Topology

The plan and setting of the organization gadgets in a correspondence channel is named the Organization Geography. In the ongoing mechanical time, network geography assumes a significant part in organizing the organization models as per the client's necessity, as organization geography demonstrates support in keeping up with the organization, investigating mistakes, and recognizing broken gadgets.

LESSON 44. A deep dive into Cross-Site Scripting and its significance

Cross-site prearranging, meant by XSS, is a code infusion assault on the client-side. The assailant plans to run hurtful contents in the casualty's internet browser by implanting pernicious code in a straightforward site page or online application. The genuine assault happens when the casualty raises a ruckus around town code-tainted website page or online application

LESSON 45.  The best walkthrough on What is DHCP and its working 

DHCP (Dynamic Host Design Convention) is an organization convention that is liable for the undertaking of doling out an IP address to your framework and organization gadget. The DHCP network model depends on the client-server design, where the association is laid out when the client gadget sends a solicitation message to the server gadget for giving the framework an IP address.

LESSON 46. A complete look at what a Proxy is along with the Working of the proxy server

A Proxy is a method through which you can get the information from the internet by using a different IP address from the one which is assigned to the system when connected with the proxy server. Proxy server is a system which works as an intermediate platform between the website and the client using. 

LESSON 47. A detailed guide to understanding What Identity And Access Management is

Identity and access management systems manage the access rights and user identity. IAM is used by both customer identity management and employee identity management. IAM is mostly used by IT managers to make sure that their authenticated and permitted apps are used by the claimed users itself. 

LESSON 48. The best guide to understanding the working and effects of Sliding Window Protocol

With the foundation of organization channels, it has become important to comprehend the premise of the information trade techniques applied to various organization gadgets. This instructional exercise on 'Sliding Window Convention' is unequivocally intended to cause one to comprehend the functioning technique utilized in an organization model, which oversees the trading of information outlines between network gadgets.

LESSON 49. The best guide that you’ll ever need to understand Typescript and Express

TypeScript is a prearranging language that comprehends JavaScript and utilizes type deduction to give progressed usefulness without the requirement for extra code, and Express js is written in javascript. Regardless of whether you have no earlier programming information, javascript is a direct language to dominate. It empowers an enormous number of new web engineers to enter the area.

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REST Programming interface is the standard method for sending and getting information for web administrations.

A client sends a req which initially goes to the rest Programming interface and afterward to the information base to get or put the information from that point forward, it will again go to the rest Programming interface and afterward to the client. Utilizing a Programming interface is very much like involving a site in a program, however rather than tapping on buttons, we compose code to req information from the server. It's extraordinarily versatile and can deal with various kinds of solicitations

LESSON 51. All you need to know about  Express JS Middleware

Express is a hub js web application system that gives expansive highlights to building web and versatile applications. It is utilized to fabricate a solitary page, multipage, and mixture web application.

LESSON 52. An absolute guide to know Everything on Expressions in C

Articulations in the C programming language join operands, administrators, and factors. The assessments of an articulation in C occur as per the administrator's priority. When the articulations are handled, the outcome will be put away in the variable.

Types of Expression in C

  • Number-crunching articulations
  • Social articulations
  • Intelligent articulations
  • Contingent articulations

LESSON 53. A definitive guide on How to create a Strong Password

Regardless of whether most sites are protected, there is as yet a peril that somebody will attempt to access or take advantage of your data. A solid password is among the best ways of shielding your records and individual data from programmers. You ought to keep specific guidelines and rules while making major areas of strength for a. Password experts are likewise prescribed to assist with recollecting the made passwords for comfort of utilization.

LESSON 54. Ubuntu vs. Debian: A look at beginner Friendly Linux Distribution 

Most laptops accompanying windows pre-introduced, numerous clients are absent any and all the Linux working framework experience, which is seemingly less fatty and more asset well disposed than other standard operating systems. It can likewise be credited to the trouble individuals face while introducing another working framework like Linux. Be that as it may, a significant number of these issues are fixed these days on account of names like Debian and Ubuntu, who have been instrumental in making Linux-based working frameworks as easy to use as could really be expected.

LESSON 55. Your one-stop guide to learn Command Prompt Hacks

The Order Brief is a graphical connection point used to get to the framework's regulatory settings utilizing the CMD orders. It works in the order line mediator configuration to peruse the orders and afterward execute them. The CMD orders are utilized to investigate network associations in the framework, keep up with framework security, and are additionally material for authoritative undertakings, by simply utilizing single-line orders. In this instructional exercise on 'Order Brief Hacks', you will see a portion of the order hacks.

LESSON 56. Best walkthrough to understand the  Difference between IPv4 and IPv6

To get to the web from our gadgets, you require an IP address, which goes about as a special location for the gadget. Be that as it may, there are two variants of IP locations to browse, IPv4 and IPv6. In this instructional exercise on 'IPv4 versus IPv6', you will comprehend the distinctions between the IP address and which IP to decide for our framework.

LESSON 57. What is Kali NetHunter? A deep dive into the Hackbox For Android

Kali Linux NetHunter is the absolute first Android infiltration testing system for Android cell phones. Since NetHunter is an open-source project, engineers can uninhibitedly use it without dreading copyright encroachments or different dangers. This undertaking awards admittance to the kali tool compartment to viable Android gadgets, permitting entrance testing

LESSON 58. A perfect guide that explains the  Difference between a hub and a switch

Center point, and Switches are the organization gadgets planned explicitly to work in the OSI model's physical and the information connect layer. They give different organization related administrations to the diverter and are utilized in various ways to associate organization models. Comprehend through this article on 'Center versus Switch', the distinction between the working of an organization center and an organization switch, in light of various examination goals.

LESSON 59. What is Network Security? Benefits, Types of tools to protect your shared Networks

The world suddenly spikes in demand for information now. The web houses a mother lode of possibly hurtful data, from essential shopping propensities to private monetary exchanges. This information is extended to an organization of interconnected gadgets. During travel, the information is pretty much as secure as the component liable for its transmission. In this stage most adulterated information starts. So in the present article on 'what is network security,' we will cover the significant systems that oversee the principles and arrangements expected to protect our organizations against malevolent assaults.

LESSON 60. What is CIDR? And its importance in the Networking Domain

With the expansion in systems administration gadgets, either for expert or individual use, they need admittance to the web to perform to the best of their abilities. The most common way of having an IP address allocated and afterward being directed through the organization model to associate with the web is performed by Ridiculous Between area Steering (CIDR).

LESSON 61. A thorough guide on Application Security: Benefits, Risks, and Protect mechanisms. 

Security was customarily a reconsideration in programming advancement. It is turning out to be progressively critical for all parts of application advancement, from plan to sending and then some. The quantity of projects created, disseminated, and fixed across networks ceaselessly increments.

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